Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tiny House

This precious little house sits just off the cut-through road from Route 14 to the Court House, or as I call it The Back Way In.

It's on the right just as you turn from Route 14. I've been drawn to it my entire life and was only recently brave enough to stop in the middle of the road and take pictures of it.

They don't make houses like this any more. In fact, it's hard to call this a house when it looks more like a cabin or a hunt shack. Except this is Mathews, not the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a hunt shack on a busy road doesn't sound right.

(Of course herds of fiddler crabs running across major roads doesn't sound right either, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Anything goes around here.)

That front porch is adorable-- and look at the window hanging open there in the front to the right of the porch. It's precious, I tell you.

Although there was a time when I thought a big house was desirable, after the burden of keeping up with one fell entirely on me; after I finally admitted once and for all that I was born with ADD a severe domestic disability; when I discovered that the organizing and cleaning gene that many possess was lacking on my part, I decided that a tiny little house like this one was all I could ever hope to maintain ever needed.

There is another old house that looks almost identical to this one down Knights Wood Road, where that very unfortunate incident occurred several years ago. Come to think of it, both of these cute little houses are associated with very unfortunate events nearby. These were really big unfortunate events, especially for around these parts.

On second thought, maybe I don't want a house exactly like this one.

Surely there is someone in the county who knows more about this adorable abode. Mathews Mark? If you don't know, perhaps you can ask The Guys?

For the remaining two of you rest of you, what sort of house would you live in if you could trade yours in for the ideal one?


ghostless said...

I may be buying a 1930's brick cape, but my dream house is a sleek retro contemporary frank lloyd wright house!

Mathews Mark said...

Back in the 70'swe use to drag race on this road this house was our starting point. At that time there was a family of 4 living in the old house ( they must have slept in shifts). I know the old house has been rebuilt several times. There use to be and out house in back that came in handy from time to time . I know you are asking what the family thought about the drag racing in front of there house? Well sometimes they watched and sometimes his shotgun was brought out. He did not have a phone so calling johnnie law on us was not and option. Besides back then we only had 2 or 3 law men, and if it was a big race we would make sure they were sent to Gwynn's Isl. or New point. But I will ask the afternoon boys club about it (we gossip more than most women).CBW if you have any pictures of market days do a blog in the near future I have a great story on the how I tried to throw the market day run. A 3-5 mile run around the big block.I almost got away with it.

mathews Mark said...

one Little side note and I will stop hogging the blog!!!!! I just read my lovescope can some one tell me what a significant other Is and can I buy one at Wal Mart? I am so proud of my self I must have spelled SIGNIFICANT correct the little red line did not come up. See CBW that Mathews high schoolin is Kickin in. Damn there is that red line agian!!!!!!!!!!!

Meg said...

Mark: Check out for a fine selection of possible lovemates.

CBW - cute li'l house!

Ann Marie said...

why can't I remember the incident close to this little house?? the ther one I got.. this one not so much...

Mental P Mama said...

Y'all are having too much fun down there. I am definitely looking for smaller's my brick house doing?

Jamie said...

There's a house on the way to Haven Beach that I love. I don't remember road names (I just know where to go) but it's a beige house with red shutters, very run down and the landscaping leaves much to be desired... I think it is at a T in the road where you go left to go to the beach... anyway, I'm a sucker for old farmhouses.

Linda said...

Hubby has always wanted a small stone house like the ones in some Thomas Kinkade paintings. Wouldn't mind it at all since we only use a small portion of the house we have. But I wouldn't give up this property for anything so we're stayin!

ro said...

I would prefer a small one bedroom house on a beach somewhere on one of the Bahama islands. however, that ain't gonna happen any time soon!!! Just daydreaming!!!!!!

Trisha said...

My current house is pretty good for me but I have always wanted to live in a historic house. I am not too sure about the stairs involved though - or the upkeep. On second thought - I will keep my house!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

The camper is big enough for me.It's easy to clean and when you get sick of the neighbors you just put her in drive to move.

MM-Dont listen to Meg....stay out of Wal-Mart!

big hair envy said...

You already know how small my house is....just the way I like it!! When things get a little crowded, we just go outside. I'd rather be outside anyway;) Is it summer yet?

Daryl said...

My dream was to live in a renovated barn ... then reality set in and I learned I suffer from a lack of desire to clean/dust ... and I am not wealthy .. AND lets be honest when was the last time a barn of any sort was seen in Manhattan? NOW what I want almost more than a macro lens is another room ... a room where ToonMan can do his editing and work with his clients vs our 'dining alcove' being his editing bay and our living room being where he meets with clients....

WV: ungedged .. that's pig latin for wanting a barn but settling for another room!

Grandma J said...

What happen in those two cute houses? Small is better than big. It simplifies your life.

Country Girl said...

I would live in something smaller but bigger than this house. And the view would be incredible. Yep.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

OMG. It's the art studio of my dreams!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you all for your comments, they are truly a joy to read after such a long, onerous day. If my remarks make no sense, that's because my brain has officially closed for business and my eyes are at half mast.

ghostless-Can't wait to see Tonic and your new home.

Mathews Mark - You are something else, and you'd best be getting a laptop so you are not out of commission when your son goes back to school.

Meg-That website is something else too.

AM-you had just forgotten - my e-mail reminded you.

MPM- Your brick house awaits. Believe there's even a red carpet rolled out with your name embroidered on it.

Jamie-I know that house and have come darn close to pulling up into the driveway to take's very close to where ghostless was going to buy a house. Gorgeous old farmhouse. Gorgeous.

Linda-would love to know more about the house you're in now, it sounds beautiful.

Ro-The Bahamas? Sounds wonderful. The U.S. Virgin Islands would be where I'd go since I don't have a current passport. If I had one, I'd get a one-way ticket to Bora Bora. (Except somebody recently told me about some man-eating monsters living in the shallow waters there, so I may be focusing more on something less deadly and closer.)

Trisha -come out here for a visit (Blog Fest, for example) - Mathews and the surrounding counties have a slew of historic homes, some of which are B&Bs. You'd love it.

NNG-You've hit the nail on the head. The camper is PERFECT and it's also mobile. This year I'm signing up for the guided tour of your camper.

BHE-Your house is perfect also, and your yard is incredible. Warm weather canNOT get here fast enough.

Daryl-I could see you in a renovated barn, but I don't see the renovated barn in NYC, so you have a point. Just go for the macro lens.

Grandma J. - Nothing notably horrific happened inSIDE these houses, but around them there were some very unfortunate incidents (that's all I can bring myself to say). I'll fill you in when you come here this summer (or sooner by e-mail if you remind me).

CG-Where you live now is absolutely incredible based on your photos. Beautiful.

Meg/ML - Yes, it is indeed!

Thanks again for commenting, your words do make my day.

Bayman said...

My dreamhouse would be at Blogfest Beach. We could "winter" in Bora Bora.

Perry said...

I just found your blog and have been having fun reading, I'm in Norfolk right now, but thinking of moving up to Deltaville or Mathews later this year (I come up there to see customers all the time four or five days a week already). We've passed this house many times and have wondered about it, I'm glad to see that someone else appreciates it as much as I do!