Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is a tree stump that washed into the marsh at Aaron's Beach, most likely after Hurricaneaster Ida. Isn't it an odd shape?

We have very gifted artists around here who use stumps and driftwood like this as the foundation for things like sculptures.

This one looks a bit like a distorted, contorted heron to me. What do you think?

Unrelated to the above, last night I arrived home from my trip and promptly kissed the ground in my front yard. Then, after shooing off six cats, I raced inside and did a swan dive on my very own, cat-hair-filled bed. Then I unclogged the toilet in the kids' bathroom that was emitting a most foul odor, and cussed while my dial-up internet informed me it was still enjoying its week-long vacation. Then I opened up the icebox to be greeted by the very same pan of lasagna that I told my mother to eat up while I was gone and which now will be the main course for the neighborhood raccoons, who throw parties here every week. Last but not least, there's a 100% chance of snow today.

There's no place like home.


maria from nj said...

Welcome home!

Nice thing about hotels, toilet unclogging is someone else's problem.

Hope the home ois intact.

Mathews Mark said...

Sorry about the toilet (DAMN SEAGULL). Thats not what you think it is in the "ice box". Driftwood, let me see, it reminds me of nicknames, we all had them or knew someone with a nickname. We call one of my friends "driftwood" because sometime he was dumber than a piece of driftwood. Let me see if I can come up with some others, Doornob(same reason as above),rooster, tass,pin head,goosie, man I could go on for ever.I had a few nicknames myself but most of them started or ended with four letter words. if you Know what I mean. Oh man Daryl's gonna be pissed. I have gone from a great picture of drift wood to nicknames. That one brain cell must be blinkin again. Well let me go soak my shot up feet. Damn Ann Marie I will take you up north myself if you will stop shooting things! (that is after my legs heal!///// Daryl I have spell check I REFUSE TO USE IT ,its a southern thing. (or maybe I'm to lazy) Sorry CBW off the subject again !!!Oh there goes a seagull let me see if I can catch a ride.

Ann Marie said...

Nicknames we have..
wait this is supposed to be about the driftwood...
I can't think .. there is white stuff falling I can't stop looking at!

Mathews Mark said...

Ann Marie, it's snow cream time just don't make it with the yellow snow please!!!

Diane said...

Welcome home CBW! I bet everyone was glad to see your pretty face!

Ann Marie said...

NeMeNim! (that is my new nickname for MM) when my oldest was little he couldn't say M and M but LOVED them he called then NeMeNims so now MM is Nemenim to me.

you say it like this KNEE ME NIM!

and yes it is.. going to make the sauce right now so it can cool!!!!

Country Girl said...

I wish it was snowing here. Early in the week it was predicted to come this way, but towards the end of the week, we saw it was staying more to the south of us. Take some nice photos, ok?
And welcome home.

ghostless said...

Welcome home, CBW! I love the driftwood. To me it look like a male and female unicorn or maybe "seahorse-corn" with just their necks and heads together...sort of romantic...I am making an imaginary assumption here that the female is the one with out the horn in her forehead!
Maybe it the effect of seeing snow in Mathews!

Jamie said...

I am disappointed a little that the snow is staying down south. then I remembered that I'm the one who shovels everything, so I'm not so disappointed. I love driftwood and pick up pieces whever I find any. Stay warm!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Maria-Aside from all the good food, the best part of my trip last week was not having to do one single bit of cleaning or maintenance. Now I've returned here where I'm responsible for it, but still don't do it, and that's a problem.

Mathews Mark-So THAT's who clogged the toilet. Seagulls are usually so delicate and dainty in that depeartment, though. I suspect it was one of your other friends, but I won't even attempt to guess who. Driftwood as a nickname...I actually like it even if it was given to someone who struggled with intelligence. I think it also sounds like a great name for a boat or a waterfront cottage. But that's probably because I overslept and haven't had one drop of coffee yet. It's criminal.

Ann Marie - It's GORGEOUS. Cannot wait to get out in it.

MM-I'll have plenty of that yellow snow after I take Buddy the dog for a walk. ( Seems like we can't stay out of the bathroom today here in the comments section. Again, I'll blame the lack of coffee and caffeine, which is being rectified as we speak.)

