Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Here are a few more shots from last week's outing to Bavon and New Point.

Last night the Mathews High School cross country teams won their last regular meet of the season, with many runners setting new records.  Justin Adams, in Daughter's class, set a new course record.  Emma Hudgins, my neighbor's granddaughter who is a JV runner, also ran a tremendous race. The girls won in spite of many serious injuries.  Daughter shaved some more time off her personal best. It was a very exciting evening to be a cross country parent.

In other excitement that is not so welcome, Son's car has been in the shop since last week.  My car needs new tires.  Work is busier than usual, and I'm juggling incoming requests and Major Life Deadlines with my teenagers that cause exchanges like this:

Son:  "Have you ordered my cap and gown?"
Me:  (crickets) "Have I seen the paperwork?"
Son:  (crickets) (He doesn't understand the word "paperwork" because his world is paperless.)
Me:  "What do I need to do?"
Son: (crickets)
Me:  "I can't do anything if I don't know what to do."
Son:  (Debates using my last remark in his nomination for Most Profound Mother of the Year award, but then realizes there may be paperwork involved, plus deadlines for nominations, etc.)

Or then there's this:

Son:  "Hey, you know the week after graduation?"
Me:  (crickets) (Too far in advance and I'm in denial graduation exists.  Perhaps explains no cap and gown ordering, whether there was paperwork or not.)
Son:  "Well, a bunch of us want to get a beach house down in Nags Head."
Me:  (Heart pounding out of my chest, blood vessels getting ready to explode all over the place but I remain outwardly nonchalant) "Oh. Hmm. Who all would be going?"
Son:  "This one and that one.  And the other one.  And more."
Me, picturing House Party to end all house parties:  "You know teens cannot rent houses."
Son:  "There would be an adult chaperone."
Me, stifling laughter and hysterics. Also blinking back tears: "Does this adult chaperone have a name?"
Son:  "Yeah, I think it's between a couple of people right now."
Me, wondering how quickly I can obtain a passport and flee the country:  "OK, well, we'll talk about this some more. Later. Much."

Since this is not the "How to Survive Parenthood" blog, I'll cut this post off here. Even though I could go on and on.

And on.

Don't get me started on the college application due next week.

Serenity now.

Click here for the sound of crickets,  which I choose to focus on in all of these conversations. For the sake of sanity.


Anonymous said...

Would a treatise on the existence of guardian angels help at all?(I think I just heard crickets)...Our local high school, in which I spent a decade in the trenches as a staff member, has thrown an annual overnight grad party by booking up a local hotel with x___ many rooms and multiple chaperones. A gathering sans alcohol is held in a banquet room, after which is a sort of slumber party with adult surveillance to keep the panky out of the hanky...(does that mean we are "helicopter parents"?)
Well, anyway that is one idea that does not include a beach house rental. It's a tough threshold to cross, and I sympathize.

Anonymous said...

Your conversations with your son sound exactly like mine with my son. Good thing we love them so much because sometimes they can just drive you to tears! The lack of details drives me nuts. He and his friends have been discussing beach week in Nags Head since last summer! Oh my...

Deltaville Jamie said...

Oh the good ole days of cap and gown deadlines and senior week plans. Back when life was simple. Though I think every teenager has that issue with giving parents the proper paperwork for things with a deadline. Except maybe the Brat Child who forgets nothing especially something that involves him personally.
In other news... I was interviewed by Urban Farmer magazine because I'm a gardening chicken herding paranormal investigator which is either way cool or basically unheard of. Either way, they were intrigued. I think it's hilarious. The Brat Child is pretty sure this is how we get exposure for our tomato and egg selling stand we're supposedly going to set up to make him rich. He's also thinking of selling lemonade and possibly some chocolate chip cookies.

Grandma J said...

Having raised four kids who went on (un)supervised trips after graduation I feel qualified to give you some advice.
My two oldest went to Hawaii with a bunch of their friends.
The third went on a cruise with friends.
The fourth joined the Army.

Now, my advice is this:
Let them go.....but don't give them a credit card. If you do the owner of the property might use it to cover all the damages. Don't answer your phone while they are gone. Actually just turn it off. Finally, I have to say that my fourth child did the least stressful thing.

Kay L. Davies said...

I think I'm glad I'm not a mother, which is not to say I've never had to deal with teenagers, because my brother (21 years younger) lived with me during high school and college. I think the passport and heading for the border is a good idea, but if you can't manage that, I definitely agree with Grandma J's advice, NO credit card.
PS—I love the photos. So beautiful out your way.

Daryl said...

things to do ... i need a personal secretary to keep me from forgetting ..