Monday, October 20, 2008


This is Callis Wharf on Gwynn's Island. It's been a seafood center for over 100 years and was a major stop for the steamboats that traveled up and down the bay.

I always dreamed about winning the lottery and turning this wharf into a combination convenience store for boaters (gas, bait, ice, beverages, food,whatever) and a really nice restaurant that would be upstairs overlooking the water. I'd reserve the best part of the place for the folks in the seafood industry to preserve the reason the wharf even exists. There might be a small section or outbuilding that could be rented to tourists or to locals who just want to get away from the normal drudgery of life. (A quick night away would be very affordable).

I would keep an office upstairs somewhere and play on the internet all day. Of course what I mean is I'd be hard at work developing the business and ensuring the operation ran smoothly. (Where "operation" means the Life in Mathews blog and obsessing over Site Meter.)

I dream about this, however I would never want the responsibility of actually having to run it. I just can't commit to all the work it would entail. This is very similar to my approach to housework. I can see the potential for clutter-free living, I envision how much better it would be if I could just be disciplined enough to do a little bit each day.

But I am unable to do it.

I am, however, quite capable of that internet thing.

Hello, my name is Chesapeake Bay Woman and I spend entirely too much time on the internet. I am not ready to admit how many hours I spend here, but if you care to share how much time you spend, perhaps I'll 'fess up.



Anonymous said...

I spent approximately eleventeen hours per day on the internet and volunteer to also win the lottery and come help you turn that wharf into something very cool. If we did it together, we could both still pay on the internet for at least part of the day, right? right?

Annie said...

I spend way too much time on the computer...and am always encouraged by your posts. especially the ones about the housework. I seem to have developed an aversion to it lately...there never seems much future in it really, to me...and it is never an important issue in my life. until somebody drops in..and then I want to drop dead with embarrassment!!


ps I also love your sense of humour!

ps And yes, I'll come help with that place when you two win the lottery. You know there would have to be an internet cafe too?

Grandma J said...

If my computer usage was "on the clock" I would chock up overtime every day.
To my defense, I was indoctinated and trained extensively for this addiction before I retired.
Can I sue?

You forgot to add a casino...the one thing that would get me off the internet and on a computerized poker machine.

Grandma J said...

I can spell. Really I can.

indoctrinated. There, I said it. Now off to the doctor...without coffee.

Bear Naked said...

I would rent that small section but it would cetainly not be for ONE quick night away.
Have you decided what the yearly rent would be and is internet available?
Have you bought your lottery ticket yet?

When my kids were little I always thought the perfect house would be all plastic with a large drain hole in the center.
Once a day open the drain, hose down and voila--a clean house.
Notice how I am avoiding answering the question concerning hours spent on the internet.

Bear((( )))

Mental P Mama said...

Cannot come clean about it either. I will say I spend less time on cleaning than I do here. As a result, we live in squalor.

cats said...

Oh! my DAy! I love that idea. I could be your partner. That sounds like alot of dreams of mine and my husband's. We would like to renovate the Islander back to the way it was. I could definitely be your partner. I could soothe your internet addiction, because while you did all of the computer stuff, I could be doing the other tasks of running the place. It would work. I know it would. I am a hard worker and I confess, I put the internet last. work, family, and housework come first for me. I know, I'm a bore.
That is why I know your plan will work. Don't worry,CBW, maybe one day this will happen for us.

tj said...

...Hey CBW! Thank you for the sweet comments over at my place. You bring joy to people's lives without even knowing it... :o)

...Yeah, I spend to much time on the computer but not as much as I was. When our computer went in the shop it was like I was actually suffering withdrawals. I remember thinking "oh how silly is this?!" And the strange thing was I found all this time on my hands. Seriously. Suddenly I started cleaning out closets, organizing and baking for cryin' out loud! (hee,hee) Anyway, I still get on the computer and read your blog and all but I'm trying to find a happy medium...there is one isn't there? ;o)

...Love the wharf! Lemme know when you get it opened and all I'd like to make reservations please. :o)

...Blessings girl...

The Incredible Woody said...

I'll never tell. Everyone thinks I WORK all day.

Rebeckah said...

You are really, really funny : ). I think a restaurant would be a lot of work too! Now playing on the internet all day- well that sounds delightful. Let's figure out how to get paid for that : ). What is your favorite kind of seafood to have at a seafood restaurant?

TSannie said...

Much more than I should, I'm sure.

If you do win the lottery and do that wharf thingy - I'd like a reservation please!

big hair envy said...

I'd like to make reservations for two at the Wharf Restaurant. I'm sending this early because I want to be there the night it opens. I'll probably need to reserve a room as well, because I know you and I will get into the wine.....I'd hate to end up in The Saluda Hilton after such a fabulous evening.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Just got back from a GRUELING day at the paying job and am running out the door again.

Thanks to each and every one of you for commenting. I am behind on visiting many of my normal blogs (and leaving cheeky comments) today, but hopefully will be able to focus on it tomorrow.

It's good to know I'd have a waiting list of people interested in this little daydream. There are a couple places like this that with the right backing and funding would be great.

Mathews is a tricky place to sustain a business for a variety of reasons, but there are many savvy enough to do so very well...such as my Hallieford Friend with the restaurant in the middle of the woods that anyone who visits here must visit. I still need to write a little story on that.

Have a great evening, everyone. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Oh I take pride in my special voluntary job of stress testing the interweb. When asked what I did with my day, "this and that" about covers it and my answer to time spent on the computer - medium!

Oh, the wharf looks great so long as there's no wood worm infestation!!!

foolery said...

When you're ready to buy Callis Wharf and turn it into a restaurant, I'll come be your Bad Waitress. I have a lot of experience in that area.

Also, there's a saying in the ag field that I think applies to fishing, restaurants, and maybe blogging:

"If I win the lottery I'm gonna farm 'til the money's all gone."