Diane- Actually I haven't even seen CB Daughter and Son yet because they're staying elsewhere until tomorrow, and at the rate of this snowfall I might not see them for a couple more days. Hope not, though, I missed them.

AM-Neemenim it is. Reminds me of my son who when he was small couldn't say William Eddie, which of course is uttered often around these parts. Instead, he called him Newman Eddie. That one has stuck too.

Country Girl-Can't believe you're not getting any of this. Don't worry, the camera will be out soon, although right now it's coming down horizontally so I can't dare get Precious Camera wet. (Yes, I've named my camera Precious.)

Ghostless-Love your interpretation, I definitely see the unicorn/seahorse-corn, at least the one with the horn. (Dr. Seuss seems to be inching back into my writing. I'll continue to blame lack of coffee.)

Jamie - It is so beautiful, and so unusual to have so much of it. It's supposed to keep snowing through tomorrow morning. I'd be fine if it went through next weekend.

Off to make coffee and put some chicken in the crock pot. I intend to stay in my robe all day today and that *does* include having to walk the dog out in the snow.

Stay warm, everybody.

Autumnforest said...

Lucky! Lucky! Driftwood is my favorite thing in the world!!! I can't imagine what I'd make that into, but it begs to become something. Occasionally, I find driftwood in the dry river beds here and it's like gold nuggets to me!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Welcome home CBW!
I hate snow and clogged toilets!
Cannot wait for you to see Cdub's completed project for you know who. It is beyond awesome!

Daryl said...

Welcome home ..

Its 13 degrees here ..

WV: thositiv .. i am going to get a drink so i will not be thositiv

Daryl said...

You are right not to use Spell Check Mark because it doesn't correct grammar or misused words

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

It's snowing in Montgomery County! We weren't supposed to get more than an inch, but now they're saying 2-4". And it's really, really cold.

I'm trying to reset and reconfigure a wireless router. I know, eyes crossing. It's perplexing.

Sorry we didn't get to connect. come to DC in the spring!

Mathews Mark said...

Thank you Daryl when you come to blogfest you can hit me across the hand with a ruler.

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. Welcome home!!! And that toilet business? GAH

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Autumnforest-We get some of the best pieces of driftwood around here, and you're right they do beg to become something. You should see what some of the local artists do with it, nothing short of amazing.

NNG-I can't wait to see the finished product.

Daryl-That's bitter cold. No idea what the temp is here but suffice to say it's frigid.

Meg - Aweesome, there's nothing better than a surprise snow storm, unless you've run out of milk, bread and toilet paper, which seem to be the three things necessary to survive a storm. I will definitely try to make it up there for spring break, but no matter when I get up there next I'm not leaving without visiting you. As it turned out, I am glad I went home when I did. I missed the rush hour traffic and was able to stop in Fredericksburg at the Super Target to stock up on storm supplies, which did not include milk, toilet paper or bread but did include wine, cheese and potato chips.

MM-Don't tempt her, she's liable to do it. Hope you and the ghost are staying warm over there.

MPM-Thanks. It was quite the welcome home present, but hopefully it's now under control.

Love this snow. Just love it.Until and unless the current goes off, that is, and then I will be madder than a hornet. They say it's been flickering off and on around here. I've got stuff cooking in the kitchen, and I need my internet. Don't mind losing heat or light but can't live without my computer. And of course food.

Anonymous said...

Let it snow! It's raining here....yucky. I think I'll go shopping since tennis is cancelled. Hope you had a good trip!

Middle Sis

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Middle Sis - This is a good storm, one of the better ones we've had in a while. Sorry to hear about your rain, hopefully it won't turn to ice. Enjoy the shopping.

big hair envy said...

Just came back in from shoveling the porch for the FIFTH time today. I was in my robe, slippers and winter coat;)

Off to take a shower now because my family will be home in a bit. NOT a good day to have to drive home from Harrisonburg:(

big hair envy said...

