Monday, January 18, 2010

The Barn

Once upon a Saturday, a group of friends met in bustling downtown Shackelfords, Virginia, for lunch. Afterwards they drove down some winding roads to property--which includes an old farmhouse and numerous barns--that's been in Big Hair Envy's family for many decades.

Then after Chesapeake Bay Woman realized she could walk all over the property and take photos without fear of legal ramifications, she came to the conclusion that she'd died and gone to heaven

The End.

Now for the Epilogue, in which we discover that eerie similarities in barn doors can establish a blood kin relationship, particularly if one says so has a vivid imagination.

The shot above from Big Hair's family property is of the beautiful barn, a gorgeous old tree and a very, very vexing sign. While nobody was looking, I stuck out my tongue and thumbed my nose at this sign, because we had Big Hair's permission to be there.

We could go inside the barn, snoop through old boxes wander around the house, and loiter to our hearts' content. These No Trespassing signs were powerless to do anything to deter us. (Insert the sound of evil laughter here.)

Now we've arrived at the part of the post which provides pictorial evidence that Big Hair Envy and I are kin, even if we can't establish an actual family link, and even though nobody has ever emphatically (or ever) stated that barn door similarities prove kinship.

The barn door above is from her grandmother's property. Note the weather-worn red paint; the cracks in the door, and the vine forking out like veins over the woodwork.

Now compare that to the shot below.
This is the upper-level door from my grandparents' old barn, which now belongs to my parents. This barn is right next door to me, but about 30 miles away from Big Hair Envy's. Notice the weather-worn red paint; the cracks in the door, and the shadow of the walnut tree which forks out out like veins over the woodwork.

The only real difference between the two photos, aside from the obvious location, is the lighting.

In conclusion, based on the fact that we both had grandparents who owned red barns with almost identical doors, Big Hair and I must be kin. You won't find these sorts of scientifically-based assertions anywhere else on the internet. This is pioneering genealogical research at its best. Barns can establish kinship.

Just remember, you read it here first.


Unknown said...

What a coincidence! I love your barns! You had to be in your glory wandering around without the fear of getting arrested! BWAAAAHA

I'm so jealous!

ghostless said...

There is a section of KY where all the old barns were painted black. They are very pretty weathered with age.

Pueblo girl said...

Breaking news of new research shows barn construction choices are genetically conditioned.
Are you publishing in "Science" or "Nature"?

Mental P Mama said...

Well, we must all be related. You should see my grandfather's barn!

big hair envy said...

Barn-Door Genealogy. I like it. Is that similar to being found in the wood pile? Or perhaps being the Milk Man's child?

What a wonderful day we had!! Wish I had today off so we could do it again;)

Daryl said...

I think there's a deeper connection .. its in your smiles and your hearts .. they are so alike its as if you were sisters!

I want to visit Big Head's family barn this BlogFest .. its got to be included!

Trisha said...

Hey - I think my grandpa's old barn has a door on it like that. AND it is red. Does that make me kin to you also?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Trisha - If the door has cracks in it, the red paint is weathered, and there is something vine-like reaching across the picture, then YES, you're msost definitely kin. Welcome to the family!

Daryl - I agree about making this a stop on the July tour and will add it to the BLog Fest Planning Committee's next meeting agenda.

BHE-It's only slightly higher in status than being the milk man's child, but it is a notch above being dragged behind the wood shed. Or found behind the wood pile. Or splitting wood at the wood pile. Or..sorry. Caffeine is kicking in.

MPM-I'm sure we are. By the way, everybody, MPM is having a BIG BIRTHDAY this Thursday.

Pueblo Girl-You might find this study of mine in the National Enquirer or on the back of a cocktail napkin, but thus far "Science" and "Nature" are steering clear, with good reason. By the way, folks, click on Pueblo girl's name and read her post from either yesterday or the day before where she describes some house disasters that top mine any day of the year, including the fact that not one, but TWO, cars have slid into the side of her house and both took off without leaving a name or number!

ghostless - The Chesapeake Bay Family made Churchill Downs a stop on the 1977 Cross Country Adventure, and I remember seeing black barns and black fences holding those beautiful thoroughbreds. Gorgeous.

Grandma J.-We had so much fun. Don't worry, July will be here before you know it. Actually, you should never feel like you have to wait until July. Any time you want to visit here you have an open invitation.

Happy Martin Luther King Day.

Jamie said...

I totally get barn door geneology. As a kid, I thought we were related to Albert Einstein because my dad's name is Albert too. And even more of a stretch.... I thought I was related to Oprah because her name sounded like opal which is my birthstone.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jamie-It's so nice to meet someone who understands and sees things my way. It must be that close connection you share with Albert Einstein. Or, perhaps it's the drinking water in the greater Deltaville/Mathews County area that makes us so "special."

Anonymous said...

nice barn is there a still in it?

Together We Save said...

Such a beautiful old barn... how fun.

Big Hair Envy said...

Anonymous: No, but there's one close by...;)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous - There used to be one near our old barn too. I remember playing in the woods near Smithers Cemetery whic is just across the creek and came upon quite the operation. It'd been out of commission for some time, though.

TWS-The houses that go along with each of these barns are beautiful too.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...


Jamie said...

CBW- I am known for my random thoughts and comments. I might hear something in conversation, begin thinking about it and maybe and hour (or day) later make a comment that I expect everyone to understand as though they were having the exact same thought... I call it being a creative genius

Meg McCormick said...

Yep, that, and you're totally dead ringers for each other.

Nice red barns. I do love me an old, weathered red barn door.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

NNG-It was a great day.

Jamie-You're speaking my language, although I tend to call it something less flattering. Genius will be the new term, and I'll say that a relative of Albert Einstein called it just that.

Meg-You have a red barn door in your family, I know it. Welcome to the family!

Dreading the return to paying job after a Monday off but thus far have not heard from the reality TV producers so have no choice.

Have a great Tuesday.

Country Girl said...

I love a good barn photo. And oh, happy day. No fear of arrest!