Sunday, November 2, 2008

Interpret This Photograph

This is an old house that sits behind the store I showed yesterday. It may be hard to believe, but I promise you that is the actual, true color of the shutters. I did nothing to enhance or change the original photo, namely because I have no idea how to, nor do I particularly have any interest to, especially since I don't know how to. And so on. And so on.

Let's keep it brief today and play another one of Chesapeake Bay Woman's favorite games: Interpret That Photograph. Or Interpret This Photograph. Or Interpret Something..

I'll start:

The brilliantly colored shutters frame the windows of a tired, old house. If we apply this to people, it could mean that even though someone is old and decrepit, they still have life, they still have spunk, and if you look close enough they just might surprise you with something completely unexpected.

Or, the shutters don't match the house; they don't really belong. You could say someone was trying to make it something it is not.

Or, don't judge a book by its cover. Just because this house looks old doesn't mean there isn't any spunk, personality or life left in it. Do you see how I repeat myself? Didn't I just say this two paragraphs up? I even used the same word,"spunk." I'm nothing if not redundant.

Or, the shutters are beckoning you to look inside those windows. The exterior appears dead, but the color surrounding the windows represents life on the inside. We don't know what's there, but we are being asked to look.

The End.

What do you see (besides a picture that seems to be crooked and off center thanks to my self-taught photography skills and an impatient mother waiting in the car while her daughter kept pulling off on the side of the road to take pictures)?


Annie said...

Well, CBW, much as I love your photography, that house makes me want to stay well clear of it. For some reason it makes me feel tired..and reminds me of my place..too much work to do to it!

Sounds like you survived the trick or treating evening! And maybe even the soccer.


ps Gosh..I hope the house isn't yours..or your mother's..or anyone else that you know, now that I said that!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie - No, the house is not even in Mathews, it's in a neighboring county.

Now that you mention it, it reminds me of my place too...toss in a few insect infestations and an owner who would rather do anything than maintain and clean it, and it would be impossible to tell the difference.

Mental P Mama said...

I see another place I want to go to when I come for my visit.

Grandma J said...

The shutters look so spiffy because the ghost in the upstairs window likes them that way.

Margaret Cloud said...

I see a sturdy looking house that someone lived in because I see a old TV antenna, the house seems to be turn of the century. I like your photo.

Rebeckah said...

I like all of your interpretations. This house reminds me of where my Grandma lived her whole life, Clarion, Pa. There are lots of houses there like this. I like the house because it has character and I believe it was probably very beautiful in its day!

Bear Naked said...

What do I see?

That old house just needs a few gallons of paint, possibly a *NEW Roof* and a little bit of landscaping and I will be moving right in.

Do you think the colour of the shutters might increase the asking price?
It is for sale ,isn't it?

Bear((( )))

big hair envy said...

I see one more reason why I love living where we do........expect the unexpected. Find beauty where others do not. Find solace in the simple things. The End.

Karen Deborah said...

your adoreable. I like the first scenerio. It remindsme of me looking old and tired and gray before I colored my hair. The tinted hair really doesn't go with the old lady but it sure perks me up and makes me feel spunky. Brightening up old things can help. I have a sneaky suspicion that those shutters are faded out too and were some kind of wild in there day.

Anonymous said...

Two words:

Surplus Paint.

foolery said...

That house is wearing green eyeshadow and dreaming of the day it can go retire in Miami.

The end.