Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three-Thing Thursday.

Welcome to another edition of Three-Thing Thursday. Before we dive in headfirst, let's pause for a soliloquy regarding the passage of time.

(High school English teacher Mrs. McD. would be so proud that I remembered the word "soliloquy" that she wouldn't mind whether I was using it correctly or not.)

Things have changed since I came along. Back then, a week lasted the equivalent of a month. These days, Monday Thursday seems to happen every other day. All I did was blink and another one showed up, just like that. It's the same with Christmas and summer time. In fact, a year now consists of 365 Thursdays, half of which represent the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas, while the other half is winter summer.

If you're completely unable to follow what I am talking about, this means you're enjoying impeccably good mental health. Congratulations!

Every Thursday, I share three or more random things, and you share three or more things. Anything at all. Whatever you want.

I'll go first:

1. Today I'm driving 40 miles (one-way) to the Social Security Administration to legally change my name back to the one that was bestowed upon me at birth. This will be the very last time I make such a trip. Ever.

2. I'm taking Chesapeake Bay Mother, who originally bestowed that birth name upon me. She is uninterested in the Social Security aspect of the trip, because she wants to stop at the La-Z Boy furniture outlet, Trader Joe's, Best Buy, Target and Golden Corral. Help.

3a. Have I mentioned that when Chesapeake Bay Mother is turned loose in a store (which is rarely since we live in the hinterlands), she runs off and disappears, never to be found again? Then I spend my entire once-a-year shopping experience not shopping but searching for my mother, who wonders what all the fuss is when she finally comes out from her hiding place. (Try playing this hide-and-seek game in the The Biggest Mall Ever Built in Georgia during the Family Visit to see Middle Sister, except don't because you'll end up crying.)

3b. Did I mention I have to go to Social Security? The only thing worse is the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

3.c. But wait! Tomorrow I must go to the DMV for another new license. It's another new license because my old one expired three weeks ago, so off I went to have it renewed. However, the paperwork to change my name had not arrived prior to the expiration date on the old license. So now I have the privilege of repeating the whole DMV experience. Yay! Oh, what a joyous occasion this is going to be.

3.d. Help.

Now it's your turn. Tell me three things, tell me more than three things. Tell me anything that will make me laugh after returning from a day trip to outpatient services at the nearest mental health facility Newport News.


Mathews Mark said...

Three things THursday 1. Get up at 11:00 and start easing into the weekend 2. Does any one know what a BCH is?? 3. I will give you A hint the H stands for HAT.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ok times up BCH stands for birth control hat it is a hat that is so ugly no one will come near you while you are wearing it thus birth control!!!! Ok don't throw rocks at me that is the best I can do today. I HAVE ONE ON TODAY BCH FOR SURE!!!!! CBW go by pick up POOKIE take her shopping with your Mom LOL I would pay to see that!!! You would not have to worry about finding your Mom because mine would get all of you thrown out, at least by the second store you went into!!!! GOD LOVE THEM ME TOO!!! MM. Side note: As you can see I found out what the shift key does I"M so PROUD.

Bayman said...

HA! I get it! Thought it was..."over my head."

mathews Mark said...

Bayman (Over your head) you got one on today don"t ya BCH buddy!!!

Ann Marie said...

1. i am going home today.. as in back to Mathews...
2. I am counting the days until i can say I am going to NYC today.
3. That will be the same amount of days before I drink any wine.

Pueblo girl said...

Three things I have been doing a lot recently:
1) wiping up puppy pee and poo
2) rinse mop
3) repeat
Thank god I have stone floors. How do people with carpets cope?

Caution Flag said...

1. I cannot tally the love I have for Three Things Thursday because it would be a really big number like a gazillion.
2. There is a Golden Corral in my Kentucky hometown. We don't go there (the GC, not the hometown) because it is greasy and yucky and $$.
3. Guess what new restaurant is opening soon near my Michigan home? GC.
4. Since I teach English, would you tell me what a soliloquy is? You really should know that, Caution! Didn't you pay attention in your 1,765,375 English courses??

Trisha said...

1. Bad office lighting makes your eyes hurt.
2. Being a "temp" and helping a sick friend out at her job for three weeks which turn into seven months sort of sucks. Big time.
3. Reading Life in Mathews brightens my mornings no matter what the author thinks of her writing/cognitive skills.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1.I still have belly fat.
2.I still have chin hairs.
3.I am still working on a cure for both.

big hair envy said...

1. Is it summer yet?
2. I was supposed to go to dinner tonight with two girlfriends from high school. We've had to reschedule because one of the girls has a sick child. Is it wrong for me to be SO disappointed?
3. I hear those barns have been asking when you would be available to stop by;) Saturday?

Mental P Mama said...

1. Is Pookie going to come to blogfest with her son?
2. What is Golden Corral?
3. W00t! or the name change! xoxo

Linda said...

1. Get your Mom a cell phone.
2. Make sure it is on and she knows what her ring tone sounds like.
3. Call her when she loses you and tell her to meet you at the coffee shop when you are ready to leave.
3a. if she doesn't respond to the phone, embarrass her by having her paged over the loud speaker:)
3b. Have fun!

