Monday, December 3, 2012


Over the weekend I attempted to tackle at least a few of the 12 items on my High Priority To Do list.

(I have several To Do lists, and it's a fact that some of the items on my Lower Priority To Do list will never get done. Still, at least I am aware of what needs doing. At least there's that.)

One of those on the High Priority list that I did not get around to doing was taking new pictures. As a result I am showing pictures from around Thanksgiving.

The first two are in Mathews, the next three are from Big Hair Envy's house.

Of those 12 High Priority items, I completed only two things, one of which was setting up our monster of a fake Christmas tree.  This arduous task, which I dread each and every year, took a minimum of five hours on Saturday, between hauling it up from the basement, assembling it, stringing the lights, and decorating it.

The end result looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree something a five-year-old would have put together, but regardless, it's up.

(Here, insert the sound of CBW scratching Christmas Tree off her list. Also insert the sound of her banging her head against the wall because she never got around to the internet Christmas shopping she planned to do. She loathes shopping and will do everything in her power to avoid going across the river and setting foot in an actual store where there are (gasp!) other people! This internet thing is right up her alley, but she needs to stop talking about it and actually do it.)

Those other High Priority items need to get done this week, in between work and traveling to basketball games.

Speaking of basketball, the Mathews JV girls won their game Friday night.  Chesapeake Bay Daughter still isn't feeling 100% but she gave everything she had out there on that court.

There's a game tonight in Northumberland and one Thursday in Lancaster.  That's a whole lot of driving.

Given all that--plus my dearth of new photos, postings this week will be sparse.

In the mean time, and circling back to the To Do lists previously referenced, recently I've been contemplating an even greater To Do list--my Bucket List.

In this (click here) blog post from 2008 I sort of came up with one (under Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die), but it really needs updating.  For example, I am pleased to see that I've actually done some of the things I talked about doing.

What are seven things you hope to do in this lifetime?

Have a great week and hopefully I'll get some new photos before the week is out.


Meg McCormick said...

There's still time for internet shopping. I just did some this morning! In fact, I was just looking on Amazon to see if they could deliver Capri Sun and those little bags of snack chips that my boys like for their lunches. They can - but the prices are crazy. So much for that great idea...

Mental P Mama said...

Are you kidding me? I'm just trying to set achievable goals for 2013. I think you got tons done. Time for a break.


deborah said...

I am making many of my gifts this year, so even though I only have 1 finished, I'll well aware that I'll never get them finished if I don't order the supplies:)
I used to have a bucket list...

Daryl said...

i am trading in my D90 for a D7000 ... now comes the fun part .. finding all the 'pieces' that came with it when i got it 2 yrs ago .. that's all i got

fighting mermaid said...

You can see my lovely tree on fb. It took me 15 minutes to decorate (mostly because we decided to put the lights only on the stems, and then just grab a handful of ornaments). We tossed the star Noah made when he was 4 up on top... and then the dog somehow managed to get it and chew up one of the points without knocking the tree over. We can't put gifts beneath it because Henry will chew those too. Last week he devoured the last of my glasses so driving is just plain hectic, and I am waiting for new ones to arrive.
I don't know how you survive with two teens. One pre-teen is quite enough! I have kiwi for you. :)

Country Girl said...

I have two baby trees, both artificial. I got them last year because I couldn't stand it anymore - not having a tree. Christmas has been kind of depressing the past several years.
Things I would like to do before I die - maybe visit Ireland. Go on a balloon ride. Sing Superstition on a karaoke machine. Oh, wait a minute . . .