Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow Storm

The Big News in Mathews County right now is this.


Glorious, wonderful snow.

I've been amusing myself by feeding the birds.

There must be about 30 birds at or near my front yard feeder.

And a few brave souls have finally discovered the one out back, where all the wind is.

I've never quite understood why some people are so anti-snow.  I mean, I understand it can be a huge inconvenience.  It's a safety hazard if one has to travel and/or work.  I get it. 

But if I were otherwise going to be home, with the usual list of chores to complete?  I wholeheartedly welcome a permission slip from Mother Nature to stay inside and break from the normal routine.

Which is exactly why I am still in my pajamas at 2:00 p.m. on a Saturday, with absolutely no intention of changing--at all--today.  There's comfort food in the crock pot, and I'm admiring these beautiful birds in the winter wonderland that is just outside my window.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for permission to just be in the moment.  

To just be.  

With no expectations or requirements.

I am most grateful.


Taylor said...

Enjoyed seeing your beautiful snow pics in mathews. We are from Henrico Co., but have a lot on Horn Harbor we hope to put a place on soon. Wish we could have been there just enjoying the beautiful snowfall on the harbor. Absolutely love Mathews, in all seasons. P.S My slowcooker was in full mode today too :)

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