Jamie said...

1. Soliloquy: a monologue, talking to oneself while disregarding others around, typically used in drama ex: "To be or not to be.." that was a soliloquy (rhyming not intentional- guess the Suess thing is a computer virus)

2. Parenting a 15 year old girl is no fun, especially when her grandparents and aunt feel the need to meddle, call the school behind my back, etc. (we aren't speaking)

3.MUFA's are the answer to losing belly fat, just started reading the belly fat diet book. I'don't have much hope.

p.s. Mark, add a pair of BC glasses that the military issues and no one will touch you

Daryl said...

Wait a sec.

Does all this name changing mean I jump for joy?

Its 28 days to NYC ..

DO NOT LAUGH at MM's jokes, it will encourage him .. that 'joke' is older than all of us combined

Anonymous said...

congratulations on re-gaining your birth name!

1. in my opinion, people shouldn't change their names when they get married. I changed mine to a combo-name because it was important to my husband.

2. the receptionist where I work actually re-named me after I got married. I had been married for a month and had changed NOTHING because I was searching for a work-able compromise between keeping my name and incorporating his somehow. She was anxious to figure out how to list me on the staff directory, and tired of my procrastinating. I liked her suggestion and it stuck, voila, new name! Off I went to the SS office to make it official. I think my mother put a lot more thought into it the first time around.

3. when you have a combo-name, think long and hard before bestowing your maiden name upon one of your children as a first name. It gets confusing. Hypothetically let us say that my maiden name was "Jane H. Jones," and my husband's last name is "Smith," and we named our son "Jones Cool Smith" with "Cool" standing in for the really cool family name that he actually goes by. However the doctor's office doesn't know that he goes by his middle name, so when I call to make an appt. I have to say, "I'm Mrs. Jones-Smith, calling to make an appt. for Jones Smith." Huh?

Yeah, should have thought that one out.

If I lost you during number 3, I forgive you.

Jane H. Jones-Smith

Mathews Mark said...

Daryl you are in luck Saturday My lap top will be taken away (because of bad jokes Oh and my son is going back to VT.) Yall are in luck!!!

foolery said...

1. I never changed my name, so my husband and children have his last name. It was never meant to be a permanent solution but I secretly prefer it. I was Laurie LaGrone for 32 years and it seemed ridiculous to toss that out.

2. I have never been to a social security office, unless I was roofied and dragged there without my knowing it.

3. Get Mama Chesapeake one of these before your next shopping excursion:

Anonymous said...

Make sure Darryl knows that there is a barn turned into a home in moon that is very very nice and it has a studio attached....i'm just saying.....

i have bellyfat and chinhairs and now grey hairs!!

parenting any teenager sucks

wallmart really sucks but the websight rocks!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

It's 1:00 p.m. and we survived the trip.
Mathews Mark: I will stop by to pick up Pookie but I'll be daggone if I'm going back to Newport News any time soon. Regarding your new hat joke, which evidently is old according to Daryl, I wonder what happens when you combine beer goggles with the BC hat?

Bayman-It's so nice to have the two of you--who are gold mines full of local knowledge, stories and history--bantering back and forth regarding bc hats. This was just what I envisioned when I began this blog--banter about hats. (p.s. I'm kidding, plus I picked up some extra fiery hot sauce for you from one of the fancy grocery stores CBM and I visited today. Let me know when you want to pick it up.)

AM-When do you go back to The City again? I believe work is sending me the week of 1/25 for a week - Reston Town Center. Not confirmed yet, but likely.

Pueblo Girl-Your new wippet (sp) is adorable. Puppies are just like babies but the good news is soon they outgrow all that stuff, unless it's my dog. Then his body grows to adulthood but his behavior and intelligence stay in puppyhood, and it's very, very vexing.

CF-A soliloquy is a word that sounds nice and it sounds fancy and it conjures up Shakespeare and stuff. (Can you tell I have a college education from a reputable university? I can't.) Anywho,too bad about your Golden Corral being not so hot. The one my parents go to is really good, at least by their standards. If they put one of those in Gloucester, the next county over, there would be people (most of them senior citizens, with Chesapeake Bay Woman trying to blend in) wrapped around the block waiting to get in.

Trisha - Sorry to hear about your not-so-temporary job and your sick friend, but thank you so much for those very kind words.

NNG-I'd be happy to serve as your guinea pig in any trial runs. It's a shame when a female cuts herself shaving, and it's not on her legs but on her forehead. I only wish I were joking.

BHE-Sign me up for some barn hopping.

MPM-Pookie is coming to Blog Fest if I have to go get her and bring her myself. She's a great lady. Golden Corral is an all-you-can-eat buffet with every known food known to man.

Linda-Guess what? My mother does have a cell phone. Guess where it is? It sits on the dining room shelf turned off. She never, ever uses it. But that is a good idea, thank you for trying. The paging concept is also a good one. Maybe I'll use that the next time I lose her at Wal-Mutant.

