Sunday, October 19, 2008

Early Morning Walk

I took this picture of our creek at sunrise about a week ago. With the weather changing, we tend to get some fog in the mornings - you can just barely see here a bit of mist rolling off the water. It bears repeating that I do not do anything special to my pictures because I do not know how. This is just what comes out when I press the button on the auto setting. The color here is exactly how it was that morning. Orange, pink, red. Amazing.

My grandmother on my father's side was an avid walker. She ate like a bird and walked every single day. She was known around here for delivering papers-and community updates-to the neighbors as part of her early morning walks.

She was featured in a Richmond newspaper back in 1972, and below are a few noteworthy excerpts:
"Some people think the sunset is one of the most beautiful sights on the earth. But CBW's Paternal Grandmother revels in the sunrise. Paternal Grandmother (PG) has a newspaper route in Mathews County. She arises at 5:30 every morning in every sort of weather to deliver the Times-Dispatch and the Daily Press to about 20 homes on or near her country lane....."

"....PG's daily walk, part of which is through wooded areas, is three miles. She has had her route for 10 years and accepts no pay. 'Oh, of course not,' she asserted. 'I'm a hopeless volunteer. Everything I do is volunteered.'

PG is a tall and slim woman with terrific posture and she believes in walking. She first started walking regularly as exercise when President Kennedy advocated it. 'Soon I learned I had to have a reason for doing all this walking, so I decided to take on a route.'..."

"....I don't consider delivering papers a chore, but a privilege to see everything that is so beautiful in the morning. I love nature. I see things that nobody else sees. There's always something different.

I would recommend walking to everybody, but I know they wouldn't take me up on it. I was talking to a couple just the other day who said everything is arranged in their home so they never have to go outside.

Well, to me, this is living like a mole...."

CBW back again.

My paternal grandmother died 7 years after this was written, but she kept up her daily walk just about to the bitter end. I remember I had a basketball game the day she died, and the coach told me I could sit out if I wasn't up to playing.

I played, because sitting idly on the bench and not being a part of the action didn't seem right and isn't what she would have wanted.

Walking is the easiest exercise you can do, if you are physically able to. Although I've fallen out of the habit, I intend to return immediately, especially after reading my grandmother's words from over 30 years ago.

Is it possible to walk and be in front of a computer simultaneously?

I'm having a devil of a time prying myself away from this chair.


Karen Deborah said...

me too.

TSannie said...

walking walking walking! I find it difficult to motivate myself to do it. My loss. Your grandmama definitely had a grand and smart idea.

Jozet at Halushki said...

Gorgeous photo!

And yes, you can walk and computer. Just buy a very tiny light computer.

Bear Naked said...

Boy if I had those kind of views I'd do a lot more walking than I do now.

Bear((( )))

Grandma J said...

Your grandmother makes me feel so ashamed. But I wonder if your grandparents would walk today or blog. I let my fingers do the walking for me. Although, walking the length of Walmart 20 times is about three miles.

cats said...

Beautiful words from a very wise woman. I firmly believe that walking and eating healthy are the key factors for longevity in life.
Have you ever taken a walk in the woods when the leaves are changing? That is a beautiful picture of nature. The colors are so vibrant, You are so very right. We do need to stop and take a look at God's beautiful handiworks. They are free and right in front of our face.
Go back to comments on the building that was torn down by the High SChool.

Anonymous said...

That shot is too stunning! You take such wonderful pics and have a good eye for picture composition.

Oh, and an iPhone could do as a portable computer, camera and phone all in one, from which you could walk and blog live while trespassing!

Mental P Mama said...

Wonderful shot;) I am trying to figure out how to rig a little desk on my treadmill so I can walk and blog at the same time.

Rebeckah said...

I am SO glad you posted this! I just love a nice walk, but lately, I have not been making it a priority at all! Thank you for reminding me of this perfect exercise!

Anonymous said...

I am reading this right after my a.m. walk. It's true! I get up most mornings, strap a headlight to my head, grab my handweights and head out into the dark. Usually my neighbor joins me. We meet at dark o'clock - 5:45. It was 33 degrees today.

As for computer, I recommend a Blackberry, if you have cell service down in them thar parts.

Annie said...

Ah...what a good idea..yes, my daughter has her exercise bicycle beside her computer...!! Guess that doesn't really count, does it?

I bounce out of bed, throw on some old clothes and walk first thing every morning. I enjoyed doing it every day for the doggie's she has sadly gone, but I wouldn't stop walking for body seizes up when I do!!

Unfortunately now I have to take my camera with me...don't think I could manage anything else!


Auds at Barking Mad! said...

I think I'm going to take a walk just as soon as I can pry myself away from the awesome photograph. The colours are just brilliant!

Oh yeah...walking and computer. I think it's called an iPhone. I *think.*

foolery said...

When I had my store I didn't have to open until 10:00, so I had plenty of time in the morning to walk. Mom and I walked every day at 7:00, just about two miles, all through my first pregnancy. My midwife was alarmed that I wasn't eating enough because I hadn't gained much weight, and I ended up losing ten pounds after the baby was born.

Now, however, I have to be at work early, with a commute. Bye-bye walking, bye-bye losing weight.

Your grandmother sounds awesome, just like the rest of your family.