Sunday, October 12, 2008


You're probably saying to yourself, "Boring. This is a very boring picture." Ordinarily I'd agree with you, but this is more than just a picture of a ladder leading from the water to the dock.

This is a picture of Chesapeake Bay Woman.

Can't see me? I'm just barely under the surface of the water but I'm pulling myself up.

I've been away for several days, and today, a holiday, there's no school and no work (at the paying job, that is). Therefore I'm a little out of sorts, not able to get back into the groove of my usual routine, whatever that actually may be. (It involves plenty of sitting down in front of the computer, feeding animals, cutting grass and doing laundry some days, or commuting 100 miles round trip and sitting in an office all day other days. Throw in some soccer games, practices and the frequent, unscheduled life events, and I'd say that's my routine. Give or take an insect infestation or two. Moths anyone?)

On top of it all, this week I am having surgery to remove a tooth and I am not looking forward to that. In fact, I'd rather be tied, bound and thrown into a swamp full of killer fiddler crabs than see that surgeon. I have to go today to fill my prescription for sedatives to take in advance of that happy event.

My point is (believe it or not, I do indeed have one) this will be another week of non-typical events and I will be more out of synch than usual.

Now that I think about it, maybe I'll just stay underwater for a while. At least the dentist can't find me there.


nativedevil said...

CBW, that picture is only boring if you see it all of the time. For those of us who don't live back home anymore, it is a welcome view.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

NDevil - I am glad to be able to bring a little of the county to you. Hopefully this week I'll have some time to get out and capture some of the fall colors that are popping up. The soybean fields are turning from green to yellow and brown and some of the trees are starting to turn.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We missed you. So, did you dance on any bars while you were away???

Mental P Mama said...

I told you to come here to my beautiful oral surgeon. You dummy. This could have been fun. Good luck, though. I know how you dread the dentist.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

SINAFF - No dancing this time. I "hear tell" that ACDC is looking for some people for their next video and that you've made the short list. (For those interested, please visit soup's site for a most impressive account of her dancing debut in Vegas.)

Mpm- I completely forgot about your referral but it is all I can do to travel one county over to get this torture done. I'll keep Mr. Wonderful in mind for next time, although something tells me there is never going to be a next time unless it involves dentures.

Grandma J said...

I feel your pain, but how long can you hold your breath down there?

I went through the same thing, and had to have two pulled at once...I begged to be "put under", but the only thing they offered were novacaine and that laughing gas. Well, I took both and I also took the liberty of smacking the dentist a few times, blaming it on the gas.
Welcome back and be brave!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ - I confirmed that he can in fact use something stronger than laughing gas, because that just wouldn't cut it.

I would pay good money to have seen you smack that dentist. I may have to borrow that tactic this week....on more than just my dentist.

Annie said...

all the best for the week...from awake in the night Annie

foolery said...

I'm pretty sure that "tied, bound and thrown into a swamp full of killer fiddler crabs" is the prep for oral surgery. So hey, your head is already in the game! High five!

I'll be thinking of you this week, CBW. Also, I hope you are sufficiently recovered from your weekend away that you can tell us all about it. Or at least lie to our satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

Actually, ACDC is coming to DC in concert and I have been asked to guest-dance for a couple of numbers.

.... Right, AS IF!!

Good luck w/the dental work. I had three teeth filled last week - two replaced, plus a bonus brand new one. Big, big fun.

Karen Deborah said...

CBW PLEASE do not fear!!!! We have the most marvelous drugs these days. Versed and Fentanyl when given together produce what is called conscious sedation. There is nothing conscious from YOUR point of view, you will go out and come back; with nary a second between. The part that we the health givers like is that you can breathe on your own and don't need all the gizmos that go along with full out like a light anesthesia. You really are going to be ok. Acute anxiety does not help your outcome. Pack your face in ice packs when you get home and go back to sleep. Or whoever is going to be nursing you. Frozen peas work well but most oral surgeons give little ice jelly bags. You can take some extra vit c prior and don't eat anything heavy since your nervous. Seriously I am not joshing you, you are not going to know about any of it.
My husband wakes up very happy and funny from versed so if you relax you might wake up feeling pretty good. This is the closest thing you can get to be knocked completely out; two magic words, conscious sedation. I know they put a rotor rooter up my hiney and called it a colonoscopy. I don't even remember good night. They put something in my IV and i said is that the ve...r..sssss....snore.
I don't even know what happened. They could have stood me on my head, I'll never know, didn't feel anything and no memory of anything.
Great for what you got coming, a good rest. so chin up Lucy!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you all for making me laugh in the face of my worst fear, the dreaded dentist.

Karen Deborah- Conscious sedation pretty much describes my normal state of mind, but I will ask for it (for all I know that's what I'm gettin' - all I know is they said you have to pay THREE times as much for whatever I'm gettin' vs. novacaine and laughing gas. I'd pay TEN times as much even if it meant a second mortgage to not know what in hay is going on). Also, I don't think I'll ever be able to say roto rooter again without dying laughing. Thank you for that.

One botched root canal as a kid, five teeth pulled as a kid, sixteen hundred years of braces as a kid and one surgery to fix said botched root canal + one evening (tonight) where I can't post pictures for whatever reason meaning I have nothing lined up for tomorrow = one very anxious CBW. If it is possible to bite a hole through one's lip, I've done it.

Tomorrow I start the pre-operation sedatives, hallelujah. If I do not post anything here Tuesday or Wednesday, it is simply because I'm in jail for accosting my dentist. Hey, Grandma J. did it, and it sounds good to me.

Otherwise, I won't post on Tuesday because blogger or aol or internet explorer (or cbw) is not functioning properly. (As of tonight/Monday neither one was. I'll try again in the a.m.)

Happy Columbus Day.

Grandma J said...

Come on over, you've been tagged.