Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three Things

Welcome to Three Thing Thursday where I share three things and you hopefully do the same.

(Historically, three has been a mere guideline, a self-imposed limit to keep me from listing three thousand things--which would be very easy to do otherwise. However, if you have more than three things to share, please feel free to do so.)

Let's begin.

1.  The photo above of a gorgeous piece of driftwood was taken at Haven Beach a week ago.  I love how the roots of this tree seem to be embracing each other in one last stance against the world and its elements.

2.  Without the context provided in the un-zoomed photo below, you might think the shot above was of the tree's branches rather than its roots. I love that it isn't and that the roots cling so tightly together. 

3.  One thing I don't love is my use of made-up words like un-zoomed or de-zoomed how many days stand between me and the remote possibility of a vacation (defined as a break, not even as a getting away) of any sort.  Until I complete quite a bit of work, there is no end in sight.  I'm the sort of person who really needs a one-way ticket to Bora Bora something other than work to look forward to.

Now it's your turn to share three things.  If you can't think of anything, please tell me something that you're looking forward to, be it a dinner date; a treat for yourself; a night out with friends or a one-way ticket to Bora Bora vacation.


AverettLadyNana said...

Beautiful pictures of the driftwood!

Mental P Mama said...

In 8 sleeps, I will be in the Caribbean. sigh

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I'm pretty sure I have a picture of the same piece of driftwood taken with my back to the Bay. Is it odd that I recognize individual pieces of driftwood in your photos like I'd identify mutual acquaintance?

2. Picking up new cell phones today and I'm looking forward to it. Signifies me taking some control back.

3. I am hoping to make a short trip down to Deltaville this month. I need to recharge my mental state.

Lynne M said...

1. I always look forward to your beach pics, I'm so deep into withdrawal now that I don't know if I'm coming or going.

2. Strange but true Mathews schools are on delay this morning, but Gloucester is not.. hmmmm

3. I'm so ready for some beach weather, although by the time it gets here I will hardly want to go lay in the hot sun with my big belly hangin out.. reckon I will wait until after Brenna is born...

deborah said...

Love how the roots are intertwined. Someday I'd like to make a quilt from that picture -
1. Its freezing out, hubby's sick, so I'm sewing until my back hurts, then sewing some more. My form of therapy I think?
2. In 210 days, I will be at the beach. (Hey, it's something to look forward -way forward- too)
3. Spring must be on its way, I noticed the tulips sprouting through the snow!

Ann Marie said...

1. I am dying..
2. Even though i refuse to admit I have the flu.
3. scatter my ashes in Bora Bora

TSannie said...

Bora Bora....yup I could handle a week or two there....

maria_nj said...

1. Not happy this morning, my computer would not boot up, had to call my computer guy (bless his soul, Lord), I swear I don't know what I would do without him. We had to do a COMPLETE system restore. I lost everything. Man I have to learn how to back up my files. Lost all my precious bookmarks...DANG!

2. CBW I think I know how you feel, I am looking for a break too! Life is certainly getting in the way. Bora Bora sounds really good right now. Don't temp me!

3. Atlantic City is really a fun place to come and relax, have a nice dinner, do a little gambling, it would be a close enough get away, so anytime you wnat to come visit...(had enough living here though!)

Daryl said...

I can pack fast and I travel light so lets hit the road to Bora Bora ... but do not frissect (WV) that thought or you'll be left with nothing

judi said...

the airport is 4 miles from my house.
I can pack faster than Daryl.
am game for foreign lands.. is Bora Bora in NJ??

Sherii said...

Three things...or more
1. Loving my new connection to home....thanks to you!

2. Schools where 2 hr delay here too...for NOTHING!

3. Two weeks from tomorrow going on a little skiing vacation. Looking forward to it soooo much, if only someone else would do the packing. When DH & DS are missing something ya know who's gonna hear all about it!

4. Time to rebel, empower them, new addition to my vacation.. they can pack their own stuff.....even monkeys know how to pack, I've heard.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I am looking forward to 2 days in FL with my mom in 2 weeks. I hear it's in the mid-70s there, as opposed to this morning's 17 degrees here.

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