Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is Snapshot Number: When Is She Ever Gonna Post Something Besides the Same Sunset? (also known as #359) of a sunset off Gwynn's Island from earlier this summer. I may or may not have posted it before; actually, more than likely I posted a sister shot of it where the sun was centered.

I like this one because it doesn't focus so much on the sun. It balances that ball of fire on the right with the nothingness in the middle and the greenery (which appears to be blackery thanks to my lack of flash) on the left. Sometimes I find it more interesting to look at things differently than from what is expected.

Other times I find it liberating to toss non-words such as "blackery" around with confidence and abandon.

I'm going to be brief today because:

(a) I'm worn out;

(b) It's been a very hectic work week;

(c) I can't see straight from exhaustion and

(d) My kids posted my picture all up and down the county with a note that says, "Wanted: Someone Who Can At Least Pretend to be a Mother. Apply in person at Chesapeake Bay Woman's house, but bloggers need not apply. We've had it with blogging. And working, but she does have to make a living at something."

When I left Mathews for college, I was fortunate enough to have a roommate from Finland, although she'd lived in the U.S. most of her life.

My other roommate, let's call her Iris just for shucks, and I would notice that every now and then Ms. Finland would say things that were almost right, but just wrong enough to be hilarious.

To make matters worse (or better, depending on your perspective, and mine definitely says "better"), Iris's mother was from Greece, and she, too, struggled with certain aspects of the English language. So Iris and I were inundated with strange renditions of the usual idioms or words.

Below is a very brief list of some of the many things we heard either Ms. Finland or Iris's mother say:

1. I wouldn't trust you with a ten foot pole. (An interesting combination of "I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him" with "I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole.")

2. It's no hair off my back. (Instead of skin off my nose or skin off my teeth, it's hard to be sure unless used in context.)

3. I think I'll wear a top tank today.(Translation: Tank top)

4. Do whatever tickles your fantasy. (Do whatever tickles your fancy.)

5. You could kill two stones with one bird (as opposed to two birds with one stone).

6. It's part of the course. (vs. par for the course)

If any of you have similar Mixed-Up-isms, please leave a comment so I'll have something to laugh at later tonight other than the mound of dirty laundry taking over my bedroom.

Did I say I was going to be brief? The only thing brief here is any hope of a reader's attention span.


TSannie said...

I laugh nearly every time I come by. Thank you!

Grandma J said...

Those are funny wordisms. You can't post too many sunsets...or rises.

I'm pooped too. It's been a long day here.

Bear Naked said...

I'm married to a man whose first language is French, my life is Mixed-up-isms.
But that's okay because whatever he says it is always with his French accent.
Tres sexie (even after all these years.)

Bear((( )))

big hair envy said...

Didn't Ms. Finland WANT the hair off of her back??

Mental P Mama said...

Top tank. Where can I get me one of them there things?

MommyTime said...

My grad school roommate had parents who spoke English as a second language, and she herself ended up with lots of these mixupisms. My favorites were: "You've hit the nail on the nose!" and "Let me throw this past you" (instead of "let me run this past you"). Neither of the latter make any sense, but I do love the image of a great new idea being thrown past me at lightening speed.

tj said...

...Yeah, my husband says, "well it won't be no hair off my butt"...and I never do get it because he doesn't have any hair on his butt. Men - go figure.(*sigh*) ;o)

...You know, now that you mention it, I kinda like the "tickles your fantasy" better than the other.

...Hope you're able to get some rest! Beautiful photo too btw...

...Blessings... :o)

Anonymous said...

Let's see...over the years you've enjoyed the mixed up ism's from you know who. So, I"ll list a few of your favorites:
1. Sit back & ENJOIN (enjoy)
2. Can you UNPLUG my EYEBROWN?( can you pluck my eyebrows?)
3. Pack your BALONEYS ( pack your belongings)
4. We've got big fish to FISH
5. You're late, idn't it? ( isn't it came after every question)
Baby Sis

Annie said...

oh, my is so fun to laugh out loud...!!

btw. I don't really have any mix up-isms that I can think of at the moment...(I will proabaly think of them next week..or next year...just warning you)!

but,I do have some amazing photos of a SUN HALO that I photographed earlier this week!


ps I love your sunsets/sunrises/all your photos...keep them coming! They are all very restful!

Anonymous said...

Oh CBW and friends, thanks for the laugh. I love those and will try use some just to see if folks are paying attention.

foolery said...

Nick Asshat's ex-wife (the stripper) said "I'll drop you like a hat!" when she meant "drop you like a bad habit."

Also, apropos of nothing, my Mormor and Papa had an exchange student from Sweden back in the late '40s or so, who was eager to swear like his American teenage friends. "What the heck the hell!" was his best effort.

Hot DAMN those were funny -- thanks for the laughs!

(captcha: PAINESSE. Yup, that's me!)