Sunday, November 30, 2008

More on Mousie

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled down Horn Harbor and took this. I have no idea what the yellow growth in the field is, but it was incredibly pretty. Speaking of things that are incredible, below is another true story about a Gwynn's Island resident.

The other day I posted a story written by a friend of mine regarding the time the funeral home accidentally picked up the wrong person, someone who had overindulged in spirits.

Below is another chapter in the adventures of Mousie, written by my friend.

Another True Story
by the Gwynn's Islander

Mousie was the only Island resident, perhaps Mathews resident, maybe even United States Citizen, to ever receive a drunk driving ticket while riding a Wheel Horse lawnmower complete with a CB and antenna.

A local deputy, who later became a much-despised sheriff, found it necessary to ticket him on one of his journeys to secure provisions, or beer, for himself or the family. One must wonder, what could possibly have been suspicious about his journey, how could a man in his late sixties driving a lawn mower on a public road at a rate of two miles per hour with a cb antenna and a case of beer possibly attract the attention of the local law enforcement?

Not one to be easily deterred, Mousie crafted paths and shortcuts through wood and field to limit his travels on the public thoroughfares.

On one of his subsequent journeys to Callis Wharf, Mousie consumed a bit too much of the cargo, even by his legendary standards. Taking a path as the crow flies, a shortcut through a field bordering Milford Haven, in a desperate attempt to reach the seclusion of the Gwynn's Island Crab House road, in an area now occupied by waterfront condominiums, Mousie's lawn mower became lodged on a tree stump. Mousie was forced to abandon ship and proceed home on foot.

The next morning, much to his horror, Mousie realized his lawn mower was not where it should be. He wasn't sure what had happened. Had it been stolen? Mousie and Tommy searched the island near and far in search of the Wheel Horse tractor. They finally found it where it rested.

Still perched atop the tree stump.

I love happy endings, don't you?

Chesapeake Bay Woman's Comments:

I wrote a long time ago about the creative skill set of our local population in outwitting the law, even in cases when the individual has lost his driver's license. Bicycles, scooters, wheelchairs, boats, you name the contraption, they've been known to doctor them up into the most unusual--yet functional--vehicles.

When I first returned to the county from living in Northern Virginia, I saw a man driving his lawn mower down the sidewalk at the courthouse....with a six-pack strapped to the mower deck.

I knew, at that moment, that I'd truly arrived home.

In other lawn mower stories, I have a friend whose husband once put grain alcohol in the lawn mower instead of gasoline. The only thing fueled was the ensuing fire.


Grandma J said...

I love those old stories....lawnmowers, booze, cops! Speaking of lawnmowers, weren't you going to post a picture of you doing stunts on yours? Or did I miss it.

Annie said...

That sounds like the sort of thing I would do..except that I don't even drink! Good to catch up here after being out of action here for a bit. Picked up the kids from their looong flight yesterday..always fun with family home for a bit! Would help if I hadn't got sick again the night before from some fish and chips out, and had some energy!

The water pic below looks like where all the oysters came from that you had at Thanksgiving!


ps Glad to hear you are all still ok after consuming all that food! Getting sick is very economical. Haven't eaten much now for a couple of weeks!! The poor kids have had to fend for themselves..foraging for food, cooking , consuming all on their own!

pps Yes, blogger does have a sense of humour .word verification says NORMO..only it always looks like they have had a bit to drink beforehand !

Bear Naked said...

The more you write about Mathews the more I say to myself, "This sounds like my kind of place."
And I am sure that Monsieur Bear would LOVE it there.
I know for a fact the very first thing he would buy would be a riding lawnmower.

Bear((( )))

Mental P Mama said...

I think I may have some relatives living there.

Val said...

fabulous stories - so glad you are posting them in the blogosphere!
Matthews sounds wonderful and my kind of place. more please :-)

Life with Kaishon said...

Great story! I am glad your friend shared it! You make me smile every day : )! Very pretty picture.

big hair envy said...

The shiftier types in my county used to create a network of paths to keep law enforcement from finding their stills. I believe that many of these stills continue to operate, under the watchful eyes of the original owners' grandchildren:)

click here said...

nice nice nice !!! you pen down your thoughts so beautifully... I am quite impressed and now going to bookmark your page !! well done .

peter kenneth said...

I really like your thoughts !! you are very creative and thoughtful !@!!