Sunday, April 27, 2008

Daffodils and Buttercups

This is a shot, taken a few weeks ago, of one of several daffodil fields on my parents' property. All the daffodils are dead now, and the fields of yellow have been replaced by weeds and tall grass. It's kind of depressing, because the yellow fields are truly spectacular.

However, you can still gaze out the window and see several acres of yellow. Yes, I'm talking about the Annual Buttercup and Dandelion Convention, which takes place every year, from spring through eternity and beyond, in our yard.

Raise your hand if, as a kid, you picked a buttercup and held it under your friend's chin to see if she liked butter. (If you saw yellow under the chin, she liked butter. If you didn't, your friend probably wasn't Caucasian but may have liked butter anyway.) Raise your hand if you don't even know what a buttercup is. Raise your hand if you think a buttercup is kin to a peanut butter cup. Simon says raise your hand. You may now put your hands down.

Buttercups and dandelions grow from nothing to three inches tall overnight. Then, when we cut the grass, which is approximately every day to keep up with it, the little yellow flowers fall to the ground...still yellow, still intact, and still everywhere.

I suppose I should simply give up and embrace the buttercup as another beautiful flower, like the daffodils above. But I can't. Grass cutting is a WAR and those buttercups are INVADERS.

Now, excuse me while I go cut some more buttercup-loaded grass. And find a peanut butter cup.


tj said...

...Wow, that is beautiful! Oh my gosh, I dream of having a large area planted with daffodils... Is a buttercup like a daffodil but a weed like a dandelion? Yeah, I never heard of the buttercup under the chin thing but I'm on board with the peanut butter cup! lol... ;o)

...I can relate to the dandelion dilemma, we've got them popping up in our yard right now. A friend of ours from Florida calls 'em "lil' yellow flowers with blow sticks"

...Beautiful photo!

...Blessings... :o)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

TJ - Yes, a buttercup is similar to a dandelion in that it is considered a weed. The buttercup doesn't have the fuzzy stuff to blow everywhere though.

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Yes, buttercups are little delicate flowers. My son used to pick me a bouquet of them when he was about three-years-old. I would smile and put them in a little vase. Minus the dandelions, buttercups would be really cool all over the yard.
Daffodils are in a separate class all together. They are one of my favorite flowers. They are up there with Roses, Tulips, and Irises.
Thanks for commenting on flowers,cbw
I truly believe we take them for granted. People in the city probably don't have the advantage of having beautiful wild flowers all over their yard.They can be a pain, but if you look really hard sometime you can see beauty in the simplest things in life.
By the way, the picture is beautifil. Good Job!

foolery said...

yoou didcn'[tg sxayh simon saz6ys

\i'm typing witgh myh foiot

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Foolery, you're hilarious.

Anonymous, you are absolutely correct. As much a I just complain about those little weeds, they do brighten up the yard, just as the daffodils wave goodbye until next year.

Thank you all for commenting!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture! You must have gotten down on your belly or knees to get that vantage point. Hope you didn't crush any daffs with your behind.
Yes, I used to play the buttercup game. Seems like a million years ago before stress came a-knockin' and worries were few. Sigh.

foolery said...

Miss Cheeky? Are you all right? Did the storms get the buttercups? Just checking in, and I hope you and Mathews County are intact!

-- Laurie

BOSSY said...

Bossy has personal experience with those flowers!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Foolery, I'm still here but have been too preoccupied to post anything new. Storms hit, but we're fine.

Bossy, I am so honored to have you comment here, and it was wonderful following you on your Excellent Road Trip!

Thank you both for visiting.

foolery said...

Miss Cheeky,

Thanks so much for your flattering comment, but I didn't write the post about Elise! All of the Mormor stories were given to me (and all grandchildren, children and nieces/nephews) on individual sheets of paper in folders. It's word-for-word my late grandmother's writing. I added a couple of commas and that's about it.

Glad to hear you're okay,


tj said...

...I just came here to see if you were okay because I heard about the storms but I read the other comments and saw yours and I'm glad to hear you are safe... Thank goodness! :o)

...I'm lookin' forward to your next post already, it's such a pick-me-up when I visit here! Take care... :o)

Anonymous said...

We led parallel lives, woman, back in the day.