Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oyster Roast

Saturday my friends Glenda and Billy had an oyster roast.

Mr. Burroughs is in charge of the delectable oysters.

This is their barn, which some people call the tabernacle
 since it resembles the Mathews County landmark (click here)

There was food.  Lots and lots of food.

And beverages.

Some of the beverages were homemade.

These homemade beverages caused blindness quite the reaction.

Nancy decides that less is more, or more is too much.  
Or something.

Neil studies the label.

(Reading the fine print requires long arms.)

Ladies and gentlemen? This is a look of fear, plain and simple.
He was wearing the appropriate hat
for the activity, may I add.
You know what they say, if you can't take the heat, get out the tabernacle.
Neil proved he could, in fact, take the heat. Just barely.

Chip decides he's going to take a taste no matter what the previous reactions have been.

And there you have it.    

Chip's father pretends like nothing is going on.

Alda, after sizing it all up, just says no.

Along with the overabundance
abundance of food and beverages, there were good friends.
This is a great group of people.  

I love that they love to laugh.



Carol Ann

Chip and Lisa



The Millers
Janice (my twin), Ann and John

My twin Janice, me and Ann.

The always photogenic Miss Betsy Barnett

Hostess Glenda

A huge thanks to Glenda and Billy for a wonderful afternoon of fun, food and laughter at Tabernacle II.

A grand time was had by all.


Tiggeriffic said...

Growing up my family always camped at Ocean City Maryland.. That was back when you could camp on the beach..We would always catch fish,,clams and whatever else would get on our hooks. Love this area and have many fond memories..
Glad you had a great week=end~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Kay L. Davies said...

Now why does this remind me of something? Although I'm sure these oysters couldn't have been as good as the ones made by you-know-who, it does look like everyone had plenty of fun.