Monday, July 14, 2014

Birthday Party

Saturday I traveled to King and Queen County to visit a dear friend, this barn Angie. 

(And also this barn, which I adore.)

Angie threw a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend.

I made a new friend who loves getting her picture taken.  Her name is Taylor, and she's a sweetie pie.

Angie's boyfriend Dana is wonderful. One of the happiest people I've ever met.

The party was pirate-themed.  (That reminds me, I never did get my eye patch!)

There was plenty of food.

Angie received a surprise herself when her family brought out a cake for her as well. 

Her birthday was earlier in the week.

I love her whole family, and I also became BFFs with her boyfriend's family during a very spirited game of cornhole.  We're not going to talk about who won, it's a sore subject with me.  (I demand a rematch, by the way.)

Angie, her middle sister and her mother

Angie's baby sister and her cousin.

A grand time was had by all.
Thanks, Angie, for a wonderful evening!
Happy birthday to you and to Dana.


Country Girl said...

She looks so happy! Glad she's with someone kind. Great photos here, girl.

But um . . . cornhole? A sore subject? I am laughing out loud!

Daryl said...

she deserves someone wonderful .. as do you … and all my other single friends

Meg McCormick said...

Happy birthday wishes to two wonderful people!