Monday, March 21, 2016


I was on my way to the dump one recent Saturday. Hauling trash and recycling is one of the most least glamorous chores I perform regularly--without the benefit of the almost-mandatory pickup truck that would make the job so much easier. I'm one of the very few Mathews County residents who pulls in to the Mathews Convenience Center (the fancy name for The Dump) in a Kia Forte named Sandy (she's a sandy color) with sixteen bags of recycling, even though recycling is optional in Mathews.

 Before I continue galloping down this tangent 
about the dump, recycling, and my Kia Forte named Sandy, 
which really is unrelated to these pictures,
let's go back to the beginning and try again.

One Saturday on the way to the dump, I had to pull over because one of Sandy's my doors wasn't closed all the way. I glanced over at this delightful old building, which I pass at least twice a day going to and from work, and admired the sun shining on it just so. Luckily, I was able to locate my camera amongst the sixteen bags of recycling that was practically suffocating me in my non-pick-up truck Kia Forte.

Since it is abundantly clear I can't focus on the most important part of this story, i.e. this gorgeous old building, I'll stop trying to explain the circumstances which caused me to pull over a half a mile from my home and rather haphazardly glance up to see this beautiful old building talking to me.

But I was definitely on my way to the dump.


Bob Braxton said...

beautiful, old - in a condition which I resemble at age 71.

bethany said...

I wonder what's inside?

Julie Ferguson said...

Awesome find. I love when I come across abandoned places like this. I keep my camera and/or cell phone nearby so I won't miss the photo opt.

Dghawk said...

I hate going to the dump, and I have a pick-um up truck. I just hate loading the truck! It's in the works to move back home to WV and all I'll have to do is put my cans by the alley and they pick it up. But I really can't wait to go down all the back roads I traveled some 25 years ago and see what has changed. That is if I can remember how to get to them and not get lost trying to find my way back.

Dghawk said...

BTW, so glad to see you are out and about again. I really missed your wonderful pictures.

Lissa said...

Love the old building !!