Monday, August 20, 2018


Since returning to work in early June, I've not been able to sleep until ten like I want been getting up around 5:45 a.m. each day.  5:45 in the summer time is not nearly as bad as 5:45 in the winter, when it's dark and depressing and Mother Nature is giving a very clear sign that we're supposed to be asleep, because:  DARK. 

It doesn't seem so harsh, 5:45 that is, when I can glance out the back door and see the sun and her stunning colors letting everyone know it's officially daylight.

Although I'd still like to sleep until about ten I'd usually prefer to stay in bed a bit longer, there's just something a little bit energizing and rewarding about having the sun to greet you first thing.

I hope your week is full of sunshine.

Monday, August 6, 2018


Today for the first time in a very long time, I went for a jog.

And I sat down to this blog.

Last year was one of chaos for me.  

Last summer, my father went in for a routine surgery that turned into something he's still dealing with today, namely a nightmare.  My sisters, my mother and I lived at the various  hospitals and nursing homes he meandered into and out of.  We didn't know if he'd make it.

Then, in the midst of all this, I came down with what I came down with, namely cancer--but the "best" kind. 

Other major life changes happened last year, but I tell you all that to say this:  I neglected jogging and blogging for a long time.  Way too long.

I confess that I hate jogging, but by forcing myself to do it--however minimally--each week I could eat and drink whatever I wanted, seemingly, and everything balanced out.  (Where everything equals the scales, my health, how I felt, etc.)

Back when I blogged regularly, my children were still in school, and each evening the way I unwound was to sit at my desk and spew forth whatever happened to be on my mind. It was my mental exercise.

The past year's events wreaked havoc on my jogging and my blogging, two things I used to force myself to do whether I felt like it or not.

Since returning to work from coping with Hodgkins lymphoma, I now have Mondays off.  Today for the first time since 1982 2017, I walked--WALKED--six miles.  I used to jog six miles several times a week back before these major life events happened.

I'm out of shape physically and mentally bloggily (just invented the word), but I shall make jogging and blogging regular habits again.

Happy August.