Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Sunset

I take many pictures of the same subject often because, as with sunsets, things change by the second. If I have already posted this picture, it hasn't been for some time, so let's pretend it's a new one. I love pretending. Sometimes I pretend I'm a neat, organized person who makes efficient use of her time and lives and works in a clutter-free environment. Then I start to laugh hysterically. Then I cry.

I promised few words for Thursday and a ghost story on Friday, since I'm out of town (and assuming I loaded it up correctly. I give this a 40-60 shot). So I'll wrap this thing up quickly.

On Saturday, there will be so few words that there won't even be a new post! Same for Sunday.

Have a great week and may your days and nights be as peaceful as this sunset.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bear Naked said...

I see we have the same Chinese spammer.
I deleted him very quickly, I did I did.

Are you enjoying yourself?
We all are missing you.

Bear((( )))

Mental P Mama said...

I have no memory of the debut of this shot, so you're good with me. Hope you are having fun and taking notes for when I visit.

Big Hair Envy said...

Beautiful sunset! The sunrises at my house have been to-die-for this week:) Come home soon. We miss you and your clever comments!

Grandma J said...

So there you go, you went and attracted some chinese guy named Andy. Someone should have told him he was supposed to take his shirt off.

BTW, I had nothing to do with sending him and his less than stellar English.
I love the sunsets in Mathews, and never get tired of them.

Hurry back and tell us all about your junket. The withdrawal pains are killing me.

Anonymous said...

Stunning sunset shot. One could never tire of such beauty, except of course if you just kept posting the same pic everyday.

TSannie said...

Well, the photo is just beautiful - even if it could be a repeat!

I got a comment from andy guo as well...deleted it - I think it's a new form of advertising...and it stinks!

foolery said...


beautiful Sunset !
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Waiting with curiosity. To know your innovation.

Because it's really better the second time, isn't it?

Also, I wonder if is the Chinese equivalent of George Bush? And I wonder what that would be?

All the best cowboys DO have Chinese eyes, after all.


Not Andy Guo