Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mark's House, Part IV

Today is another chapter in the book called, "Chesapeake Bay Woman Doesn't Have to Go to Jail for Trespassing." This book is available courtesy of friend Eligible Bachelor Mark, who is the caretaker of this house which dates back to the 1700s.

The photo above is not a photo of the house--although it's there--nor is it a photo of the well--which has a padlock on it. (I just happened to notice the padlock in passing. I wasn't going to peek inside or anything.)

No, the photo above is of that magnificent tree in all its glory. Look at how majestic he is; how broad his shoulders are; how tall he towers.

It's possible for a tree to be a he, no?

(That last sentence may well be the winner in the next Name the New Dr. Seuss Book Contest.)

Above is a closer view of Mr. Tree. I like the contrast of the stark tree with the lush green grass and the little river of sunlight to the right. To me the tree and its couple of downward reaching branches look like someone trying to touch that glowing river. But I have a vivid imagination which includes winning the lottery and creating a reality TV show, so don't pay me any mind.

Here's Eligible Bachelor Mark stepping out of the woodshed. He was loading up that wheelbarrow with firewood to heat the house. That tractor just to the left of the wheelbarrow has definitely seen better days, but it didn't stop me from wanting to take her for a spin. See above about a vivid imagination, which is essential when trying to start up a tractor which has been sitting outside of a woodshed since the 1700s 1970s.

Now we have arrived at the photos which tell one more tale relating to Ms. Hijinx, who is the resident ghost. Mark explained that earlier this week, while passing through the dining room from the kitchen to the living room, he noticed a chair had been moved. Mark did not move it. His son did not move it.

Below is the position of the chair exactly as he found it.

Below is the same chair, photographed from a different angle. It appears that whomever was sitting there wished to glance out the window.

This concludes this chapter of "Chesapeake Bay Woman is Ecstatic To Be Legally Trespassing." If anyone wishes to contact Mathews Mark directly his email address is

If anyone wishes to contact Chesapeake Bay Woman to feature a house as part of her Legally Trespassing series or about that reality TV show, send an email to

As a side note, although today's post contained 4-5 pictures, it took me 1-2 hours to upload these courtesy of my speedy dial-up sprinternet. Ordinarily 4-5 pictures would last me, oh, 4-5 days since I usually only post 1 shot per day.

(And now I will be swallowing 1-2 aspirin since these 3-4 references to my enemy called numbers have caused my brain to sputter and my synapses to smolder.)

Tune in tomorrow for Three-Thing Thursday followed by Who Knows What Friday; at some point I will figure out announce the dates for Blog Fest 2010: The Hijinx Edition.


maria from nj said...

Love the house and the stories, the ghost - not so much. Living with one would freak me out.

Are you resizing your photos before uploading? It would help (I think) if they were 72 dpi.

Mark, thanks for sharing your abode.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Ohhhhh, I want this house, I WANT this HOUSE. If there's really a sleepover happening at Blogfest, I'm in (I can just see the horror on Mark's face as 50 women of a certain age descend on his peaceful corner.....)

Also, I'd like to see some actual grass and some trees NOT weighed down with ten tons of ice and snow. Hello, Quebec? Are you listening?

And Mark? DUCK - you are bigger than that doorway!

mathews Mark said...

Let the ghost rest today. Let me tell you a story about CBW. A few years ago (well more than a few) Myself and 2 friends were asked to bartend CBW's wedding.The site was her grandparents home place (one of the great views in Mathews). She was marring a come here so we did not no what to expect. When the Limo's and $2000.00 suits started to show up we (the bartenders) felt a little (whats the word i am look in for) how about under dresses To us a limo was and extended cab pick up and we bought our suits from the local Dollar General $29.95 on a good day. The suits (come here people) look like the Sporanos but turn out to be the nice s group in the world.We decided to fix them up with a local drink.More like a welcome to Mathews drink. Heres how its made get a blender dump two shots of everything in, top off with ice get as many $2000.00 suits around the blender and tell them to open wide then turn the blender on high with out the top!!!!!!!!!! the $2000.00 suits became $20.00 suits but they loved it. They even came back for more. Well CBW left in a boat for her honey moon. Me, I was brought to tears not because CBW was leaving but the beer truck was empty. We left there with a bunch of new friends sore legs from dancing all night and a big head the next morning! Well enough for know hope I did'nt bore you to much. Back to the ghost later this week Mathews Mark.

tj said...

...Oh CBW, you kill me! lol... And in a good way... ;o)

...Have mercy, who did his decor? Who chose the furniture and the colors and placed the pewter plates just so on the mantle? Seriously, he's a bachelor. Where's the nudey posters, Dale Earnhart pillows with matching rug, not-so-rare collection of beer steins and mismatched furniture? lol... :o)

...The ghost is just the icing on the cake. I don't have a problem with the spirit world as long as they're nice, it's those mean ones that throw steak knives and toss ya down a flight of stairs that I don't like! lol...

...As always, great stuff CBW and thanks for the photos! Beautiful house Mark! I gotta feelin' with all of CBW's publicity that your bachelorhood is about to come to an end! ;o)

...Blessings all... :o)

Jamie said...

