Saturday, September 24, 2016

Market Days

To be filed under the category of Better Late Than Never, here are a few scenes from Mathews Market Days, which took place a couple of weeks ago.

Although the humidity on Saturday was so bad I felt like I could have used a flotation device just to take a few steps, the overall atmosphere was festive and fun.

I do not know this woman but feel certain she's wondering, "What is wrong with this crazy lady with frizzy hair drenched in sweat, and furthermore why is she taking my picture?"   Actually I didn't even know she was in the picture until I loaded it here.  I was looking more at the stuff in the background, especially the BBQ booth.

As usual, there were lots of booths filled with unique arts and crafts.  

In hindsight, I wish I'd purchased this.  I think the lips and teeth are my favorite part.  And the eyes. And the color, although I'm not typically a pink fan.  It's just a fun, happy fish.  

Since Market Days, I've been on the go.  Last weekend I traveled to Dewey Beach, DE, for a reunion with my college friends Iris and Lenja. The highlight was a live band that performed directly on the beach.  As a public service announcement, I'd like to share that dancing in sand is not the same as dancing not in sand, and it's possible to do what feels like permanent damage to knees and other joints when gyrating aggressively to live music.

For example.

Next Friday I travel to Charlottesville for Chesapeake Bay Daughter's 18th birthday.  Then on Saturday Baby Sis and her boyfriend will join me at the Yorktown Wine Festival, which promises to be loads of fun.

In short, life here in Mathews has been pretty darn great, all things considered, and I am enjoying my foray into Empty Nestville.

So far, so good.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pine Tree

This pine tree lives on a point that juts out into Stutts Creek.

I guess you could say it juts into Stutts.

It juts into Stutts and it's just on Stutts.

Thanks to my fascination with Dr. Seuss-level rhymes, I've completely forgotten what I came on here to say.  Please be patient while I recollect my thoughts.  Thank you.

(*Tries to stop thinking about more words that rhyme with Stutts but can't think of a way to weave pork butts into the story.)


A storm called Hermina passed through Mathews yesterday, and all things considered it wasn't that big of a deal.  As far as I know, there was no major damage around here, just lots of wind and flooding.  A few folks lost power.  I have lots of tree limbs in the yard and pine needles stacked six inches deep on my deck and patio, but otherwise, everything's fine.

Have a great Labor Day weekend. I intend to.