WV: prooke
Isn't that MM's mom's name??;)

Ann Marie said...

just for the record..
a couple of things..
yes it is not 3 thing Thursday but I may have a concussion so that means it is ok.
1. SNOW - pretty stuff. fun to play in.. GOOD
2. SNOW CREAM - really really good I could add that to the menu at the restaurant when i get a backer. i will invest in a snow maker to make it- GOOD
3. 4 wheeling in New Point NO CARS on road No snow plows just completely covered roads and a church that is GREAT for doughnuts.. - GOOD
4. big ass knot on head.. BAD BAD BAD..
See I don't even know how to count to 3 anymore!

WV sessinc the name of the condition I now have due to knot on head.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

AM - Please tell me you were wearing your seat belt when you were doing all this 4-wheeling! Do I have to drive down to New Point and tan your hide?

SEriously, call me if you need transport to Guinea General. If you give me advance notice we might be able to get there by Tuesday.

imemitai: Imemitai when I thought I had a concussion. I ran into a fire extinguisher box at the Islander pool and had to get a butterfly stich in my head.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

BHE-Don't shovel, that's proven to be bad for you. That's my story, and I'm stickin' with it. Hope you're tuned in to the Groove. It makes the snow watching all the better.

And my goodness do we have some snow here.

Ann Marie said...

CBW - I need to school you in the ways of 4 wheeling.
1. they don't involve a actual vehicle with doors or a roof or seat belts for that matter.
2. 4 wheeling involves an ATV that goes to fast for ones own good and cuts some awesome doughnuts where people would be worshiping the baby jesus tomorrow and they probably still will as well as pray for the idiot who cut the doughnuts in their parking lot.
3. it is legal to ride those down here cause we are at the end of the earth and the cops have too much sense to venture down here for fear of not getting out and even if we called 911 to say that Miss Daisy has fallen and can't get up we will be laughed at!
4. No I don't wear a helmet either (you may tan my hide for that if you would like but well it won't be the first time I am hard headed what can I say)
5. You ride long enough that ice forms on your goggles and you can no longer see then you try to make it home sort of like driving at night with no head lights it is about the adventure.
6. you also ride long enough that your pants are frozen stiff and quite honestly your ass is stuck to the seat of ATV almost like a frozen seat belt of sorts
7. the knot was not obtained by 1-6

WV Contoess - What I still am after the knot to the head I am still contoess. Or maybe that is the step prior to becoming comatose.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

AM-When I hear 4-wheeling I think big trucks that require assistance from a crane or an escalator to get into. I think mud on the windshield and lots of screaming. Well, maybe I was the only one screaming, but that's neither here nor there.

If we're talking ATVs then there's no need for me to tan your hide on the whole helmet thing because I understand that they'd run you out of the greater Mathews County area for wearing one. This I understand.

So do tell how you got the almost-concussion, because if it didn't happen in 1-6 I know it's a good story. Maybe you forgot to take the goggles off as you were walking up the steps to the house and you misjudged? Did you get hit in the forehead with a snowball? Was a snow angel involved?

Ann Marie said...

Trust me the anticipation of wondering how I got the knot on me head is much greater than the truth...

I walked into a damn pole.

This from the chick who was cutting doughnuts.. walk into a pole.. jeesh.

WV Sapestio my new nickname for being a sap who walks into things.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, AM, that's even better. Way better, because of the visual - thank you for that. Hope the knot goes down and it doesn't hurt too much.

My offer still stands for Guinea General. If you start to see stars, and wine isn't involved, give me a call.

ghostless said...

Autumnforest, and everyone else who loves driftwood. go to and see these incredible horse statues made from just driftwood. it's worth the time to check them out.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

ghostless - Just visited the site. Have never seen anything like it - simply incredible.

Ann Marie said...

I think I need to go get back on the 4 wheeler and wreck to redeem myself from the pole walking incident.

Mathews Mark said...

Thats ok AM I will tell everybody, I mean won't tell anyone.

Grandma J said...

So glad you made it home in just the nick of time to deal with cat hair, clogged toilets and the contents of your ice box.

Well, that's one tree stump I wouldn't sit on. Very interesting and probably perfect material for sculpturing.

Just so you know.....I would've eaten that lasagna!!