Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Remember yesterday when I said the clouds had parted and the sun came out?  Well, that was short lived, because Tuesday was back to Drearyville--do not pass Go, do not collect $100.  (Or is it $200? I never had much patience for Monopoly.) In case you didn't know, Drearyville is a suburb of Unemployment City, where Chesapeake Bay Woman has lived for the past several weeks.

Monday's spectacular sunshine reverted immediately to Tuesday's overcast skies and continued unemployment due to the government shutdown.

Waaaaaay off in the distance is New Point Light. 

Luckily I still have photos from the one day the sun came out.  
These were taken from Bavon, at the end of Old Bayside Drive.

You can't see the lighthouse here, but this is the point of land shown above, zoomed in.

This is a grainy shot of the lighthouse, zoomed way in.
My camera has a decent zoom, but the quality of the images
isn't always great, mostly due to the person using it
and her general lack of technical skills.

This was taken from a closer vantage point,
the lighthouse observation deck.
A little better, but still not great.

Unless the Government Fairy Godmother sprinkled angel dust pixie dust over Congress last night, I won't have work today either.  That's OK.  I have an eye appointment at Gloucester Point, which will eat up several hours of my life day, and Daughter has a cross country meet at the West Point Country Club this evening.  Since I've never been to the West Point Country Club (or any other country club, for that matter) before, I'm actually looking forward to it.

Wait.  I went to some country club before.  A wedding.  Decades ago. Golf carts were stolen and there was lots of driving in places where golf carts weren't supposed to be involved.  I want to say it was somewhere in Northern Virginia but can't swear to it.  

Whatever.  So I've been to at least one country club before, but never the West Point Country Club.

This blog post, which has flitted from sunshine to vague Monopoly references to Drearyville and its suburbs to country clubs and pixie dust, is now mercifully coming to a close.

Click here and here for more information on our lighthouse.


Kay L. Davies said...

I'm sorry your unemployment has continued too long to be considered an unexpected vacation.
I'm glad payments to wounded veterans have been reinstated, however.
What about Social Security payments? If I read about those, I've forgotten. You know me, I can forget anything.
Hi to your family, especially your mom. In fact, please give her a hug from me, and she can give you one back.

Grandma J said...

So you stole a golf cart years ago? I wondered where you got your excellent driving skills on the gator! Now I know! Enjoy your time off. Hopefully you'll get a nice paycheck when it's over and still have your vacation time intact!!

Meg McCormick said...

I can only imagine the havoc you wreked at the unnamed NoVa country club... it comforts me that your tendency toward driving four-wheeled open-air vehicles at breakneck speeds was established many years ago.