Thursday, May 10, 2012


Gwynn's Island, May 2009

Aarons Beach, May 2009

New Point Light, June 2009

Gwynns Island Sunset, June 2009

Gwynns Island Sunetset II, August 2009

These photos from 2009 are brought to you courtesy of a very hectic past few days which included:

a) sick daughter
b) sick/possibly dying/we don't know yet/we shall see dog
c) son's stolen wallet--which includes driver's license
d) car that wouldn't start and appeared to be un-fixable
e) other dramas.

Rather than focus on the negative I choose to focus on these photos from the past.

They put everything into perspective.

Life is good.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Must seem like 'when it rains it pours', when life's challenges come in swarms...deeep breath, one crisis at a time. I know the dog is a family member--hard going through that-- and the car is pretty essential out where you live. I hope those 2 matters will have good outcomes SOON !
Feel better, CB daughter...and the wallet--an ugly life lesson for CB son.( A first glimpse at how tied we are to driver's license and I.D. matters; such a hassle!)
I feel for you, CBW.

deborah said...

Serenity now for sorry to hear of all of your troubles...sending good thoughts and prayers your way for your daughter and your dog - hope both get well soon. Gosh, your car decided to get sick too! Maybe it can be fixed - hoping it can be... I lost my wallet once containing my driver's license and it is a pain to replace.
Heres to wishing things clear up and you can have a lovely weekend

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, what a bad few days you've been having. Hope your daughter, dog and car get well soon. Sending out hugs to you, it's no fun to have to deal with so many challenges at once. --Betsy

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Good news since last night: Daughter feels better and car has been fixed. Dog is still sick though, and we're grappling with a few other issues. This too shall pass.

Have a great weekend.

Daryl said...

sending healing vibes for the sick and hugs to you

Windsmurf said...

Glad to hear your daughter and car are back in action. Good thoughts coming your way for the dog to get well also. Losing wallet and driver's lecinse is such a hassle, hope CB son gets it all straigtended out soon.
I hope everything else works out well for you and your family and you get to rest and rejuvenate this weekend.

Windsmurf said...

Whew, I should have read my entry before sending it, that would be license and straigtened...sorry

Dghawk said...

So sorry to hear of your troubles and hope things are all better soon. Go pour yourself a glass of wine and sit in a chair in the back yard and watch and listen to the water. All will be well, and yes, life is good.

I'll be thinking of you at the wine festival at the New Kent Winery tomorrow.

Country Girl said...

Especially that year. That's the year I met you ~
I hope it all gets straightened out quickly. Hope!!

Maria_NJ said...

gosh I don't know what to say, that just seems like a lot on your plate, I'm glad M is feeling better and that the car is fixed but the pup, oh that is just too sad...I hope all is better soon, saying a prayer to the kind St Francis for your pooch...

Karen Deborah said...

Good idea, the photos are lovely and it always seems like problems come in threes so you must have your quota for now.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Update #2 - Dog is better, still not 100%. But better.

What a difference a day makes.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, CBW--hope your kids know you are their champion and cheerleader..(.the overnights and camping trips you host, the games you attend, etc., in addition to everything else you do...)

Meg McCormick said...

Oh, man! They say God doesn't give you more than you can handle; don't you wish He didn't have so much faith in you to handle all of this, all at once?

Hang in there. It will all work out. Be kind to yourself. And happy mothers day to one fabulous mama!

Dghawk said...

Hope you have a wonderously happy Mothers Day. All will be well, life is good.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Update #3: Son found his wallet wedged in a binder in his backpack.

It's a Mother's Day Miracle.

Thanks for all the kind words, I really appreciate them. Truly.