Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful-Part One

This is a picture of the old New Point Wharf. I went down here last week in search of a house that a reader--who used to summer in Mathews many moons ago--asked me about. I was lucky enough to find the house for her and sent her pictures of it as it stands now. She was grateful for my efforts, but I was more grateful for the chance to reconnect someone with this place called Mathews, which harbors such fond memories for those of us fortunate enough to have grown up here.

Val from Monkeys on the Roof tagged me to participate in a Thanksgiving meme (or moo moo as Grandma J. would say).

I highly recommend you click on the link and check out Val’s website--especially my one or two readers from Mathews. 'Cause if you think we live in a different world, you ain’t seen nothin’ ‘til you read about her way of life. Plus, if you’d like to see what a real writer with real talent produces, you’ll want to read her stuff. It’s amazing.

I’m supposed to list seven things I’m thankful for.

I’m sure most people could conquer this challenge in one post. “I’ll take 7 Things I’m Thankful For for $200, Chuck, but please don’t let Chesapeake Bay Woman into this category, because we’ll be here all night listening to her answers and I really can’t wade through all that stuff she spews forth.”

Yes, I am a bit verbose, and it will be an effort to limit Things I’m Thankful For to only seven, so I will attempt to tackle each thing I’m thankful for one post at the time. Or by tomorrow it may be two or three at the time. Because by Thanksgiving Thursday if I only focused on one thing per day, I would not have enough days left to reach seven things to be thankful for. For which to be thankful. For.

Perhaps I ought to be thankful that I didn’t major in English or math. (7 things in 3 days....if a train leaving a station going 50 miles per hour had 7 things to be grateful for and only 3 days left to post it, how fast would it be going?)

First Thing I’m Thankful For: Health

When I say health, I mean my health, my family’s health, and my friends’ health. Plus anyone remotely connected to family or friends…their health. I feel so fortunate that everyone I’m close to—especially my children—are in good health.

Now when I say good health I am talking about physical health, because mental health would be a topic for another blog and we best not push our luck with this whole health thing. My point is that we all enjoy decent, if not pretty darn good, physical health which we sometimes—OK always--take for granted.

When I worked in Corporate America, which was definitely detrimental to my health, we had a Pep Talk Guru come in and analyze us to death to figure out what mattered to us most. When all was said and done, after I answered a gazillion questions and left a DNA sample for them to test, my most fundamental need boiled down to health-–thankfully not wealth.

There are many people out there battling any number of diseases or who are supporting friends/family members with ailments, some life-threatening. Even in those less-than-desirable-situations there are things to be thankful for: health insurance (if you’re fortunate enough to have it); good health care (if you’re fortunate enough to have access to it); amazing technology (ditto); and most of all this:

The intangible gift of hope, faith and miracles.

To be continued the day after tomorrow, because tomorrow's when a "Guest Contributor" will post one of the two funniest stories I've ever heard. So on Thanksgiving Thursday, I'll be listing out the remaining 6 things I'm thankful for.

Nice math skills, Chesapeake Bay Woman.


Val said...

CBW - Wow i am blushing over your very kind words about my blog!! (of course loving them too - watch me write NOW..) and loved the first instalment of your Thankfulness post - so funny and warm and joyous. thanks for the smiles. you are so right about the health issue all round;
am looking forward to your guest writers story - if YOU find it funny I am sure I will - but really I am so enjoying your every post. So glad i found your blog! :-)

Angela said...

Dear Lady in Matthews, It is so nice to read your blog. I totally agree with what you said about Val`s incredible stories (I live just about as far away from her as (from) you), but I also enjoy yours so much. It is so great than you learned to cherish your old home town, and apparently love your life there. I am always happy to find positive people, and you sure are one!

Annie said...

good on you....always great to hear people counting their blessings...and yes indeed, we do indeed take our health for granted don't we...those of us who have good health. I also enjoy a good laugh (good for our health), so I will be chiming again for your guest writer tomorrow...and heading off to Val's now.


Mental P Mama said...

I will await Thursday's post with baited breath....and I agree with you on the health bit. It means the world to me as well. Off to visit Val!

Big Hair Envy said...

I think there is a direct correlation between red wine consumption and good health. This is true for physical AND mental health.

I also believe that you can attribute your good health to country living. If I had to live in the city, it would take ten years off of my life:)

So many things for which to be thankful, for, so little time.....

Bear Naked said...

It wasn't until this year that I realized how a person's good health is often taken for granted.
I am so fortunate to have had great medical care from caring doctors, nurses, technicians etc. since my accident.
And I am thankful that I live in Canada where the only money I have had to spend is paying for parking for all my many appointments.

Bear((( )))

Grandma J said...

Without good health what else is there? I loved Val's blog, but I was crying about the girl that was trampled by the elephant, so I didn't leave a comment. What does one say?
I can't wait to read the rest of your "thankful" stuff, and your guest reader! The excitment is a bit overwhelming to say the least. The word looks misspelled.

Anil P said...

There's a certain pull in the picture you posted at the top. It makes one imagine what must this place be like, a certain mystery.

Yolanda said...

A list I can heartily agree with . Have a wonderful holiday.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love thankful posts. Oh yes I do. This made me think a great deal. Because of Quince's health maybe. I love the picture! I love that you are connecting with people who love Matthews like you do.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Val - I didn't say anything that isn't true. You're a very gifted writer.

Angela - Thanks for stopping by. I do love living here, I feel very lucky. (I'm glad you think I'm positive...that's not the first word--or the 150th word-- that would pop into my head when thinking of words to describe me, but I thank you nonetheless.)

Annie- Laughter is good for the soul..hopefully you'll be laughing heartily tomorrow.

MPM - I don't think you'll be disappointed tomorrow, but then again maybe I just have a really twisted sense of humor. OK, so we know that, but hopefully you'll find the story humorous too.

BHE - Thank you for the reminder. I'll have to be sure to get enough antioxidants this coming holiday weekend. For health reasons, of course. Also, I absolutely agree about the country living. So true.

BN - You're so fortunate. So many people here, even those who work and make a decent living, are not offered health insurance through their employers OR it is so costly they forgo it.

GJ - That story truly is tragic, but it's so darn well written.

AP - There are many vistas such as this around here, and there are many mysteries as well....

Yolanda - I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

Reb/LWK - You may not believe this, but I thought of Quince as I was writing that last paragraph, which is why I added it (about how you can still find things to be thankful for even if you do not necessarily have your health). Everything happens for a reason, even if we do not know what that reason is, and I do believe there can be good in even our darkest moments.

big hair envy said...

I just picked up a bag of buttermints at Wal-Mutant....made me think of you:) What decent hostess would invite the family over for a Thanksgiving feast without serving those mints? People would certainly talk.....

Those, and rolls slathered in butter. Should I even bother to cook the turkey?

PPLIC said...

Bril­liant! Great talk that was extremely insightful and very enter­taining. It’s given me loads to think about.