Friday, June 24, 2011


On the way to Hallieford

Near Beaverlett, I think...but don't quote me. (Ever.)

On the way to Bethel Beach

King and Queen County

Boathouse on Queens Creek.
(Do not adjust your dials.  It's blurry.)

Near the Glenns area, Gloucester

This concludes our tri-county tour of red structures.

Speaking of tours, yesterday I accompanied Anonymous Hallieford Resident, owner of Sandpiper Reef Restaurant, to a catering job on the site of the DIY Network's 2011 Blog Cabin, which is a Mathews County home they're extensively renovating to be given away later this year. (Click here for details.)

After helping her unload and set up, I was tasked with going inside the house to fill a jug with water.

A very simple task, no?

When CBW is involved, no. No indeed.

The house itself is quite lovely and very well appointed with every modern amenity and convenience.  However, Chesapeake Bay Woman is unaccustomed to such amenities, since most of her appliances are broken at least 10 years old.  Plus, CBW is not exactly good with gadgets and gizmos and all things involving technology.

Just ask her children, who claim she holds an iPod as if it's a poisonous snake. (Hey, I just can't remember how to get to the music, but I can definitely get to Angry Birds and Scrabble. Plus, maybe I'm holding it so far away because I can't see close up anymore.  Or, maybe I' afraid of it, like they say. Whatever.)

So when she went into the kitchen to fill the jug with water, she could not figure out how to turn on the tap.  She tried and she tried, but no water came out.  Must not be hooked up or something, she thought.  

Next, she tried to get water from the refrigerator door.  She pressed the water button but was baffled by all the choices that popped up next on the little screen.  She pressed every button that seemed logical (to her) and even some that didn't, but no water came out.

Back to the sink CBW went, fiddling frantically as beads of sweat broke out on her forehead.  Finally, much to her relief, some nice lady came to her rescue showed her how to turn on the spigot, which was very much hooked up unlike CBW's brain.  

So, in summary, the Blog Cabin house is lovely, even if Chesapeake Bay Woman would require an in-depth seminar and personal tutoring on how to use all most of the appliances.

The End.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAA-- you went INSIDE the Blog Victorian !! This news will cause a good number of the BC site long time followers to hyperventilate !! A number of us have been swooning over the property since the project was announced last September... we have become a bit cultish in anticipation of every little photo released on the blog, any scrap of info that pertains to the house-- which each us feels, against all odds (scores of millions of entries) we might win. (Deluded fools, all.
We all wish for the chance to be the owner and have to recruit a tech- savvy 7 year old to show us how to operate all the appliances within.
P.S. I love the barn in the first photo at the top of your blog. I'd like to move in there........


Daryl said...

LOVE this post ... and I love barns no matter the color

Bethie said...

We need Blog Cabin pics woman!!

I love, love, love the barn pics. Hoping to have one of my own one day.

Mental P Mama said...

Can we go see it? I am gonna win it!

Jamie said...

I love barns. I might move into ours for the weekend while my parents babysit my sister's dogs (there are 2). We already have 2 dogs at the house so now we have 4. One of my sister's dogs is a puppy. The other has border collie in her so she barks orders to the other dogs... all day. My dog hides in my room. I found my mom's dog hiding in the Brat Child's room. this has nothing to do with this blog other than I want to hide in the barn.

So, you like my new house? Think it will make a nice Blister commune?

Maria_NJ said...

CBW OMGosh you are going to have a barrage of people coming over to your blog for any tidbit of info about Twin Coves...I can only assume that it is beautiful...

Its a far-off dream, but I guess everybody who enters has just as much of a chance as the next. All I want to say is good luck everybody. And I have to admit, it is going to be very hard not to be jealous of the winner of this wonderful home...

Caution/Lisa said...

No. Lauren is NOT going to win it, but when I do, I will let her visit any time she wants. Now, please tell me how the faucet worked. I'll need to know when I move in.

deborah said...

love the barn photos!
Open door invite after I win that lovely home!

Unknown said...

Color me green! I love those reds!

Annie said...

Great to have read that the book is IN...albeit along with a near heart attack. Gosh, those are the sorts of things I do, although it is usually I drive to places, having forgotten to take whatever it was that I needed.

wow. good on you.

back in Australia minding more grandchildren while Mummy had her ear surgery. All done ,Mummy home , children at a sleepover.

Annie said...

and sorry that my comment had nothing to do whatever with the blog post.

Country Girl said...

Need. Photos. No. Pressure.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

The house and the view from the property are indeed beautiful. Those of us who live around here take such vistas for granted, but it will make someone a very nice home.

(To whomever wins the house: Bring bug spray, a fly swatter, Terro, Thai food, and an emergency life raft for high waters, nor'easters and hurricanes. Same advice I'd give anyone else moving to the county.)

My thanks to Sandpiper Reef owner Anonymous Hallieford Resident for the invitation to help cater the early morning event.

My mother knows the owners of the place before it was sold and transformed. I'd wager they'd scarcely recognize the place now.