Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This old house is located below the courthouse off what I call the Woman's Club Road (Mathews people will know what I'm talking about). It's on the left hand side and is being slowly taken over by nature. I always wonder what's's like a treasure chest waiting to be opened up, loaded with memories.

The other day I was rooting around my basement and came upon a box chock full of old pictures and letters. One of them was from Chesapeake Bay Mother to me when I was in college. Middle Sister and Baby Sister were still living at home.

Baby Sister claims I never write about her.

Here we go, Baby Sister.

From CB Mother:

P.O. Box xx
Hudgins, Virginia

Sunday, 10:07 AM
February the something-or-other, 1983

Dear Chesapeake Bay Daughter,

Daddy is getting something done for Ben's car at the shop, Baby Sis is doing nothing and drinking a coke, (in that order), Middle Sis is resting up from all the boys and fun, and I am writing you this letter.

(There are several paragraphs that I'm me, you don't want to read it. Or rather, I'd prefer you didn't read it.)

...Baby Sister just told me this letter sucks. She's now outside in the snow wearing Polaroid No Glares shooting baskets off the run (a term used to describe the act of shooting baskets while skateboarding). We got a new goal up, and it looks rather decent. It is important to preserve appearances.

That child Baby Sister is totally out of my hands, and fortunately for her. She actually told me the other day that no man would ever want me.* I ask you, what do you do with such a person? Is it legal and permissible to fit your child for a muzzle? Or is a little exorcism in order?"

(There is more to the letter that I'll include in another post.)

Love you madly, even though at this point motherhood kind of sucks.

-CB Mother
Chesapeake Bay Woman's Comments

* Don't read anything into this remark...CB Mother was not seeking out other men. Rather, Baby Sis was trying to not-so-diplomatically convey a point relating to CB Mother's attitude towards men, which can be, shall we say, harsh at times.

For example, one time when my daughter was about 4, CB Mother told her a story about something my father did, and she concluded by saying that men are pigs. CB Daughter, not entirely familiar with the expression, relayed the story to me later on and said, "Yeah, pigs are men."

Well, she was close.

By the way, my daughter and Baby Sister could pass for twins and are alike in many ways.

Looks like I need to go shopping. For a muzzle.


Mental P Mama said...

CB Mama is a woman after my own heart. Can she come to our Bloggerama?

Big Hair Envy said...

Don't buy the muzzle. An exorcism would be SO much more fun to watch:) Heehee!!

I've always believed that CBMother was a WISE woman...

Grandma J said...

Um, yes we would want to know! I'm referring to the parts that your edited out, for our own good..NOT!

I want to climb into that box of goodies and laugh my head off cuz you know I would.

I need some clarification. Remember that picture of lips you posted way back when? The one that you could click on to magnify, and it showed a whole lot of facial hair around the lips? Was that Baby Sis?

I love your whole family!

Bear Naked said...

Oh I am so glad to be back to see your wonderful photos of Mathews and of course to read about all the Chesapeake Bay Family.
It seems to me that the wonderful way with words is being passed on to CBDaughter.
Thanks for your kind get well wishes.

Bear((( )))

Grandma J said...

Oh, I almost forgot! That house? two words....weed wacker!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

MPM - Sure she is right next door--we couldn't keep her away if we tried. However, last night I was telling her about how much stuff of hers I've put on the internet (she has no internet so she has no idea what I'm displaying for the world to read), and how she had people praising her writing. She said, "Oh, I can NEVER meet them. Let them think I"m wonderful, if they meet me the image is shattered." Shes' said that more than once...

BHE - I'm not ruling the exoricism out..

GJ - You would absolutely, positively DIE laughing if you read everything in this box. Speaking of weed wacker, no comment on the hairy lip a while back.

BN - Thank you...I'm just so glad you're feeling better.

nonizamboni said...

I just realized as I re-visited your blog that when I lived in Newport News in the early 80's I made a wonderful friend--Rochelle Bartlett (married name) who grew up in Mathews! Small world :O)
Very interesting post today!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well..... No shock here that I'm made to look like a BUFFOON once again....
Baby Sis

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, grandma j, no those were NOT my hairy chicken lips...I keep my all of my yards trimmed THANK YOU!!!
Baby Sis

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

NoniZ- Newport News is just around the corner from us. It is indeed a small world, becoming even smaller all the time.

Baby Sis: Take a deeeeep breath. In. Out. It will be OK.

Of course that's not your hairy lip, if you had a hairy lip there would be HAIR in addition to lipstick and gum on the rims of my cups and glasses when you visit.

Love you!!

Horn Harbor Girl said...

I have missed visiting your site, had so much going on. As usual your pictures are GREAT ! Being a Mom of three girls I can so relate with your Mother ! God Bless her soul ha!
Oh yea - the house, went by it many times in my younger years, on the school bus, in the car with my family - I also called it the Woman's Club Road. I was kissed by my very first love on that there road ha! ha! My goodness, life was so simple then .......

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

HH Girl - I know you've had a lot going on..I've been thinking about you and your family.

First kiss on this road? I'd love to know who it was.

There's karaoke this weekend at Sandpiper....

kaffy said...

Pigs are men. Priceless. CB
Daughter should start a blog. And I never thought about it before, but she does truly resemble Baby Sis. They are both gorgeous that's fer sure.

Life with Kaishon said...

So funny : )

I need to buy a muzzle too. I am ALWAYS saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Mental P Mama said...

Okay. Baby sis needs to come to the Bloggerama, too.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kaffy - I believe you and I have tossed that phrase around once. Maybe twice. Speaking of noone in particular, of course....

Reb-LWK - I think you always say just the right're always positive and cheerful, which is something I can only dream about. I think I was born with a scowl on my face and a furrowed brow...

MPM - She only lives an hour away, so she'll definitely be here. She can provide the half-time entertainment.


Karen Deborah said...

you guys are so funny, what do you feel like cookin?

big hair envy said...

I was wondering why I heard you screaming earlier....THEN I went back over to MPM's place and realized you WON A PRIZE!!!!! You go girl:) Can't wait to see what it is...