Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lazy Day

In honor of a lazy Saturday, I'm posting a very lazy picture which attempted to capture that bird flying there just above the water. (Not the white dot on the left, which might be a capsized boat for all we know; but the dark arc there in the middle).

Because the picture is so awful, it's impossible to discern whether this was a heron, a pelican, an airborne mermaid, or a bufflehead.

About a week ago, I didn't know what a bufflehead was. Now, a week later, I've already forgotten but I remember that "bufflehead" is a great word.

Actually, I do recall that bufflehead are those tiny little ducks which swim underwater. So the water creature above was most likely an airborne mermaid a heron

Also in honor of this lazy Saturday I am wondering about copyright law sharing an excerpt from a newly acquired book written by the Mathews County Historical Society called, "Mathews County Panorama":

"Mathews County lies in southeastern Virginia. Save for a stretch of land by which it is attached to Gloucester County, all its boundaries are water. On the east and south, its shores are washed by the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, on the southwest is Mobjack Bay, on the west North River and on the north is the Piankatank River. Its geographic location gives a clue to the origin of the old saying, "One only goes to Mathews when going to Mathews."

It's true. Mathews is not a thoroughfare, it's a destination. You either want to be here or you don't.

I do.

Here's to a lazy Saturday.


BOSSY said...

It's nice to be where you want to be. The best.

Mathews Mark said...

Looks more like a Mathews Nessy (you know Lock Ness). Its looking for a bloggfest person to bit in the butt. CBW you may want to get your MOM or POOKIE to shooo it away before your party!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Bossy is just the best. Period.

Mathews Mark-That monster is CHESSIE. And Chessie has been spotted in Queens Creek. Or somewhere around here. Tell us another Guinea story, or another story, Guinea-related or not.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

My destination for this lazy day is a planning lunch with some of my blisters! And I plan on having fun and laugh alot!

Ann Marie said...

I want to be where I want to be too.... it just ain't here.

Mathews Mark said...

The time; around 11:00 am on a saturday. THe place harborfest, waterside, norfolk VA. the creek were all the workboats are tied up. The people Myself and BIG BOY a friend from Guinea,and 200 other new pointers,Mooners,Port Haywarders,Gwynns Islanders,Hudginers,Guineaers, you get the picture! The mission Get more BEER. We had been party central since thursday beer was low funs were low hag overs were high! Big Boy (don't no why they called him big boy He only wieghed 135 OH maybe I do Ha Ha) spotted a boat about 200 yards in the harbor. I told Big Boy "get your ski vest on we are going to pay them a visited. we jump in and swam to this 5 million dollar SHIP with out spilling our beer as we got to the stern we look up the stern was about 10ft tall . I look at Big Boy and told him to go along with what ever I say. I stared knocking on the stern as if I was knocking on a door hoolering excuses me excuses me. A women stuck her head over the stern and said OH MY (she had on enough rocks on to feed a small country and a hair do some were from the 60,s) she screamed WINCHESTER WINCHESTER their are 2 men in the water. WE heard some one say "are they floating do we need to cal the coast guard?" about this time a man in a tux said "may I help you" I said yes you may,could I speak with the owner of the SHIP. Now remeber Me and BIG BOY had been treading water for 10mins and Big Boys beer is empty. About this time WINCHESTER sticks his head over .I am looking up at him and say" PARDON ME SIR MAY I BARROW SOME GREY POUPON" I though Winchester was going to fall off the stern he was laughing so hard. Big boy look at me and said in guinea WHATTT THU HELLLLL isss Grey POOPAAN BUBBA I thought WEEE were cominnnn to gett BEERSSS. well to make a long story short we were invited on the SHIP even though we had only had a harborfest bath ( pour some dawn into the river and dive threw it). The guy in the tux was the butler he brought us drinks rest of the afternoon. Big Boy look at him and said in Guinea " sorryyy bubba I lefttt my Greennnn on thu Linda Lou I catchhh ua tippp Laterrrr" Winchester even gave us a case of beer but Big Boy did not like the brand. We drake it any way. true story the names may have been changed to protect AHH what the hell no they wern't. this is MM signing off for a bit!!!!!!!!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

NoeNoe-See you at 1:00.

AM-Get yourself over here, the train leaves the station around noon.

Mathews Mark - Congratulations on making me laugh heartily and loudly. I did not see the gray poupon line coming, and neither, obviously, did Winchester. That's a GREAT story, one of the best you've told yet.

Sandpiper is having a band tonight for anyone local who may be interested. I might head over there for a spell and congratulate Mathews Mark (who will be there) on the best story of 2010 so far.

Happy Saturday.

Mathews Mark said...

quick note and I will stop hoggin the bloggin. Big Boy and I had hair down to or shoulders, were wearing cut off jeans you no the ones with the strings hangin down and tatoo"s we look like we just got out off prison. But we were the life of the party. the Butler tried to giv Big Boy fish egg's (you no WHats that fancy word for fish eggs OH YEA ROW LOL) but thats another story.

Mathews Mark said...

come on Daryl this one is funny and true. You have to laugh

Julie said...

I really love your lazy picture. I don't have as wonderful scenery as you do.....I'm jealous.

Mental P Mama said...


mom x 2 said...

So wish I was there right now.... missed you girls today :(

MM- can I just ask why you do not have your own blog? You are hilarious!

Grandma J said...

Oh I wish I was in Mathews on this lazy Saturday. I miss my Blisters

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

MM- For the love of PETE! get your own blog! You already have a following...Jim Jones!
wv=conrais++++++ I conrais hell if I want too! too much blistering fun this day!
Happy bd again CBW-aka Wild Thing! you make my heart sing!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

MM-I didnt mean to sound ugly---that is just me and the wine. But all jokes need to think about writing a book! Cant wait for you to have your picture taken with me at Blog Fest!

big hair envy said...

MM - You ARE going to start a blog, you really have no choice in the matter!!!

CBW - I enjoyed our lazy, two-hour birthday celebration this afternoon! My dad called, and said that he doesn't often relax, but at lunch today he was able to do just that!!! Thanks to all for making him feel so welcome:)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Julie - It's gorgeous here, and the scenery makes taking pictures so very easy.

MPM-The brick house awaits.

momx2 - Mathews Mark is losing his computer and internet connection, which is the only reason he doesn't have a blog. I will miss his contributions here until he gets back on line.

Grandma j. - We had a grand time today, but we would have had an even grander time with you in our midst. Can't wait to see you this summer.

NNG-Thank you for putting a smile on my face, and especially for the lion named Wild Thing. Much like Grandma J's PJB I expect him to be making regular appearances on this blog.

BHE-Your father is so wonderful, I want to lobby for adoption. What a grand time today was - and thank you for everything. The photo-op at your grandmother's place was absolutely priceless. I will hopefully pay you back by sharing what I saw today. The house and barns are absolutely stunning.