Friday, November 28, 2008


This is an old house/store down New Point. I'm sure it was gorgeous in its prime, but it still has appeal and potential even in its decay. I like the glimpse of greenery that appears through the half-missing door. Speaking of decay and potential, I turn now to the topic of diet and its impact on personality.

The Chesapeake Bay Family spent Thanksgiving next door at my parents' house, which is a treasure trove of books, cats, geese, papers, geese, cats, pictures, cats and mementos of the past. Geese. And cats.

I found a book that belonged to my grandmother entitled, "Pull Yourself Together, Baby!" by Sylvia of Hollywood. Published in 1939, it is quite a record of female thinking from that era.

For example, one chapter talks about the "personality diet," how what you eat impacts your personality:

"...What you eat, babies, has more to do with your personality than your clothes, your claim to beauty, and the cash in your purse--or the lack of it. ......If you will eat properly and do all you can for your bodies, to keep them healthy and attractive, half the battle for a distinctive, radiant personality is won. And I'm not exaggerating, --rather, I am making an understatement."

This is really a fascinating book, but it got me thinking about what my diet says about my personality, or vice versa.

I wonder what my personality is based on what I ate today:
- homemade cranberry sauce (I made it first thing in the morning and had to sample)
- egg casserole(for breakfast)
- country ham (outstanding)
- cheese (it went with the country ham)
- 2 biscuits (can't eat country ham without biscuits, can you?)
- 2 glasses of wine while watching a marathon edition of Jon and Kate Plus 8 (I was bored waiting around for Thanksgiving dinner)

All of the above was a precursor to Thanksgiving dinner, which included:
- fried oysters
- turkey
- more fried oysters
- mashed potatoes
- stuffing
- cranberry sauce (again)
- cranberry jello salad (some Chesapeake Bay Mother concoction)
- sweet potatoes
-gravy poured over everything
- turnip greens
- more fried oysters
- wine
- more stuffing
- more potatoes
- more gravy
- another round of fried oysters
- more stuffing
- the tiniest spoonful more of potatoes
- more gravy
- a splash more of cranberry sauce to mix together with everything else
- wine
- a taste of Chesapeake Bay Children's dessert (chocolate truffle cake with raspberry sauce)
- a period of collapse on the sofa afterwards
- smelling salts to revive me from my comatose state on the sofa

Based on the above, I'd say my personality was this: Chesapeake Bay Woman? You have the personality of an Ambrose Trash Disposal truck driven by a Billy Goat.


Val said...

what a feast. Fried oysters hmm never tried that. I think your personality is just fine!

Anonymous said...

soooo funny we had all the EXACT same stuff even same show....guess you can tell I was in the same county!!

Bayman said...

Oh, to have my own dumpster from Ambrose. That there is a fantasy I tell ya.

Mental P Mama said...

I have not had any country ham in a coon's age. We must fix that during the blogapalooza. Now, I am going to try to find that book;)

Anonymous said...

We had pretty much of the same thing. Throw in some pumpkin pie and collard greens. It was delicious and I'm glad that Thanksgiving comes only once a year. I hope everyone enjoyed being with their families. We did. Have a great shopping day. LOve your pics.

Grandma J said...

Wow, that's quite a healthy helping of oysters on Thanksgiving. Rumor has it they are an that true?

We ate constantly too, and I don't know why I always feel like I have to break some sort of record.

Maybe that book can explain why my personality is so famished on Thanksgiving Day.

Bear Naked said...

Burp, burp, burp.
And you have lived to blog about it.
If I ate a quarter of that someone would have to probably give me CPR.
Either that or if my dinner companion was say---oh I don't know---maybe Harrison Ford--mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Bear((( )))

Karen Deborah said...

my stomach hurts.

Anonymous said...

Who needs turkey when you have fried oysters, my favorite!  I hate padding oysters but will go through the punishment for the reward!  I had some raw oysters for dessert, but fried are the best!  Now thats a Happy Thanksgiving Meal Dude, and turnip greens too, darn thats awesome- OK I'm a freak - at least I know the good stuff when I hear it.

big hair envy said...

We celebrated Thanksgiving today at my place. My family has been gone about an hour and a half. Basically the same menu....but, wish I had the oysters:( Right about now, I think we share a personality!! I have about 30 more minutes worth of wine, then it's beddy-bye!!!

Have a great weekend:) There's an auction in Clay Bank December 6......wanna go???

P.S. Remind me to give you my new recipe for homemade cranberry sauce with whiskey....

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Y'all are hilarious. Every single one of you.