Monday, October 7, 2013

Virginia State Fair

Last week my friend Charlie and I went to the state fair just outside of Richmond. I hadn't been in over five years.

Nothing says coronary distress 
carnival food like a healthy dose of deep-fried dough.

There was plenty of deep fried food, rides, farm animals, silly signs, racing pigs, diving dogs, interesting exhibits, and perhaps some of the best people watching this side of the Gloucester Walmart the Mathews equivalent of a county fair, Market Days.  

Now here's an interesting repurposing of a roller skate.
(Remember roller skates? It's been a while since I've mentioned how much
I'd still like to be on a roller derby team, in case any scouts are reading.)

141 pounds of prize-winning watermelon.
The winning pumpkin was over 700 pounds.
Now that's a lot of pie.

Chainsaw art. 

I love the attitude projected by the dancing raccoon.
(Only the state fair could bring you that sentence.)

RACING PIGS! One of the highlights of the day.

True story:  My cheering was responsible for one pig's victory.
I'm absolutely convinced.  
The people standing behind me thought I was crazy.
Hey, when in Rome.

Warning: The problems of anyone who needs this sign 
are much bigger than they will ever know.

Caution: State fair signs are full of errors.
"Differance " must be pronounced with a French accent.

Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburgers?
Where's the sign that says, "Warning:  State fair food might include
deep-fried fingers, but you'll never know, because we'll
sandwich them between two doughnuts.  Enjoy!"

In hindsight I  should have tried the baked sweet potato 
with marshmallows.  Next time.

This is some sort of canine farm fowl
evidently from the Chewbacca line of chicken.

The best way to negate end a day of 
deep fried everything, racing pigs, farm animals and giraffes
is by visiting the hand sanitizing station.

The End

p.s. All these images were taken with my iPhone.


Kay L. Davies said...

I want a Chewbaca chicken!
And the sweet potato with marshmallow. Of course I won't eat the chicken, but I will eat the sweet potato. We had some tonight, minus the marshmallow. Dick always looks at me as if I've forgotten a key ingredient and I always look at the dog.
Looks like you and Charlie had a fun day. I was going to ask about Charlie. Did he ever return your dog?
Hi to your mom and dad.
Now I'm going to dream of those sweet little oysters.
Luv, K
PS, I always love it when I've left a comment, and it says "Choose an identity." I've though of all sorts of names I'd like to choose.

Meg McCormick said...

Don't feed the animals from your mouth? People actually need to be told not to do this???

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Love the giraffe and the chickens and all of them. I have to see the doctor from just reading the list of foods. Beautiful day.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I think the Chewbacca chicken is a Silkie. If I thought I could get away with having another chicken I'd get one of those. And it would be named Chewbacca (because Squatch short for Sasquatch is already taken) It's possible that I might have fed animals from my mouth. Like my horse, but I knew where his mouth had been. The giraffe would have terrorized Midge. She was attacked by one. Really. Grabbed by her pony tail and lifted 3 inches off the ground. I plan on buying her kid a lot of stuffed giraffes and clothes with giraffes on them. I'm just that kind of mom.

Charlie said...

Kay, yes I did return Buddy ... reluctantly. But I've been assured I can take custody some other weekend.
And yes, we did have a fun day. One of the things CBW omitted was her death-defying leap from a scaffold onto an air bag ( I brazenly challenged CBW, and she showed no fear. I, on the other hand, did. CBW made the big leap twice. (I made the practice jump, but couldn't stomach the full jump; my knees started to buckle when I foolishly looked down). She is far braver than I. And I'm fine with that.

Daryl said...

fried dough ... lots of great shots and fun stuff but i am craving fried dough ...

Sooska said...

I wish I could go to this fair. I love the signs. I love the signs with the giraffe especially: Carrots only. No Children. Damn. I know a kid I'd love to feed to a giraffe (and I thought they were vegetarians.)

I have never tried to feed an animal-or a human- from my mouth.

Chocolate covered bacon and fired mac and cheese? I'm iN, Weight Watchers be damned!

Dghawk said...

Oh what a wonderful day you had! Is anything getting through your arteries after all the fried food? Did they have the Italian sausages with peppers and onions? That was always my favorite. Of course it's been years since I've been to the fair. I'm either working, or no money, or both! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure.

Grandma J said...

Oh my I love me a Fried State Fair! Where's the fried Twinkies? My favorite is the old fashion funnel cake. Looks like a fun time!