I love reading your blog! After a hideous night of dealing with demons from hell (teenage daughter) it's nice to have something fun to read in the morning!

big hair envy said...

OK, CBW, here's your next project: a book called "Haunted Homes of Mathews County. The Non-Trespassing Edition" It will be great for gift-giving this Christmas;)

Hi Mark!

Trisha said...

Living in a house with a ghost who moves furniture wouldn't be good for me as I have problems avoiding furniture when it isn't moved! The bruises on my shins can attest to my inability to maneuver around objects!

Luckily, the ghost seems pretty friendly!

Daryl said...

I agree with Big Head... you need to do a coffee table book of Mathews homes the trespassable edition .. and with a good long lens could do those that defy logic and post dont trespass signs .. which BTW should apply only to B&E on the homes not standing on the property shooting pix with a long lens .. just sayin'

WV: knqui which we all know is the texting abbrev. for No Quitting

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

What a fabulous house. And my Little T would just love that tree.
I can see it now- 25 plus charming ladies laughing loudly and sipping wine under that tree. Great post CBW. Funny story Mark and cant wait to meet ya!

CBW-for the love of Pete will you plez get to the Verizon store?!

Maria from NJ said...

OM-Gah! No wonder it takes you so long to upload!! I remembered to open a picture at work (I usually read you either very early or very late and on a Blackberry - while in a horizontal position) and was shocked. You need to do some minor resizing and save yourself a lot of loading time.

And you should really consider making an annual calendar or some kind of (print to order) book of your images and stories.

ghostless said...

I'd be glad to teach you how to photo edit. Just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hey CBW, is Mathews Mark the owner of the boat we used to ski on every Thursday in the Summer? Mathews Mark, is that you? If so, you were the one that made that Summer one of the best of my teenage years! CBW slalomed all the way home from Dragon's Run once. Ah, the memories. There are tales to tell........
Thinks for the wedding story about CBW, I remember dancing on that "dance floor".
Love the house and the pictures. Especially the big tree. Something majestic about a huge tree with her branches spread out as if protecting her homestead.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

OMG. We are so totally having drinks on that back porch so Mark can regale us with more Hijinx stories. Also, I want those two corner cupboards! They look a lot like one that I have, but I have another corner that could use one.

I agree with wise Maria from NJ - resize your photos, girl. And I say that as someone who has used any number of your lovely uploads as computer desktop wallpapers.

So, um, I'm wondering when Mark is going to address some of those questions your curious readers posed a while back?

*drums fingers on desk*

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thanks for reminding me of those questions, Meg - I'll have to dig them up and send them to him.

Now, regarding that wedding story that Mathews Mark is talking about. First of all, that was 21 years ago this summer. I was a young, carefree spirit untainted by the trials and tribulations of real life.

Some of the highlights you forgot to mention, Mark, was the band SLAPWATER played in the back yard and that to me was the best part of it all. Loved that band, love their music.

Then, after eveyone had sampled the beer and your Mathews Mark Special Concoction, my father--who used to play drums for the Dynatones and a few other bands--took over for the Slapwater's drummer for a spell. Not many people can say they danced at their wedding to a band in which their father was playing.

Next, another highlight was when my friend Icey--my maid of honor--and I were hugging each other in a grip of sheer love. Except we were mid-way up a very steep set of wooden stairs. I guess I hugged too hard or shook her too hard in one direction or something, because she and I both slid right on down to the bottom of the stairs on our sides/backs/whatever.

The beer truck certainly was a popular feature, but your (and your helper's) bartending was too. If I recall, Wayne was dancing at that wedding with a pair of striped shorts on. There's a VHS cassette of it somewhere. He could cut quite the right even at that young age.

Enough! I have to write a post for tomorrow, clean up dinner, feed 5 cats, a dog, 2 kids and me and figure out how I'm going to do all that needs to be done tomorrow.

Thanks for the memories. Wish I was dancing to that band now. Perhaps at someone else's wedding....

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I meant to say that Wayne could cut quite the rug. Too tired to proof read. The whole comment is rife with errors. But what else is new here?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, and Ms. Seabreeze - that was Mathews Mountain Man (Mark's brother) who dragged me from the Piankatank River Bridge to Dragon Run on one ski. I could barely walk the next day--and at the time I was playing sports so was in halfway decent shape.

We did have some good times water skiing...especially in the little skiff here on the creek. Wide open.

Mathews Mark said...

So thats why i could not find my boat every thursday. MM

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mathews Mark - tell your son he did a grand job helping you get your profile up.

OK, folks, if you want to know more about Mark, just click on his name there in blue.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Foolery can convert that VHS tape to something digital. Just sayin'.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Meg - That's good to know. It is quite the tape, let me tell you. I'll have to remember to look for it and talk to Ms. Foolery about it. Thanks for the tip. (I think.)

mmm said...

Haven't read this blog in a while... but, I thought my ears (eyes) were burning for a reason.

For the record, I did not steal and would not steal my brother's boat. I would, however, borrow it anytime he would loan it. The same was true for his Corvettes, Firebirds and BMW. He's always been generous and kind - thanks Mathews Mark.

Love the house, by the way. I'll have to stop by next time I'm in Mathews. I'm not afraid of ghost - in daylight.