Jamie-What is a MUFA? It doesn't sound good, but if it helps with belly fat I'll try it.

Daryl-This name change would not be necessary had I followed my gut instinct and kept my birth name all along. Yes, the name change is good. p.s. I can't help but laugh at Mathews Mark, although I had no idea that joke was old. We don't get out much around here, and unless it's gossip news does not travel very fast.

AMN-That is too funny about your son and your combo name. Too funny.

MM-You can't leave us on Saturday just because your son is taking the computer back to school. The library has free internet; Mrs. Sandpiper has a hook-up; we need you on here for comic relief and to fill in the gaps, which are many. Maybe I could start a Let's Buy Mark a Computer fund. If there's anything left over, maybe I can buy myself something that doesn't scream technological dinosaur. Saw some beautiful ones at Best Buy today. Also saw some hefty price tags.

Foolery-Thank you for making me laugh. That is a fabulous, fabulous solution, and one that I might just get her as a joke. (Only after I stopped laughing at it, I'd make her use it.)

Anonymous - I'd like to see that barn and oh, to have a studio would be heavenly.

Getting ready to get back in the car again to drive another 15 miles after just completing 80 miles round trip. Basketball followed by more basketball, followed by an ardent desire for a vacation far, far away.

Jamie said...

Do I get 3 more?

1. Thanks, now Devo's "Whip It Whip It Good!" is stuck in my head.

2. MUFA stands for mono unsaturated fats- found in olives, olive oil, dark chocolate, seeds (like sunflower), dark chocolate, nuts- like walnuts, advocado, dark chocolate... really supposed to work if you eat 1 MUFA food per meal. Did I mention dark chocolate?

3. I wish I had never changed my name. Jackson is so much easier than Molyneaux which no one can spell or pronounce properly

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jamie - OMG. I am a MUFA and didn't even know it.

Of the items on your list, here's what I got from Trader Joes: 2 large avocados (for guacamole which will be eaten via organic corn tortilla chips which are probably not on the Mufa list); some sort of crackery-like thing coated with sesame seeds; pumpkin seeds; cashews, etc. (these are absolutely outstanding, by the way - I think it's called a Seriously Seeded Nutty Wafer or some such - only ninety nine cents at Trader Joe's. Put a little cranberry/cinnamon goat cheese on those things? Divine. But probably not 100% Mufa-friendly, although there are lots of nuts and seeds.) Also, some toasted sesame oil (the better to make non-Mufa sesame noodles) and some chocolate milk. It's not dark chocolate but still.

The one thing I didn't get but wanted to was some really good olives. At one store, I think it was Whole Foods?, there was an olive bar the size of a football field. Heavenly.

Anyway, the MUFA thing is sounding like a winner to me. Thanks for the explanation - I learn something new here every day.

Now, about that dark chocolate...

mom x 2 said...

1. I only wish that we could go directly from Sunday to Thursday every week and skip Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That way I could enjoy my Sunday nights a lot more, knowing that the next day was Thursday and it would be almost time to start the weekend again.

2. Is it summer yet? If we keep skipping days, it will be here before we know it.

3. I hate changing my name. When I divorced my ex husband, I changed my name back to my maiden name just 4 weeks before I got married to my current husband because I didn't want the first one on my marriage certificate to my second one. That wasn't a big deal, except that I had to get a passport to go on my honeymoon, that had my first married name, then an amendment page with my maiden name, then another amendment page with my current married name. All to be done by the FEDERAL government. Lost yet.... now I have just one name, but my children have a different last name, and because of that, people still call me by the last name of my first husband, which is the name I tried so hard to get away from. Sounds like it was a waste of time after all. I plan on keeping this husband, so hopefully I won't ever have to change my name again.

wv: grabinge: Basically what I just said in thing 3 sounds like a bunch of "grabinge"

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

1. What the hell is going on in NYC that I'm missing? Damn, I hate being Canadian.

2. No I don't. I'm proudly wearing my new Olympic warm-up jacket, and don't want to take it off even though it smells vaguely of the petroleum products used to create it.

3. Weird advice of the day from me to you - do not take for granted any little bodily function you have, for one day it could go south on you and you will be sad.

3b. I am sad.

3c. I am trying not to be sad.

3d. Trying not to be sad is very trying. I think I must go lay down awhile.

3e. What message is God trying to tell me, that it always come back round to talking about poop?

3f. I am deranged - my happy pill must be wearing off.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. Mark, we used to call those long flannel nightgowns "birth control nighties" or BCNs.

2. LOL @Linda's #2 (make sure she knows what her ringtone sounds like!)

3. CBM has good instincts. I would sign my whole paycheck over to Trader Joe's if it were just a little bit closer to my home. They have really good coffee, by the way. Can't beat the price and the taste is great.

4. Congrats on the name change. I know that doesn't just HAPPEN; it took some doing. But it portends such happiness!

5. Ask your English teacher if I used portends correctly. I'm not sure. But it sounds close enough to me.

WV = frothy. which makes me think of tomorrow morning's cappucino... or foamy whitecaps at the ocean.