Sunday, November 9, 2008

Silent Sunday

Well, silent except for this: I took a picture of this old structure just below the court house, near the nursing home. If I remember correctly, it's on the right as you turn down Tabernacle Road. Or not.

While it appears to be a barn, I can tell you that in person it looks more like a store with barn-like qualities. (How's that for descriptive?) If anyone has any ideas what it was, let me know.

And now, the silence I promised.


TSannie said...

just a beautiful old structure full of stories...wish it could talk.

Mental P Mama said...

Were you trespassing?

Life with Kaishon said...

Very pretty picture.

Grandma J said...

I love all your barns. When is the calendar coming out?

big hair envy said...

I learned this weekend that my dad is having my great-grandmother's home restored. It was once a post office/general store/residence. Let me know the next Saturday (or Sunday afternoon) that you have available. I would LOVE to take you to the lower end of the county and let you snap away!!! Would you put the barns on your calendar??? Heehee!

P.S. We'll have wine afterward:) And Mexican food!!!!

It was great to see you yesterday, and to meet Bay Man!!!

Karen Deborah said...

you know all this trespassing sure inds you in some cool lookin places. Do you ever think about snakes in that tall grass? I'd find somethin spooky.