Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Drive

Taken from the bridge at Bethel Beach. February 2011

Today's photos are from the road leading up to Bethel Beach.

Sign warning you about the bridge at Bethel Beach. 

It's a good thing this sign is here.  With so much traffic and congestion to navigate through, some sort of advance warning is always helpful.

Actually, aside from the occasional fisherman, the only thing causing congestion on these roads are fiddler crabs in the summer time. They need to put a sign up for that.  Warning:  Creepy Little Crustaceans Crossing With an Attitude Their Oversized Claws Held High in the Air.

The bridge. At Bethel Beach.

Don't blink; you might miss the bridge. Actually, you can be staring straight at it like now and still not see it.

The view again from the bridge.

Even though it's a narrow little one lane bridge, complete with warning signs and all, it's possible to stop your car at the top, roll your window down, leisurely take some photos, do a crossword puzzle, ponder the meaning of life and wonder what's for dinner without ever encountering another vehicle.  Nobody goes down here in the winter.

Except people like CBW who are avoiding their life To Do List.

The shots above are a bit out of order.  The first one was taken on the ride in towards Bethel Beach.  The rest were taken as I was leaving, so the sequence of events is a bit off, but being just a bit off is normal for me.

This concludes our Sunday drive over the little bridge approaching Bethel Beach.  Try to contain your excitement.

Thanks and have a great Sunday.


p.s. A quick count shows that I said Bethel Beach at least six times in today's relatively brief post. Seven if you include the label below. Eight if you include this p.s.  It's time to stop before this gets any further out of hand.


deborah said...

Love the photos! Your own private winter beach! Everyone needs their own retreat, and the water is yours, I think.
A bit crazy here, (aww, lets tell the truth, a whole lot of nutty crazy) but I can blame it on the full moon, right?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

wv: pencess CBW is the pencess of Bethel Beach

Kay L. Davies said...

I love the photos, too. Anything that shows a bridge, water and sunshine has to be good.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

AverettLadyNana said...

Thanks for the memories!!!

Country Girl said...

Water and sunshine is just what I needed to see on this lovely morning in February. I'm sitting out on my front porch having my final cup of coffee. I will toast to you.

Maria_NJ said...



wv:opilsin: what it would be if you lost you great grandma's heirloom opal ring.