Friday, April 10, 2009

Name That Goose Contest

Step right up, folks! (Insert circus music here.)

In the center ring we have The Nameless Goose whose many traits include an ardent distaste--if not blatant disgust-- for human beings; a desire for world peace; and a compelling need to cut grass.

My mother's goose, pictured above on the tractor, because that's where you always find geese, does not have a name.

What would you name an ornery goose who bites, hisses, spits and boxes you out as you move towards the lawn mower?

Contest Rules:

1. I'll convey the rules of the contest as soon as I dream them up.
2. Right now, there are no rules.
3. Just leave a name for the monster goose, and I'll present them to Chesapeake Bay Mother.
4. Contest ends sometime. I can't tell you when.
5. I might leave this post up for two days. I never give myself a day off, and I'm thinking this might be a good time to leave something up for more than 24 hours. However, I don't do well with change and I do heavily compete with anything that breathes myself so we'll see about not posting on Saturday.
6. I do not know when the contest ends, maybe Sunday, because see #2 above.
7. The winner will receive this: (Insert sound of crickets here and refer back to #1 above.)

Basically, I'm loosey goosey on rules and antsy to receive names, although no ants are welcome in this contest.

Please. Name that goose.


Unknown said...

I'm not good at these things for gosh sakes.

Ok, your mother should name her "Cookie"

You know, as in, "Your goose is cookie"

Ok, I'll go to bed now.

Val said...

you could name him 'Tyson'...

still thinking...

Annie said...

I was going to call him in "Luce the Goose" but he is definitely a him right?

mmm..back to the drawing right back...sometime...

btw thanks for your visit and thanks for your comments re my photographicable photography...oops..can photography be photographicable? Anyway, high praise coming from you , the Master of Photography.

I better go back and crawl under a stump and go to sleep, it is way too early to think straight! Actually I need to sneak out to the kitchen for a cuppa..and wake the baby and the whole household..that'd be nice woudln't it?

Ellen said...

How about "Dead Duck?"

Mental P Mama said...

Foie Gras.

Karen Deborah said...

NASTY name her NASTY!

Caution/Lisa said...

I'm sorry, but s/he is obviously named, "Silly." I know. I know. You admire my out of the box creativity.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of possibilities...assuming that the goose is male. If it's a she, please let us know and I'll go back to the drawing board.

Here entries

Big Boy
Sammy Davis Jr.

-Middle Sis

Anonymous said...

since we have been choosing puppy names here are a few:


have fun getting goosed
kitty litter

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I should have stated this sooner, but this ferocious beast is a male.

tj said...

...I say "Butterball" or "Christmas" :o)

...Cute goose and that looks like our mower too... I wish they would come out with a Roomba Mower. You know where the mower will just move about your yard 'til its all mowed like the lil' vacuum does? Ooo, and a mop too! *hee,hee*

...Btw, speakin' of geese, remember back in the day when I had a blog and I blogged about a big African goose here at our place that befriended a lil' family of Canada geese? Anyway, someone decided we had too many Canada geese around here and thinned out the flock and they took my lil' buddy out with 'em... :o(

...Btw, your mom doesn't by chance raise Cape Barren geese does she?

...So, what is it we win if we name the goose? ;o)


tj said...

...A male? How 'bout "Terminator"? The "Hulk"? "Arnie", for Arnold Schwarzennegger? Or "Dirty Harry"?

tj said...

...Vinny? You know, if he's mean then he's probably part of a Goose Mafia (if there is one...:o)

...'kay, I'm done

...Happy Easter CBFamily! And fello' CBPeeps too! :o)

abb said...

Dammit. You're not swearing at him, you're just sweetly calling his name!

Annie said...

OK..I got it

His name is TKG

(that is short for Thanksgiving)

but don't tell the goose!

Annie said...

ps. you could call him TK for short!

Anonymous said...

Ok, how about El Ganso. Sounds sort of intimidating....makes him THINK he is something special, intimidating, big shot....but we know it's really just plain ole simple Goose in Spanish.

mmm said...


Anonymous said...

Gustav the guard goose.

Meg McCormick said...

TYSON. As in Mike. Also, reference to poultry.

F*&^%in' geese.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here goes. And, by the way, one of these had BETTER win...remember all those " talent contests " that you made me judge AND made me make you the winner of???
1. GOOSEtav ( after all, he is stomping around on the grounds of our grandfather, Gustav.)
2. SUSSY (if it's a girl... named after me, of course, because according to some country folk, anyone named SUSIE or anything like should be referred to as SUSSY if you live in the sticks)
3. EL CONQUISTADOR ( how can you be a wimp with a name like that?)

Baby Sis

Anonymous said...

And, by the way, I hadn't read the comments yet....someone already said GUSTAV, but maybe they weren't thinking of pronouncing it as GOOSEtav???
Baby Sis

Daryl said...


Mother Goose.

I mean really you know its THE name.

Anonymous said...

I still think Sammy Davis Jr works.
The name just kind of flows....
-Middle Sis

foolery said...

How can I compete with your sisters for creativity and the inside scoop?


I have two ideas.

Barry and Pat.

"This is my Goose Barry."

And Pat? Well, if he's nice, you pronounce it "pat." If he's a turd you pronounce it "pat-TAY."

Unknown said...

Ok, if he is a male then I will make my pick gender specific in "Your goose is Cooky"

Or since it's Good Friday, how about Jesus.

btw, how do you know he's a he? his breasts look awfully supple

Anonymous said...

Slim Shady?

big hair envy said...

-Mighty Morphin Mower Ranger
-"Bruce" Willis
-Deere Slayer
-"Sly" Stallone
-"Jerry" Springer
-"John" Deere

I can't leave my other suggestions, because your children read this blog!!!!!

Annie said...

ok here I am again..

TKG is also short for That Kranky Goose

or alternatively you could call him Cooper.

Meg McCormick said...

I like Slim Shady!

Or Fred. Fred is a nice name for a goose.

mmm said...


mmm said...


Anonymous said...

Toooo funny. I think this contest is getting lots attention. I kinda like Gustav too. Great names!!!!

Unknown said...

Can I try again? How about

King Tut

Foul Balls


Annie said...

well, I think it will have to be Goostav or El Ganso.

big hair envy said...

Oooooohhhhh!!! "Jack" Bauer, or, just "Kiefer"!!!! LUV ME SOME KIEFER:)

Anonymous said...

You should call him Killer or TKG lol

Cheasepeake Bay Daughter

Golden To Silver Val said...

Mr. Deeds. (In reference to "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) I think it has a sinister ring to it...much like your fowl little friend there.
I was once chased by one of those and bitten on the derriere and they can really HURT. I was minding my own business and didn't deserve it either. Every since then I've been very careful around geese, even though I do think they are rather handsome.

Anonymous said... blog for Saturday yet...hope you're ok.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Good Morning ! - There are some really great names suggested.

Last night I spoke with CBMother and told her about some of them. Tonight or tomorrow I'll read her the entire list and let her decide - I"ll announce the winner by Monday at the latest.

I'm not going to post anything today in the hopes of getting more names.

So put your thinking cap on and keep the names coming, there's still time left.

mmm said...


Anonymous said...

Mamma's going to love Sammy Davis Jr....I can feel it already!

-Middle Sis

well read hostess said...

Based on personality, I'd name it Dick Cheney.

Otherwise, I'd call him Christmas dinner.

Mental P Mama said...

Mine's the best so far. Just sayin'.

kaffy said...

Mr. Grinch

Maria from NJ said...

Chesapeake Pate.

Davidsdesk said...

Lord Dunsmore