Tuesday, October 1, 2013


After jogging my new Onemo route on Sunday, I decided to pull off on Old Garden Creek Road.

I was immediately drawn in by the fall colors, the blue sky and this quaint little mailbox.

(It's over there on the left. Blending in.)

After a busy Monday that included Government Shutdown Talk (GST, because there must be an acronym) at work followed by Daughter's birthday dinner (thank you, Chesapeake Bay Mother, for fixing it for us!), I am happy to share these tranquil photos of a very undramatic roadside mailbox.

Assuming I don't have to report to work for a few days or longer, I may have more time on my hands to take pictures. I may be one of the few people on the planet not entirely disturbed by a probable shutdown, at least as it relates to me personally. (The bigger picture, however, is highly disturbing.)

I just take things as they come.

And shake my head.


Kay L. Davies said...

Sorry, my dear, but GST is already in use. It means Goods and Services Tax in Canada and is a pain in the proverbial...
But a shutdown that will give you time for more photos in that exquisite landscape of yours can only be good. (Ignoring the big picture, of course, because it is out of our individual hands.)
I'm sure your mother did a stellar job of the birthday dinner. Did your dad do more oysters? Sigh.
Hugs to your mom and dad and a belated Happy Birthday to your very pretty daughter.
Luv, K

deborah said...

Ah, tranquility- your pictures are just that - tranquil.

Just hoping the bigger picture doesn't happen and you only get a couple of days off.

So glad you enjoyed your daughter's birthday with her and your family!

Daryl said...

i find it hard to believe they are considered essential and therefore being paid whilst making asses of themselves and you who i would never think of as nonessential are being unpaid ... GAH

growing wild on waverly lane said...

I want these pictures to mat and frame...they are perfect.

I think the American people should take legal action against Congress. If awarded a money settlement that should take care of the budget deficit that they are always bitching about.

Meg McCormick said...

I have plenty of friends in the same boat as you, CBW... the impact is HUGE here in the DC area. I'm sorry you're furloughed but hey - if you were essential, you'd be working for no pay right now, so what the heck, enjoy the days off ,to the extent you can!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the shutdown is being fairly mellow for you. You deserve a break. Not a good time up in my neck of the woods. We just built a new fire station--desperately needed--can't open it because a signature is needed on paperwork and that office is closed. Grrr May not be able to pay bills for the new fire house either because fund raisers had to be cancelled (they were in parks). Grrr. Meanwhile, more people than ever called 911 yesterday and there were so many car accidents. Grrr. Glad to hear congres still gets paid, neither my husband or I have any source of income (and will not get back pay; he's a contractor so his company used it as an excuse to let go of all the guys over 50, every single one. Supposedly they may rehire him if work becomes available again. Tell me that's not ageism but who do you complain to? The offices are all closed!). Grrr. Roads are closed, river access we use is closed, bike trails can't be accessed, husband found himself locked in a parking lot and it took forever to find someone to let him out. Grrr. So what do you do when you're home? Take care of paperwork, maybe? Fat chance, everything I need to do is closed. Grr. Could go on and on but no one seems to care. If you watch the news you'd think the only impact was that the stupid panda cam went down. Sorry to be down today but I'm tired of being a good sport when I didn't cause the problem. This BS is getting old. --Betsy