Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Eagle

The other day I drove down to Aarons Beach.

On my way out I glanced up and noticed 
this eagle perched in the attic of a dead pine tree.

Most of the time he wanted to face the other direction.

Like this:

So I had to make noises loud enough to
get his attention without frightening him away.

I am reasonably sure if my antics had been captured,
America's Funniest Home Videos would come a callin'.

It's hard work trying to make subtle yet noticeable noises 
for a bald eagle dead set on keeping his back to you.

Try it some time.

After a while he got fed up and decided it would be way easier to perch
on a neighboring tree out of reach of my mouth camera's zoom.

In related news, I recently received a text from my Across the Creek Neighbor indicating there were not just a pair but three bald eagles holding a meeting of some sort on my parents' dock.  Unfortunately I wasn't anywhere near home so was unable to take their portrait.

Or learn the purpose of their not-so-secret meeting.

In unrelated news, Daughter is gearing up for Wednesday's district cross country meet over on the grounds of  Eastern State Hospital  an institution where they house people caught making strange noises and gestures to attract the attention of eagles in Williamsburg.  I'm looking forward to it and the upcoming regional and state meets.

That's it from here for now.

Anything exciting in your world?


Kay L. Davies said...

Nothing exciting in my world. I love your eagle photos. I'm forever re-posting eagle photos by wildlife photographer Christian Sasse on Facebook. He's amazing. If he hasn't posted any himself, Hancock Wildlife posts his pictures. Hancock published the third of my dad's three books, so I feel kindly toward them.
I've got the sniffles and coughs and snizzles again, as I did after flying home last month. We did go out to a concert Saturday night, so I think I'm just vulnerable to crowd situations. If there's a germ nearby, it spots me first and thinks I look like a likely host(ess).
We recorded the last part of tonight's baseball game while my husband went out to see clients this evening, so now he's going to turn it on. He's cheering for Boston because they're the American League team, and I'm cheering for Saint Louis because Boston is always beating up on our Toronto Blue Jays.
Hi to your mom and dad.
Luv, K

Annie said...

Um, exciting? Is shifting exciting? At times, especially when you enjoy the new place!
Going back and forth doing all the mundane taks associated is a bit tedious.
And we have just had some nice rain. First in a long while. Hope the garage didnt have water through it out there. Guess I'll have a look in the morning.

Cee Pluse said...

I can't even get my dogs to pay attention to me so I can photograph them, so I'm especially impressed that you were able to snap pictures of that eagle looking at you!

Deltaville Jamie said...

Making noise to get an eagle to look at you is pretty normal compared to running through the yard in lime green shorts and blue crocs and some t-shirt flapping your arms and screaming "Shoo don't you eat my chickens" to the neighborhood red tailed hawk. This happens on a semi regular basis. Keep in mind the above phrase has been edited to maintain a G rating and usually it's peppered with more F sort of words.

Tiggeriffic said...

We are starting to see Eagles in our area because of the young man up the road that traps animals.. skins them and then puts there carcases out into the field.. Somedays you can see up to 65 eagles sitting in the field..it's quite a amazing site.. I just love it~!~! Have a great day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Grandma J said...

Exciting is my middle name, but of course you already knew that. Spent three days with my SIL in Louisiana at a Hotel Casino. We had some fun adventures which included seeing Bad Grandpa.
I love eagles, and their music.
Good luck to daughter at her meet!!

Sooska said...

Fabulous post! Since 2002 we have seen a number of bald eagles on the Piankatank shores. I recall in September 2003 my husband and I were fishing just above the bridge and saw 3 bald eagles perched in a tree on the southern shore. They sat there for a couple hours. When Isabel hit a couple weeks later all I did was sit in Pittsburgh and worry about those eagles. We now see eagles on every trip to the cottage, no matter what time of year it is. nice photos.

Daryl said...

i remember stopping there and trying to get a shot of what Annie insisted was an eagle .. now i am thinking she was right

Country Girl said...

Oh, good for you with these shots!

Nothing exciting happening here. But that's a good thing. xo