Friday, October 24, 2008

Kitchen: Part One

This is a picture I took this week off Gwynn's Island of sponges that had washed ashore. I say sponges and yet I have no idea if that's the technical term, although usually I am very technical, detailed and accurate in my descriptions of things.

Speaking of sponges, regardless of whether the shot above depicts them or not, that reminds me of the kitchen. My kitchen really needs one right about now. Along with someone to actually put it to good use.


The following is from Chesapeake Bay Mother, about her own mother, my favorite grandmother, Nanny. Nanny lived in a teeny tiny house in Gloucester that had everything a person could ever want or need with two exceptions: cabinet space and patience.

From Chesapeake Bay Woman's Mother:

"When I was young, we didn't have an alarm clock. Yes, they'd been invented.

My mother had too many pots and never enough cabinet space in the kitchen.

So just before breakfast time there would be an avalanche* of clanking metal, punctuated by expletives, out of distinct hearing range--but undoubtedly unfit for young ears--issued by Mother in angry terms. That sound always did the trick, along with the rushing sound of birds' wings flushing way from the presence of evil in our kitchen.

This was especially welcome on non-school days** when I probably would have slept past seven or eight o'clock. She was as reliable as Big Ben and Old Faithful, combined with a pinch of Haley's Comet.

My children maintain that I followed in her footsteps*** ("...How sharper than a serpent's tooth..."). I don't believe I'm that bad. I have much more cabinet space.)****

To be continued tomorrow.....

Notes and Clarification from CBW:

* Chesapeake Bay Children spent many nights with dear Nanny and can absolutely attest to the fact that pots and pans plus expletives meant No More Sleep for anyone. In the state of Virginia.

**Yep, even if it was a weekend when her grandchildren were trying to rest up. If she was up fighting the pots and pans, she was not going to do it alone.

*** That's because she does the same thing. Do NOT open a cabinet over there, don't open the icebox, don't open anything or look at anyone cross-eyed, or the aforementioned launching of the following sequence will occur: pots and pans clanking + expletives = Let's get outta here

**** See above.


Annie said...

oh, my gosh, this worries me , because it sounds just like me in my kitchen....and I am sure my children would agree. I am sure they all fight to be the first one home to visit to help clean up the kitchen before I poison someone , that is, their families!


ps I don't know where I get it from because I used to be very tidy as a child!!

Bear Naked said...

I don't do kitchen.

Why is your word verification using naughty language today?
I don't want to type THAT!

Bear((( )))

Bear Naked said...

Oops I guess I did.
Now I have to go wash my hands.

Bear((( )))

bighair envy said...

Can one EVER have enough cabinet space??

I plan to arrive in Aylett around 3 p.m. Look for a short chick with a purple coat and a turquoise scarf:) Flat, brown hair, of course. Don't forget the crab hat!

Grandma J said...

I can hear all the pots and pans clanging from here!
My favorite? ("...How sharper than a serpent's tooth...")

Horn Harbor Girl said...

Heck, my entire house is like this ha! ha! I am here to tell ya, it's a tactic to keep everyone on their toes, a study sort of speak ... ("Sort" - to free of confusion) hum ...... anyway. Maybe this could work on scaring the ants away ?
Oh yea, the sponge things, I have always been a bit intimidated by them - if one of those things touched me while in the water, I was moving shore bound - somewhat like your fan boat !!!! Lord help anyone who got in my way :-}
Hope your weekend is GREAT !

Auds at Barking Mad! said...

OMG finally, I can READ your word verification thingy! "Comest" and it's not all schmooged together!

This post cracks me up! I haven't got near enough cabinet space and now, after reading this, I feel justified in the racket I make in the morning.

big hair envy said...

I can't believe that I actually met you and CBMother! The pleasure was ALL MINE! As I told you earlier, I feel as if I have known you for 20 years:)

About the East Coast Blogapalooza - I. Am. In. Perhaps we should plan a girls' weekend to plan for this....that way, we could avoid having to drive! I vote for OBX...the rates are cheaper these days.

BTW - was your basketball number 24? If so, I have a photo to send to you:)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

BHE - 24 sounds familiar but I can't swear to it. Isn't it amazing how men can remember intricate details of every single game they've ever seen or played and I can't even remember my number in basketball? (Actually, the memory thing goes far beyond numbers on a jersey, but anyway..)

I thought I was #30 and 24 MIGHT have been MIddle Sister. But 24 might have been me one year, maybe the first, I don't know. If the person's hair was in braids, CBW. If hair cut above shoulders and brown, Middle Sis. If Big Hair, Littlest Sis, who was The Best of us all in basketball.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

To everyone else, happy Friday and thank you for commenting. I am so tired from running hither thither and yon that I can't see straight.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. -cbw

Grandma J said...

Of course you're tired! You and BHE have been partying all day.

Yes my ears were burning!

You gals are up to something...planning a big hootenanny on the East Coast? I'm like so envious!
But I did meet Jason, Pumpin and Hula Henry & Co. in CA, so no complaints here....just pouting.

BTW, I couldn't find my little movie critic pal today...had to go it alone.

Grandma J said...

Pumpkin, Pumpkin Delight to be exact. Didn't mean to misspell her name.

Karen Deborah said...

CBW you and your mama are some of my most favoritist peoples, and how about a hanging pot rack for Nanny?

Rebeckah said...

I am starting at the beginning and reading thru : ).

foolery said...

In my house it 67 porcelain knobs on the cabinets that COME OFF IN YOUR HAND when you pull on them. I don't throw them like I did when I was a teenager, but I do swear a blue streak. I have glued these things on and glued them again, and it doesn't work. Will be making a trip to Home Depot soon to replace them, which won't be cheap because I wasn't kidding about 67 knobs.

Dunno how Mom put up with them all those years. "They're not functional, Mom!"

"But they're so pretty!"


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