Monday, October 21, 2013


One day last week, as I was leaving the New Point Light observation deck, I happened to glance off into the marsh and noticed this egret, who was sunning himself.

Or herself.

I'm not an astute enough heron or egret watcher to know whether there are discernible differences in color or other markings.  I can distinguish between a male and female cardinal, no problem.  But egrets? Just not that up to speed.

Anyway, this one was basking in the glow of the sun that particular afternoon, not at all perturbed by my intrusive camera.


This will be the first full/normal work week I've had since the week of September 23.  The last home meet of Daughter's cross country season is Tuesday evening. District, regional and the state meets happen over the next month, however, so we'll be busy with those.  I must focus on preparing for November's half marathon, which is breathing down my neck like a fiery dragon.  I've not run more than six and a half miles since April, and my knee shin foot back has been threatening to give out on me for about a week now.

Otherwise, things are good here in the Chesapeake Bay Family household.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


Deltaville Jamie said...

It's nearly impossible to tell a male from female unless you observe mating rituals. You'll see the male sitting in his recliner watching TV yelling things like "Honey, I need another beer!" while the female works a 40 hour job and then comes home to cook, clean and take care of all the children.

Grandma J said...

He/she looks lonely! Good luck to Daughter on her meets, and to you on your marathon. I could never run one mile let alone walk it. I admire you so much for your athletic abilities....especially your Gator driving. That's a sport, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Deltaville Jamie is my kind of ornithology expert ! That is the kind of incisive scientific observation we can all relate to.

Grandma J's observation regarding your Gator maneuvering inspired an idea for your second career in the tourism industry--Mathews Tours-- riding a 4-person Gator, with an elegant seafood picnic lunch ! I'd sign up in a heartbeat to hear your funny stories, historic Mathews lore and enjoy some of the famous Mathews ocean cuisine (wine on the side, girl !)Who is with me ?
What a gorgeous egret portrait; it makes my Monday. Thank you, CBW.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

DJ-Thank you for that clarification. It's now clear to me that this is a female. She told the beer-guzzling male in the recliner she had to go grocery shopping and decided to rest in a swamp about 10 miles in the opposite direction from the grocery store, just so she could have a moment of peace and solitude, with no incoming assault on the senses. When she realizes she's stayed too long (as in more than five minutes spent on herself), she'll go directly to the store, procure all the food for the week, come home and fix supper. Clean. Take care of the children. (The particular female pictured here said the male can get his own daggone beer. She may have used harsher words, but you get the picture.)Thank you, as always, for your scientific contributions to this blog!

GJ-Although your feet need some resting I have no doubt you could at some point walk a mile and even longer. And, yes, Gator driving is considered a varsity sport but only on Waverly Lane. Gator riding is also a sport, especially when I am driving.

LLC-Great idea, I just need to figure out how to grow the number of potential customers from one then figure out who is fixing the elegant seafood lunch. But I have the Gator driving down pat! Thanks as always.