Friday, October 17, 2008


I took this picture several weeks ago from Gwynn's Island. If I had my way, I'd park myself on this side of the island every single evening just to get a picture of the sunset. Each sunset, just like each sunrise, day, and moment in life, is distinct and unique; no two are ever the same, and each one is a gift.

Grandma J. tagged me the other day. She's a famous celebrity comedian and movie critic in Texas who takes vacations for 5 weeks at a time, cruises Alaska, dines in swanky restaurants in California, excels in aqua aerobics, and juggles at least 4 boyfriends. If I ever have a technical question such as, "How do I turn off my computer?" she's my Go To Person - she's very technically savvy. She also makes me laugh every single day, except the days when she's on the Alaska cruise and can only post when she's in port.

I'm supposed to provide seven random and/or weird facts. By now, hopefully y'all realize that just about everything in my life is random and/or weird. But here goes....

1. I rode an elephant at the state fair once. That was when I started thinking I wanted to be in the circus. Little did I know that I'd be living with the circus every day of my life when I grew up, but that's a story for another day.

2. My sister and I saw a ghost one night. Seriously. She can back me up on this one. I’m saving the complete story for Halloween.

3. I once narrated a training film that nobody outside of a very specific/select group of people will ever see. The producer said I could have a second career in narration if I wanted. I told him I didn’t know I had a first career. What is it? I’d really like to know.

4. I have an e-mail written to me by Tucker Quayle, Dan’s son. Right around Dan's potato/potatoe debacle, Tucker was an intern at MCI, and he wrote to ask me a bunch of questions since I was a college recruiter there at the time. Tucker spelled a few things wrong, and I couldn't help but find humor (and perhaps an e-bay sale) in the whole thing. It turns out MCI had the last laugh with me when all my company stock went swirling right down the toilet. I still have that Tucker Quayle e-mail though....

5. I’m very introverted.

6. My house is very cluttered. Where “very” equals “not to be believed.”

7. One time I caught my hair on fire and another time I almost stepped on a copperhead snake. Both disasters were avoided by running faster than Carl Lewis. The wind created by my sprinting put out the flames in my hair; and the snake didn't have a chance to sharpen his fangs before I was in the next county, even though he was right next to my feet, where "right next to" = close enough to my foot to have doubled as a shoe.

That's all, folks. Tell me something random and/or weird about yourself, other than the fact you've read this to the bitter, merciful end.


Grandma J said...

What a hoot! Now my phone will start ringing in the morning to see if I'm the same grandma j. You sure do know how to embellish my resume. with the bedazzler.

I can't wait to hear the ghost story on Halloween! I know a few ghosts myself...for real.
You are pretty computer savy if you had email in the 80's! I never touched a PC until 1991. Of course it was DOS and I don't think I had email or internet. You are a woman ahead of her time.

Introvert? BWAAAAHHH!

Bear Naked said...

Well the only thing we have in common is the hair on fire episode.
Unfortunately mine was a combination New Years Eve and candle encounter and I have to admit that yes there was a slight chance that wine consumption was a factor.
The worst thing about my hair burning experience was that I didn't know it was happening until the host of the party started hitting my head.

And burning hair really is a disgusting smell, isn't it?

Bear((( )))

Mental P Mama said...

When I come there, can we go watch the sunsets on Gwynn's Island? I have some ghost stories, too. We should do a Halloween ghost story theme....How are you feeling?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ - I'm not embellishing and there's more I could add to your resume. BTW - part of my "paying job" has to do with resumes, and it's all about highlighting strengths. Most people don't realize how many strengths they actually's all about marketing yourself.

BN - You MUST tell the wine/hair on fire story on your site. Please. And oh yes, nothing worse than smelling burning hair.

MPM - Part of the nickel tour of Mathews (I'll give you a special twenty- five cent tour since you'll be traveling so far, and I won't even charge you) will include a great deal of time on the island, so no worries there.

No problems whatsoever with that procedure from the other day. Now I can wait another 7 years before going back to the dentist.

TSannie said...

That was fun! And I'm with you - need to know BN's hair on fire story - both of you made me giggle - the mental image is just wonderful.

Big Hair Envy said...

They had elephants at the State Fair? Darn, I must have missed that year. I think I may have gotten to pet a goat once. I'm sort of partial to the racing pigs, but you can't touch them:(

Clutter? Come on over to K&Q and let me show you clutter!!

When you come back up to ACDS, why don't we go out for Mexican food?

foolery said...

You got SOOOOOO lucky if you ran when you were on fire. My cousin's nightgown caught on fire when she was little, and she instinctively jumped up and ran. The only thing that saved her was her father tackling her and rolling her in the rug by the hearth that had sparked the flames in the first place.

Stop, drop and roll.

Thus concludeth the buzzkill portion of today's post...eth.

Glad you're feeling better. :)

bellalately said...

Did you know that lack of spelling ability has been proven to be a genetic issue?

Random fact- I have an uncanny ability to walk into the kitchen to check on something cooking mere seconds before my timer goes off.

I can't think about it before it happens or else it doesn't happen. It's a completely unconscious thing....... :)

Rebeckah said...

I really like that name Tucker I think. : ). Spelling errors? I think I had a lot of spelling errors when I was in college. Maybe not. It still drives me crazy when I can't spell something right. Like recipee. I can never get that word right : ). Thanks for sharing your quirks. You are SO interesting and I am dying to hear the ghost story! I know it will be good!

cats said...

7 weird facts? How about hitch-hiking down the interstate in Florida at 17 years old. Taking a ride from 2 guys that you have never met in your life and returning safely to the hotel.

I've never had wisdom teeth and never will.

I almost drowned at the age of 9 and was saved by a man from church.

Been stopped by the police several times, but never had a ticket.

WAs so close to Peter Frampton I could have reached out and touched him.

Went out with countless guys in the past and never had sex with them. We are still good friends to this day.

Fell down a mountain while skiing and was unharmed.

I'm sure there are a million other weird facts I could bore you with but I'll keeop it at this.

Hope you know,CBW, that weird occurrences and stuff happens to everyone in this family. Our GGrandads were brothers. This must have some relation to this.