Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving

I'm very grateful to live in this crazy, beautiful little speck on the map called Mathews.

Thank you for reading this crazy little blog called Life in Mathews.

Thanks for leaving crazy comments and making me laugh.

Evidently, everything I'm thankful for involves crazy, but that comes as no surprise to me.

For those celebrating Thanksgiving, have a wonderful day with friends and family, even if they're crazy.

I leave you with this crazy picture of a wild turkey. (If you squint you can see him at the base of the tree.) I shot it one day down Harcum way. Let me clarify: I shot the picture, not the turkey. When there is movement or action of any sort--such as trotting or fleeing--I get all flustered and panic, and the picture ends up like this.

Nonetheless, it's Thanksgiving so a crazy turkey picture is only appropriate.

At least in my crazy world.

Happy Thanksgiving


Country Girl said...

Crazy is as crazy does. And that's as good as it gets sometimes.

Luv ya.

Jo Whitehurst said...

Hmmm...I often say, "No one has every accused me of being normal". (And most of my friends just shake their heads, and agree whole heartedly.)

I hear that "normal" is a tad boring, anyway! Happy Turkey-Day!

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my crazy friend in Mathews....and her family, and her extended family, from her crazy blister in Texas.

With all the usual blessings in my life, the one that stands out the most is the day my grandson took his last dose of chemo...THREE YEARS AGO! God has been so good to my family. Now I have a ton of Blisters to be thankful for too....the blessing never end!


mmm said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I love Crazy and I love Mathews. I love Wild Turkey. It makes you take fuzzy picturs and will paralyze you by 10 am! Have a wonderful wonky Thanksgiving CBW. I have been blessed that I met you. I love laughing with you and I am so thankful I can call you crazy!
I love you to pieces!
Is it Friday yet???

Big Hair Envy said...

"Crazy" is my middle certainly isn't "Grace"! When you meet my kin folk tomorrow, you'll realize just how NORMAL your life is:) Bwahahahahaha!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Give my love to your family:)

Daryl said...

Crazy the way you are .. if everyone was crazy that way what a wonderful world it would be xox

Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family CBW!

I'm thankful, so very thankful I had the opportunity to meet you this past summer and am so grateful to count you amongst my close friends! It's friends like you and the other "Blisters" that helped make me realized what true wealth's those who surround you with love and friendship, support and encouragement and sisterhood.

Karen Deborah said...

That is a great shot! I am thankful for you-crazy lady and your funny mom and your crazy stories which always make me smile.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Annie said...

Thinking of you usual my comment didn't make it...but never mind, next time!
Happy Thanksgiving.

foolery said...

Thankful for the privilege of meeting you and all the people at BlogFest, and for being invited to your home, CBW, and the wonderful town of Mathews. Thankful that for the first time in my life I felt completely comfortable in my own skin in a group of women. What a blessing the Blisters are. May you all continue to grow and prosper.