Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Here in Mathews, it's been raining for forty days and forty nights what feels like forever.  Just when you think it can't get any drearier, it rains some more. Today it's supposed to clear up.  But so far, nope.

It's still overcast.

I took these pictures of the new kayak launch at the court house this morning after a six-mile run.  I needed some pictures of the court green for a blog post I did on the county's visitor site, and while I was there I decided to stop in to see how this place was doing.

One of these  days, it will stop raining I intend to bring my kayak here and do some exploring.  It's a great launching point.

There's a lot of activity in the court house area these days.  In addition to some pretty major improvements to the streetscape, a new pavilion has gone up right near the kayak launching site.

On days like today, it would be a nice place to briefly escape the raindrops while staring towards Put-In Creek. But here soon, the sun will be out again and it will provide a nice respite from the impending heat and humidity that inevitably accompanies summers.

Speaking of heat and humidity, my favorite month, May, is right around the corner. It's my favorite because everything here is so green and warm.  Although it can be stifling hot, it's usually not the same oppressive heat and humidity that June, July and August usually bring.

This year there's another reason to like May, and I wrote about it on the Mathews County Visitor and Information Center's blog.  (Click here.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


These cages, which are used to grow oysters, live off Stutts Creek in Redart.

I've been lucky enough to sample many of the oysters pulled from these cages, and let me tell you what: They are tasty.  Especially when they're fried.

Last night I was treated to a dinner of fried oysters--fresh from this oyster farm--and a cucumber salad.  Let me tell you what again:  TASTY.

After a long commute, a brutal day at work, and another long ride home, something as simple as a fried oyster and a slice of cucumber swimming in balsamic vinegar and sugar can really make all the stress and worries of the day evaporate.

Thank you, Mr. Oyster.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter

I'm negligent in everything my blogging responsibilities these days, but I did have time recently to take these pictures of spring blooms off of Stutts Creek in Redart.

Slowly but surely Nature is bouncing back to life after the doldrums of winter.  Green leaves are sprouting, dandelions and buttercups! flowers are blooming and yellow pollen is covering everything.

I'm getting excited because my May, my favorite month, is just around the corner.

Happy Easter!