Saturday, January 9, 2010


Although it's not readily visible, there's a house hidden in this snow-laden thicket. It's a tan house with white trim; you can juuuuust make out the door. (If you click on the image it makes a world of difference.)

Mother Nature tucked us snugly under a light blanket of snow Friday, and I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph such a rare occurrence around here.

In spite of the warm, welcoming sign on that tree, I was not trespassing. No, I was stopped in the middle of the road with my window rolled down. The house is only a hop, skip and a jump from the road.

Above is a better view, although the house still tries to blend in, wishing to remain anonymous and forgotten. So I left her alone and did not trespass in spite of my ardent desire to fling open the car door and trot the few steps over the ditch and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go... the horse knows the way to Stop it NOW, CBW. (Oh, all right!)

No, I stifled my urge to get out and walk over to take a look inside investigate further. Since it was so quiet and nobody else was around, I settled into the notion of snapping photos from the comfort of my car while Mr. No Trespassing Sign ridiculed, scoffed and very clearly disapproved of my activity. He was blatantly rude, actually, displaying very unbecoming behavior and a severe lack of decorum.

Just when I began to feel comfortable--in spite of the rude sign--there in the middle of the road with my window rolled down, listening to the exquisitely soft, soothing and tranquil sound that snow makes after it falls, yes right there in the glare of a most impertinent No Trespassing sign, a car came barreling right up behind me.

Then I had a heart attack.

The End.


maria from NJ said...

Never a dull moment in the life of the CBW.

Mental P Mama said...

And then I had one when I read this. Seriously though, everybody is friendly down there....

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I hope you had your "pretends" on!

Ann Marie said...

wanna see the pics of the inside???

wv ulayande... Ulayande in jail if you keep ignoring signs Re.

big hair envy said...

Our place is well-posted, but it's inevitable that Cool Breeze will come upon a hunter or two each season. Think about it...people have the nerve to trespass when they KNOW the owner could show up at any time with a GUN!!!

Of course, in your case, we wouldn't mind a bit;) I still need to take you to photograph those barns, don't I?

Daryl said...

I still think you cant get into trouble walking onto property to take pix .. its not the same as walking into the house which would be illegal ...

I say let the WV genie tell us what matters:


PROOF .. they need proof

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Maria - It's true, there's never a dull moment. The inner workings of my brain don't help--at all.

It's a long story, but before this I had stopped at another house on the same lane for a long period of time - shooting the lovely red outbuildings in the yard. After taking a thousand shots, I noticed smoke billowing out of the main house's chimney and a million cars in the yard. Great! They've all seen me. So I took off down the lane and came to the end, where, safely away from that first house, I took a few shots of a gorgeous field. However, there were homes with smoke billowing out the chimneys there too. So I did an about face and worked my way back to the main highway - until I saw this house hidden in the woods. I stopped in the middle of the road and rolled down the window.

The conversation in my head convinced me that House #1 had telephoned House at the End of the Road and asked them to get my license plate number because I'd been taking pictures of their house. This is what I was thinking as I was taking pictures of the house shown today, with that sign breathing down my neck.

So when the car came behind me, I just knew she was on a mission - and in fact she did follow me out the lane and down the main road for quite a distance.

So far the sheriff hasn't shown up on my doorstep, so all is good.

MPM-Most are friendly. I've had more than a few encounters where people are scowling from their car window - even though I"m standing on the side of the road taking pictures of a tree or something.

NNG-Next time, I'll have a box in the car with me.

AM-We could do this. It'd be easy.

BHE-That's pretty brazen - it's one thing to be trespassing on someones' property but it's quite another to be armed with a shotgun! Are those barns near Urbanna? How does tonight sound? Tomorrow afternoon? We could hit Olivia's afterwards, and I could bring AM.

Daryl-I agree with your definition and would always use the truth as my reason (beautiful place, my hobby is photography, etc.). However around here trespassing is a big deal, and in fact some people don't want you taking pictures of their property so it's almost as if the camera itself is trespassing even if your feet are planted on public property.

It's very frustrating, but then again if I caught someone in my yard with a camera pointed at my house, I'd be upset. Especially if I was outdoors in my bathrobe--or worse-- feeding cats.

So, I understand it, but I don't like it.

Happy Saturday! It's a great Do Nothing Day, where do nothing equals there's so much cleaning I have to do that I'm overwhelmed and will do nothing.

Country Girl said...

I have my Christmas stuff put away and am in the middle of cleaning. I keep putting it off, though. Damn, I know I need to finish. And I will, but . . . visiting friends is so much more fun.
Loved the post!