Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kitchen: Part Two

This was shot on Gwynn's Island. I don't know why, but I just loved the combo of the tree, the swing, its shadow and the incredible sunset lighting up that building. Speaking of swinging, let's shift gears now and hear more from Chesapeake Bay Mother.

Part Two of my mother's story about kitchen mishaps now continues.

From Chesapeake Bay Mother:

"I've had many injuries in the kitchen, which is a combat zone to me and has its own belligerent attitude which must be countered (no pun intended).

There was the time back in the sixties when I was called upon to prepare dinner for father-in-law's guests, who never came. But that's irrelevant. After whipping the potatoes and attempting to remove the beaters from the electric mixer, I accidentally caught three fingers in the blades, which maintained a tight grip on my whole hand.*

Here's the thing: I was 7 months pregnant with Middle Child** at the time. What should I do? Run screaming upstairs where father-in-law is showering, summon him forth dripping-naked*** to render aid?

Yes, that's what I did.
If I hadn't been in such a nightmare-ish , grotesque situation, I might have laughed, which father-in-law would have appreciated. As it was, I focused on the problem at hand (literally).

He recovered composure and threw something on and we went very fast to the doctor.

(To be continued....)

Clarification and Additional Commentary from CBW:
* I was less probably not quite 3 at the time (providing an accurate age involves math which I don't have time for right now), and from that day forward for a long time, I'd say, "Poor Mamma. Caught her slinga in the minga." ("Finger in the mixer" in Chesapeake Bay Toddler talk.)

**And here we have The Start of Middle Sister's feelings of always being the victim. She may very well have a valid point

***And guess what: There's another story where my my mother was pregnant with Littlest Sis that involves lack of clothes and an emergency encounter between my paternal grandfather and Chesapeake Bay Mother. Remind me to tell you, because otherwise the story goes right back into the vault where I keep all my dysfunctional memories. This vault is the size of Fort Knox.


Anonymous said...

I love the stories of your family. You've got me thinking about the stories my Mother told me as a child and those of my childhood. Precious memories.

Grandma J said...

I love your mom's stories. That one hurt! I can't wait for part II.

Karen Deborah said...

amazing how pain removes all those social standards. Your family stories are so fun.

big hair envy said...

It's unfortunate that some adults in our area still speak "Chesapeake Bay Toddler Talk"!!! Luckily, we are still able to translate:)

Having now met you and your mother, I believe these stories are even funnier...if THAT'S possible!

Bear Naked said...

I love that photo also.
I figured you had taken it at sunset.
CBMother this story is wonderful.
Even if it is kitchen related.

Bear((( )))
ps today your word veification is telling me to "mingl" that's much nicer than what it said yesterday.
So I will just go "mingl" for a while and be back to visit later.

kaffy said...

I love Mumma. And thank you for making this dreary day brighter with your stories and pictures.

Anonymous said...

What's the other story you were referring to in the end of that segment??
Baby Sis

Rebeckah said...

Oh my gosh. I can't imagine beckoning my father in law naked. It's definitely something I have never thought about before!

foolery said...

Please don't think I'm horrible, but I'm imagining a hormone-driven hysterical VERY pregnant woman waddling up stairs dragging a mixer. How she must have presented to the man behind the curtain! Poor Mumma. Poor Mumma's FIL.