Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Last evening, although there wasn't really any rain in the forecast, we had a little shower on top of the 4,869 other rain showers we've had practically every single day and night since January May 1, 2016.

The difference this time is the rain left behind the gift of a rainbow.

From a distance, the pot of gold appeared to be right on the sandy beach of Cow Point, at the mouth of Queens Creek.

Zooming in, however, the pot of gold appeared to be several feet underwater.

There was not just one but two rainbows visible.

A rare treat indeed.

As usual I have nothing but the excuse of being busy for not blogging lately, but with the school year coming to a close, Daughter's graduation nigh, and work being busier than ever, etc., I've had to pick and choose my priorities.

Daughter is unofficially Valedictorian, and is already starting to receive notification of scholarships--which is welcome news indeed.  We're all very excited for and proud of her.  Graduation is Saturday, June 18, orientation to UVA's School of Architecture is July 11-12, and she's off for good mid-August.

I'll try to post more often once we survive these next major milestones.