Sunday, August 27, 2017

Bethel Beach

Ooopsie.  The water seems to be draining out of the right-hand corner thanks to that slanted horizon.

These were taken several months weeks ago before my parents started encountering some pretty major health problems.

Again here, we're listing to the right a little.

I've all but missed the summer and have spent the past six weeks traveling from home to work to hospitals and now rehabilitation facilities to visit my father.  As of this moment, and entirely due to Middle Sister's diligence with the doctors and nurses, my father is holding his own.  But he's not home yet.

That's my main goal for him.  To come home.

Because life just can't seem to ever calm down, I've had a health scare of my own that is still unresolved.  For now, I'm just grateful my father is showing some signs of improvement, my mother is doing OK, and I have some breaks from work coming up which are long, long overdue.  The driving and the hectic season at work plus all the worries about my family have pretty much worn me down.

I look forward to the time when I can return to jogging, blogging and taking pictures of the serenity that surrounds me when I'm home.

Happy last week of August.


Daryl said...

you have my deepest empathy ... i spent the fall into the winter worrying about Ray .. then things got worse and i too spent months going to work then to hospital .. he's now'better' but is on dialysis 3 days a week ... thankfully he's feeling well enough to go to/come home on his own ... and i got to get away on my own for a few days .. so here's a HUGE cyber hug for you and oodles of good wishes for both their speedy recoveries and home so you can exhale .. xoxo

Jamie said...

Thinking of you all! Try to take some time to breathe