Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Fair Day

This is another picture I took over near Deltaville last week. Is it just me or does that building appear to be slanting a bit? I already know the answer to that rhetorical question.

I was perusing Middle Sister's childhood diary recently and came upon an interesting entry:

Friday, November 12, 1978

"Today when I woke up it was raining. When we got to school it was snowing. Theresa and I tried to make a snowman, but the boys kept on recking (sic) our balls. John threw a snowball at me, hit me in the leg and it STUNG! We went in and our shoes were soaking wet! After school we went to the dentist and we have to use a special floride (sic) toothpaste. I only had 1 cavity. I don't have any homework.

Fair Day.

- Middle Sister

Let's see now, to recap what has just been told here:

1. Middle Sis woke up to a rainy day. (Bad, in my book.)
2. It turned to snow. (Good, in my book.)
3. She was playing outside with John. (Good, because I had a crush on him.)
4. The boys kept wrecking their attempts to build a snowman (Bad.)
5. John hit her in the leg so hard it stung. (Bad.)
6. They weren't wearing boots so their feet were cold and wet. (Bad.)
7. SHE HAD TO GO TO THE DENTIST after school. (Bad. Really bad. Traumatic. Horrendous. So bad on so many levels. Dentists are trained torture inflicters.)
8. SHE HAD A CAVITY. (See above. Bad.)
9. No homework. (Good.)

Let's tally the score, shall we?
Bad - 6
Good - 3

I'd say that was a pretty crappy day myself. Middle Sister called it a fair day.

She has a much higher tolerance for crappy than I do.

Or perhaps, she's just a tad more optimistic.

Or, maybe she was so used to being tortured by me by that point that even getting pounded with a snowball and having a cavity after a trip to the dentist sounded like a walk in the park.


Grandma J said...

I think the whole episode for Middle Sis with John was probably good on some level.
My question is this: What exactly did you write in your diary about John? We need more info about him...and you.

The building looks straight to me, but then I always have my head tilted ever so slightly.

Bear Naked said...

Even at such a young age, Middle Sister realized that the good in her life outweighed the bad making it a *fair* day.
Did you write anything in your diary that day?

Bear((( )))

Mental P Mama said...

You do notice that there was no mention of any interaction with you...I would think that would immediately elevate it to a good day;)

big hair envy said...

CBW, were you just jealous that John flirted with Middle Sis by throwing a snowball at her? I think there's more to THIS story...

Anonymous said...

There IS more to the story. I had a crush on John. Grandma J hit the nail on the head...that stinging snowball gets four points for good. The fact that the boys were wrecking our snowman gets another four points for good! Having only one cavity....good! Snow....extra good! The only thing that made this a fair day was the wet feet.

Stick with boys in your own grade, CBW.....

Middle Sis

Grandma J said...


This is getting good. Not that I'm a trouble maker or an instigater.

Annie said...

why was cbw reading middle sis's diary..is what I need to know?


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ - I only wrote about John once in my diary. If I find it I'll post it. All these years I never knew Middle Sis also had a crush on him, although he was closer to her age than I. (I also had a crush on his older brother, but he left the school before I could focus on that.)

BN- My diary is blank the entire months of November and December. I was probably too upset that John was paying attention to Middle Sister.

MPM - Yes, that would account for most of her optimism, if you ask her.

BHE - Me jealous? Yes. Big time.

Middle Sis - When I was in fifth grade, we had maybe 3 boys in our class. In sixth grade (the particular school only went as far as sixth grade) there were only 4 girls - no boys. Therefore I was forced to consider those in the younger grades, although as a rule I never did this later in life. I always liked the older men.

GJ - Trouble maker. (Still can't think of a name for your sidekick, btw.)

Annie - I found my own diary a while ago and Middle Sister told me that hers was around here somewhere and lo and behold I found it and have been studying it in great detail ever since.

For example, one of the things I discovered in my own diary was that at a young age I was responsible for cooking, cleaning house, watering and feeding large farm animals, and tending to 2 younger siblings (not much different than the farm animals) when I myself was barely more than 10 or 11. Middle Sister claims she could never help with the pony feedings --or anything else--because, well, I don't even remember what frail excuse she gave. Probably that it would interrupt her Barbara Walters impersonations, whereby she would interview the entire family and, rather than ask questions, she'd just talk and talk and talk and talk into the recorder until one's eyes crossed.

Or perhaps it was her renditions of Rhinestone Cowboy sung through a jump rope while standing on the fireplace.

For example.


Karen Deborah said...

whoooooo you were really rough!

by the way your word verification is *insapoot* really who makes these up?

Rebeckah said...

You are so funny : ). The day sounded kind of good to me too. I think I want to go back to school and quit working. It is too stressful!

Annie said...

ps..btw, the building is crooked...I lived in one like that once! My husband tried to straighten it...don't even ask how ...you dont want to know!! (I am not sure there are words even to describe it).


Anonymous said...

I can tell you from personal experience, that the younger MENS have a ZEST for life and tend to be more fun. That's pretty much all I can contribute to this particular post.
Baby Sis

foolery said...

Oh, THAT kind of "fair day." I was expecting 10,000 hamburgers on the hoof and ferris wheels.