Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three Things

Mother, Daughter, Father

Thursday is at our door once again, which means it's time to share three things.

1. Tuesday night Daughter was inducted into the Beta Club at Mathews High School. The ceremony included a speech from the club's Vice President, aka her brother, as well as a series of mistakes from others that made the whole thing one of the funniest school events I've attended in a long time.* (Click here for what I am always reminded of when required to act dignified in an environment that demands laughter--act being the operative word, and dignified being subject to interpretation.)

2.  It's been raining lions and elephants cats and dogs nonstop the past few days.  Last evening's high tide brought water way over the dock and well into the yard.  The wind and driving rain create an environment that says one thing and one thing only:  Hi. Ber. Nate. Already.

3. In my second week of Employed Unemployment or Vacation Without Using Vacation Time due to the government shutdown, I've begun the process of hibernation cleaned out two huge closets, made homemade chicken soup, napped visited the library, napped attempted to skim through a few books, and more.  So much so that Son remarked that the government should shut down more often.  He couldn't see a down side to it, especially as he reached for a paper towel to wipe off the barbecue sauce from the ribs I slow-cooked in the crock pot yesterday.

* 4. If it ever stops raining and my desire to hibernate dissipates mood improves, I'll try to write the Beta Club Comedy of Errors story.

Now it's your turn to share three things.Whatever is on your mind.  Anything at all.

Remember, three is just a suggestion.

Son (aka Beta Club Vice President) and Daughter
My two favorite people.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh dear, I'm first and I'm a wet blanket. Have a horrid cold, not at all fun, and relieved only by a piece of strawberry cream cake.
My husband buys cakes from the bargain bin at Safeway. Bakery goods that hadn't sold by closing time the day before. I wish he'd do the same with Brie.
I've been so sick I haven't had time to go to the pharmacy for nailpolish remover, to take the green off my toenails. I'm not wearing flip-flops this month, and they don't match any other shoes.
Did I tell you my husband wants to go to Iceland for his birthday in March? Iceland. In March. But he'll be 70, so he gets to pick.
By the time I get to 70, I'll be too old to go to the pharmacy and he'll have to pick up my nailpolish remover for me.
Hi to all.
Luv, K

Kay L. Davies said...

PS, lookin' good, family!

Country Girl said...

I believe I'm a bit of a wet blanket too. It's raining here as well and the weather is wearing on my mood.

I'm going to dinner tonight with old and dear friends. I'm not sure I'm ready for this but I need to get past myself.

I miss you.

Meg McCormick said...

Look how cute they are!

I know much of the DC region is not working now, but I have been busting my a** this week and last. And I am grateful for the extra hours, which means extra pay, which means we are less broke, this week.

Thanks for mailing my glasses!!!

Daryl said...

what great photos ..