Saturday, March 23, 2019


Here is a shot from a while back of the moon hovering over Queens Creek. 

I'm very happy today for several reasons.

First, I leave tomorrow for Florida, where I will board a cruise ship that will be my home for the next several days. This has been one of the longest, darkest, rainiest winters I can remember.  I'm thrilled at the prospect of warmth, sunshine and most of all no responsibilities!

Next, I am also very happy for another adventure that will happen in August:  Machu Picchu!  I booked my flight about a week ago and spent the better part of today booking hotels and the actual ticket to Machu Picchu.  The fact that I'll be going with my best friends from college and I'll be meeting Chesapeake Bay Son (who is working there this summer) makes me ecstatic!

So, I am just checking in to say all is wonderful here.

I hope it is with you as well.