Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sand Bank

At long last, just when we thought we could take it no more,
the clouds parted and the sun came out yesterday.

Since it was not only a federal holiday but also Still No Work Due to Government Shutdown Day 4,692,
I found myself at home with not much to do, so I forced myself out to take pictures.

It'd been a while since I'd been to this neck of the woods, and it was a beautiful day for a visit.

If you have any sort of fear of cormorants, this wouldn't be the place to go.

I've never heard of a fear of cormorants, but then again,
I'd never heard of a fear of clowns until the past five or six years ago.
So you never know.
Someone out there may have cormorantaphobia.
(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

If so, it's my duty to warn you about Sand Bank.

They're everywhere. Just waiting to pounce.

If you are not a cormorantaphobe, please take a drive 
down Route 602, Sand Bank Road, for a glimpse at the old wharf
and the beautiful bay.

Note:  References to pouncing cormorants and cormorantaphobia are brought to you by 
the giddiness of a sunny day and Week Three of unemployment. 


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, and I would guess the ones suffering from that phobia would be the fish they eat, in which case the phobia is justified.


Anonymous said...

..The fish that the cormorants eat, that is..LLC

Grandma J said...

OK, I'll show my ignorance for all the world to see....I've never heard of cormorants. They look a bit like a pelican. Do they hang out in salt water or fresh water marshes?

Deltaville Jamie said...

Cormorants are a nuisance when populations are large (which they are in that area) they eat a lot of fish and the poop accumulated under their nests can turn soil acidic and kill he tree they nest in. I also think they look like vampires when they dry their wings.

Charlie said...

Surprisingly, the official term for fear of clowns, coulrophobia, is similar to your newly-coined cormorantaphobia. Coincidence? Or are cormorants really the clowns of the salt-water bird world?

Laurie LaGrone said...

I need to find a job that takes me from California to Mathews once a month. It's been less than a month since I've been there and the withdrawals are still raging with no end in sight.

Daryl said...

awesome pix .. and i am so happy you will be going back to work now!