Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oyster Festival

I took this picture from the public landing about a week or so ago. It was so cold my hands were numb. I wanted to heat them up over a fire, a fire on which oysters are roasting....

This weekend is the Urbanna Oyster Festival. Urbanna is a quaint little town about 20 minutes from Mathews, and once a year people descend on it by the thousands to pay homage to a Chesapeake Bay delicacy otherwise known as The Oyster.

There are parades, food, bands, food, crafts, food and also this: an incredible amount of food.

I haven't been to the festival in about, oh, 15 years? Highlights from past Oyster Festivals include the following:

* A friend of mine, after the Friday night dance at the firehouse, got "lost" trying to make her way back to her car. (You have to park a million miles away and walk to the festival because they block off the streets. It's pretty hard to get lost in Urbanna, though, particularly if you've been there a hundred times. I have a feeling Friend sidled up to the beer keg one time too many. Just a hunch.)

* Another time, I ran into a guy I grew up with - he was my neighbor. I hadn't seen him in a long time so I gave him a hug, thought nothing of it and continued walking. The next thing I know a crazed woman was coming at me wide open and with fist raised. Instinctively I blocked her shot and she fell down on the ground. Evidently she had also sidled up to the beer keg one time too many and for some reason she thought I was after her husband, my former neighbor. I wasn't. I just hugged him, asked how he was doing and went along my merry way. They had to pull her away kicking and screaming. Those two are now divorced, and he's married to a nice girl who doesn't attack perfect strangers.

* Then there was the time in college that my roommate Icey and I decided we wanted to attend this huge outdoor party near the festival, but for some reason (where reason equals stupidity) we did not want to pay the cover charge. Now I know I was in college and everything, but there's no way that cover charge could possibly have been more than a few bucks; I'm sure we had the money. Never mind all that. We decided the best way to sneak in was by water, via the shoreline. I have to confess, I do not remember if we made it in or not, but I do recall a whole lot of stumbling and fumbling around in marsh grass, swamp and mud. I believe I also remember some man coming out and asking us what we were doing in his marsh. I have conveniently blocked any other facts or details out.

So you can see why I am eager to go back to the festival, with all these fond memories.

Actually, I do want to go back, and I probably will this weekend. There are three primary reasons why:

1. Oysters
2. Food
3. More Food.

Did I mention the food?


Grandma J said...

Have a great time this weekend. Take loads of pictures, especially if you see anyone sidled up to a beer keg.
Which reminds me, will your sisters be there?

Grandma J said...

Ummmm, I didn't mean anything about your sisters in relation to the beer keg. I just wanted to make that clear.

TSannie said...

Anything involving oysters is A-OK with me! Have a blast!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ - Sisters will not be there, but rest assured if they were, they'd be in line for the beer.

TSA - I'll let you know how the oysters are....I'll be sampling quite a few here shortly.

Anonymous said...

Somebody has a long and storied history of trespassing!

have fun at the fest. Sounds delish.

Anonymous said...

grandma j:

Please be advised, SISTERS were not invited. Otherwise sisters would be there with bells on.
Baby Sis

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Dearest Baby Sister,
Put your bells on and come on and go. I assumed you were working today just like every other weekend. Also, it is currently raining here so that may impact any festivalizing today....

Life with Kaishon said...

So funny that you tried to "swim in" so you wouldn't have to pay a fee : ) Way to save some peso's!

Have fun this weekend!

cats said...

Hey CBW,
I have been out of commission for a couple of weeks. Just working and more working, cleaning, cooking. and laundry in my spare time.
I read wverything you posted for the last 2 weeks. I know the Halloween party was a blast. Sorry I couldn't make it.
Vogel Togel, I fell out laughing.
Congrats on your picture winning in the calendar contest. Pick one up for me and Baby Sis. Since you always forget she exists, HA.
Have a great time at the Oyster Festival, if you don't get rained out.
That was a great story about the ghost. Love your pictures
Take care and love ya

Bear Naked said...

Sounds like you're going to have a great time, hope you have good weather.
I am here in my part of Canada on a bleak rainy cruddy day.
Why don't you see if you can break up ANOTHER marriage this weekend?
That would be good blog fodder, don't you think?
OOps I see you commented on rain there now.
Bear((( )))

tj said...

...Hey CBW! Have fun at the Oyster Festival! Do you eat 'em raw? I heard that they're an that true? Oh, I guess we should get CBMan on here to answer that one huh? (hee,hee) I guess if you don't post tomorrow we'll all know what you're doin' ;o)

...Btw, you should've gotcha one of 'em motorized coolers you featured here awhile back, that would save you any trouble at the keg...

...Anyway, have fun! :oD

...Blessings... :o)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

lwk/rebeckah - I still don't understand why we had to save any pesos...we had the pesos but still insisted on getting in for free.

cats - Good to hear from ya again.

BN - I did go in spite of our rain. I saw Big Hair Envy! I managed not to break up a single marriage!

tj - Oysters are reported to be an aphrodisiac, although I wouldn't know for sure. I prefer them fried and I ate about half a dozen of the best fried oysers I've ever consumed. Then I had about a pound of the best french fries I've ever consumed. THEN I nibbled on ANOTHER batch of fried oysters--equally good. Now, I'm dialing Walter Reed Hospital to put them on notice that my arteries are just about to shut down for business.

It was a good time. And some darn fine food.

Big Hair Envy said...

Hahaha! I also enjoyed the "Oyster Boat" with fries!!! What are you doing on blogger at 6:30??? I figured after a trip to Ms. Olivia's, you'd be ready for a nap!!! It was great to see you today! I hope we will have more time the next go 'round:) We need to start planning that East Coast Gathering of Other Women With No Lives.....

Annie said...


just had an email photo from daughters mobile of small grandson at his first church camp on Long Island..sitting up in a high chair chomping on calamari, (would you believe) 4 months he isn't allergic ...hope there is a hospital within cooee if he is!

There we were discussing that she was going to wait a little while before the solids started...just goes to show , anything can happen at a church camp..!!

Glad you enjoyed the festival, and good to hear you didn't break up any marriages this year!

Annie (Australia)

ps It is raining here too...a bit!

Karen Deborah said...

any party with food, wish you were closer or I was closer. I love those mental blocks for any embarrassing past EVENTS,.. been there done that can't remember nuthin