Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three-Thing Thursday

Step right up, folks, it's time for the three-ring circus known as Three-Thing Thursday. That's where I share three things and you share three--or more--things, whatever you want, anything at all.

Let's get crackin'

1. Above is a shot from Big Hair Envy's grandmother's house. We are seriously considering making this a stop on the Blog Fest 2010 tour.

2. Two weeks from today I'll be headed to New York City with Big Hair Envy, Noe Noe Girl and Ann Marie. To say I'm excited is the understatement of the century.

3. Since I came to Northern Virginia earlier this week, I've gained more weight than during Thanksgiving and Christmas thanks to the decadent food/restaurants that are not available in Mathews, Gloucester, Middlesex, King and Queen and all other surrounding counties.

Now it's your turn.


Ann Marie said...

1. I am seriously thinking of leaving for NoVa tomorrow morning and accidentally getting snowed in there.

2. Two weeks from today I will probably be sitting somewhere crying and begging a seagull to fly me to NYC cause I was stupid and didn't work it out right so I could go and will be sad that I didn't.

3. I need wine.. that should be number 1 2 and 3 but it is only three through infinity.

Caution Flag said...

1. I want to be you.
2. The athletic, NYC-bound you.
3. The "I've eaten too much" you? Already there.

Mathews Mark said...

1.Snow out of the south,not good. you won't be able to fall down in Food Lion or Best Value for the people coming out of the wood work because someone said "SNOW". 2. Party still goin on at CBW house everyone come on down. I got a big fire goin on in the fire place. WAIT maybe thats not a fire place O well don't worry CBW I use to be a fireman No maybe that was my brother. Well one of us was. By the way these chairs burn good. Were is your Ax I need to chop up this dinning room table for fire wood. It looks old anyway. 3. On a serious note (if I can be serious) I had a good friend who may have had a heart attack yesterday (a good friend of Baymans also). So all this food talk is great,but you are what you eat!! So please take it easy on the fat stuff. and WORKOUT. I hate hav'en to go to weddings I mean funerals (both the same). Love to all. MM

Mathews Mark said...

:The day after: Seagull walks into the Party at CBW's house,feathers all pulled out, he is draging one leg and has a broken wing (we know were that came from). Mark comes out of the smoke (from the fire that is now out of control) Mark: hey gull what happen to you? Seagull: GOOOOSE///GOOOSE!!!!! CBW MOM siting on the last chair that is not burning, fanning the smoke say's : I tried to tell ya!!!! MM

Mental P Mama said...

1. I cannot wait for y'all to get up here!
2. Ann Marie's not coming???
3. We have the Sea Shanty already reserved!

Jamie said...

1. I am secretly hoping the snow moves a little further north so I can have a snow day on Monday.

2. I am currently printing 1520 letters and after printing I have to sort them and fold them and eventually stuff them into envelopes.

3. I think if I got rid of my husband and had more room I would end up being the crazy bunny hoarding woman instead of the cat lady.

4. Mark cracks me up.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1.It's little Friday~yay!

2.Can you stop by my place on the way home from Norva and drop off some of that Thai food?

3. NYC here we come!

Breezeway said...

1. I'm feeling sorry for Ann Marie - she clearly wants to get the heck out of Dodge!

2. I love, love, love my new horse (and I know those of you who are my facebook friends are tired of hearing about it!)

3. It took a ridiculous amount of struggle, planning, and rearranging...but my woodstove is now IN!! You can rest assured it will not be cold in the Middle Peninsula area ever again. But OH how I love old woodstoves!!!!

WV -balitch - what I'm sure my kids were thinking I was being at 10pm last night while trying to rearrange a house full of furniture, dogs and people around the now front and center woodstove.

big hair envy said...

1. We can only do the Blog Fest stop at Grandma's place if Dad agrees to do the tour;) I don't think it will be hard to convince him!!

2. Snow is coming, and has ruined my weekend plans. Again.

3. Thank goodness I bought groceries yesterday...the bread aisle was already starting to look empty!

4. Country Mice in NYC? Look out world!!!


Daryl said...

1. I demand we go to Big Head's Nana's house for photo ops

2. I am SO excited, I am meeting you at Penn Station .. I'll be the crazy lady with the brass band

3. Wait, dont start to diet before you get here .. there's so much still to eat!!!!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK, somebody e-mail or text me and tell me who had the heart attack.

Coming home tomorrow and can NOT wait.

Country Girl said...

1. I wish it would snow here.
2. Can't wait to see you in NYC.
3. Mathews Mark is like reading a second blog inside your blog!